Hell. Hell is an evil environment, with the temperature at least a hundred degrees Fahrenheit; the buildings are all dark and twisted, some even are draped in blood, only the spirits here call it "the color of luxury". The color of luxury! The spirits are faceless but they have a head that can smell, taste, feel, and see far better than that of regular Mortals. They have black robes made of sins that cover their sickly looking bodies. To make it all worse they worship the Devil! Of all things, they worship the Devil!

All of the spirits here are sentenced to Death – including me; only the thing they worship kills them. Every time a spirit is killed in that big cauldron the Devil keeps, a new spirit comes to take they're place. It never ends, the cycle that happens here, and how you can tell a new spirit than an old one is that the newer ones look like a transparent Mortal - like me. But the heat melts their bodies and rips out their sins from the heart to cover the body in a big, black robe. Every spirit has a different length of the Sins Robe; some are long, some are short, but all are enough to cover the body.

This place is completely and utterly hellish. Must be why they call it Hell anyway, but I shouldn't be here; my cousin should be here, he committed more crimes than I ever did; he is the reason why I died. But I should be in Heaven resting in the light and not be sentenced to Death in this Hell-hole, but my cousin is up there right now and I'm not. How unfair!

But I'll show the Devil that he made a mistake with taking me instead of my cousin, because I won't melt. If I do, I'll find a way to escape this place, somehow. If that doesn't work, then I will refuse to die the final Death in that big-butt of a cauldron! I'll challenge the Devil if I have to, even if I die to his Fire Trident or his laser eyes that hold silts; I. Won't. Die.