"MARVIN!" His Lordship's voice rang loudly in my ears. I grinned to myself before disappearing, happy to do his bidding once again; especially if my blasted cousin Brendon was to be involved, which I am sure that's the case.

So far, my stay at Heaven been quite sickening, the Angels here were very nice, too nice if you ask me; the souls that roam around look like transparent mortals, some even roam with their pets; and there is an endless amount of everything! So it was such a relief to be called below again!

When I arrived before the Devil a few moments later, I saw his face in a contortion of pleasure, something that is rare for him. "Your Lordship?" I ask, bowing before him.

"Marvin, so you came did you? Good. Come over here and take a look at this crystal ball." He replied.

A crystal ball suddenly appeared with a moving picture before it. When I walked over to it, the scene was a tropical landscape with a woman and a man bickering on the sandy beach line while the waves lazily rolled onto shore. Dolphins jumped up and down a little ways off in the ocean and it was a clear day, so far as I could tell.

I turned around to face the Devil once more and saw a gleam in his orange eyes. "Well?" he hissed.

"Well, Your Highness, I don't really know why you are showing me this," I began carefully. "Is something going to happen to the beach or the woman and man because I don't know any of them and -"

"FOOL! That man is your bloody cousin Brendon!" He shrieked.

"Brendon?" I asked. Where on Earth did he get such a lady? I thought angrily.

"Yes Brendon, Marvin! That woman is named Lasse, alright? I made a deal with the two of them that if they can get to Rome, Italy they can go to Heaven."

"I never knew you to be so kind."

"I AM NOT KIND! Listen to me, Marvin. You are to help me not get them to Rome understand? Now what do you think we should do right now?" His eyes gleamed with fury.

I looked back at the crystal ball and thought hard, trying to think of something that wouldn't anger His Highness anymore. As I studied the scene, I saw Lasse walk into the water and start to swim; Brendon looked like he was calling out to her frantically. Hmm….

"What about making the ocean angry? Would that kill them?" I suggested.

The Devil's evil cackle rung around the room, "Make the ocean angry? Marvin, you are crazy!"

I pivoted to face Him and replied calmly, "No, I am not. What about a tsunami? After all, a big enough one should be overwhelming, seeing as though they are on a small island. Their food supply mainly consists of tropical fruit and fish, but if a tsunami were to wipe away all of it, there would be no food and they would starve. It is an easy death for them, no?"

The Devil stopped laughing and looked at me, his eyes wide with realization. "Marvin, you are a genius!"