Sky under the Stars

By I.V. Mesko Introduction

Hello, there. My name is Sky Violet. I am fifteen years old (10th grade), I have brown hair and I live in Malibu. Right now it is the day after the last day of school. My best friend is dating my crush. I just moved from a huge mansion in Beverly Hills (in which I lived with my parents) to an apartment in downtown Malibu with my older sister Emmy (Emily) who lived in New York City since she was sixteen (now she's twenty-one) and her boyfriend is living with us. When she left for boarding school she had pretty, curly, strawberry-blonde hair that went down to her elbows. Now she has ebony black hair that is shorter than her ears with more colored streaks then there are colors in the rainbow. I have paper-white skin and more freckles than you can count. My life is going to hell because my parents moved to Quebec, and my sister couldn't afford our old house, my best friend Audrey is dating my crush Drake and I will be going to boarding school in NYC (the same one my sister went to) next summer. A.E. this is my last summer in Malibu, my last summer with my friends, my last summer with my sister, my last summer of my life as I know it. Please, help.

Chapter One 'Tis the Last Everything

I sit at the bus stop writing in my new journal. My parents got my sister the same black leather-bound journal (except her name was embellished in the leather instead of mine) the last summer she spent in Malibu. Great. I know the bus will never come but I like it here. It's not your usual on-the-curb-of-a-busy-street bus stop. It's on a big ledge above the beach that's kind of rocky and overgrown with beautiful hibiscus vines. I sit there with my feet dangling off the edge.

Entry 1

The beautiful blue ocean curls over the air making sound not even angels could mimic. The white, dusty sand swirls around a bit in the wind. In my opinion this is the most beautiful place in the world. I love it here, though it won't last. Three months is like fifteen minutes when it's summertime in California.

I close my book and click my pen shut. My cell phone buzzes in my pocket and my favorite song, "Hello, Goodbye" by Black Diamond Clovers plays. I pick it up and answer it.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hey Sky. What's up?" Hayley Citrus answers. PAUSE! Hayley Citrus is the most popular, hot, rich, sexy cheerleader at my high school. She is also stupider than gum.

"What do you want, Hayley?" I say, frustrated and annoyed.

"Oh, just so you know I'm having a pool party on Saturday and I was wondering if you wanted to come."

"Why would you give a damn if I was at your pool party?"

"Geez, language! I just thought you might want to hook up with someone to get your mind off Drake." At the school dance I was totally humiliated when I was dateless and Hayley saw me staring at Drake. "Head case much? Still there nut cake?"

"The expression is "fruit cake" and sure, I'll come to your party. What time?"

"It starts at five. Wear a bathing suit, preferably a two piece."

"Yeah, yeah, see you there." And I hang up. Since when should Hayley Citrus care how many pieces my heart (and my bathing suit) is in? Anyway, I call Audrey and kick my shoes off the edge as I usually do; it's easy enough to get down to the beach, but the road bites on bare skin… oh well.

"Hey," Audrey says.

"Hi, are you going to Hayley's party on Saturday?"

"Yeah, why, Wanna car pool?" she laughs.

"Sure, why not. So how are you?"

"Pretty good, hey, I heard about you leaving at the end of the summer. Sorry to hear that,"

"Huh, yeah, don't remind me. Are you busy?"

"No I'm just here at Icee's Ice Cream with Ingrid. Actually, I think I can see you! Are you sitting at the bus stop?"

"Yeah, I see you too!" I wave at her. Ingrid is her cousin that lives in L.A. ad I am SO jealous! So is Audrey. I hang up the phone as Audrey and Ingrid start to walk down the boardwalk to where the bus stop is. I get up and run down the road towards the entrance to the beach, grab my flip-flops and sprint back up to them.

"Hey Audrey, hi Ingrid, what's up?" I say cheerfully.

"Nothing much, how about you?" says Audrey.

"I'm o.k. So do you guys want to go to the beach?"

"Sure! That's one thing we don't have back home in L.A. a beach! Luckies!" says Ingrid. I didn't think "luckies" was a word… anyway, we run down to the beach. Two people are surfing and one wipes out in a total face plant. The warm sand feels nice on my skin and the cool, blue water plays a nice contrast to that. I take my jacket off and throw it in the sand and run up to the ocean.

"Come on, guys! The water's fine!" I yell. They shrug at each other, drop their stuff and run up to the shore. My short, denim shorts and my -half-tied-up t-shirt are almost instantly soaked. So is Ingrid's cover-up and Audrey's bikini.

"Ah! It's freezing!" says Ingrid. We all giggle. Soon enough this turns into a who-can-splash-the-other-person-more game. We have a ton of fun. Within five minutes we're all soaking wet. Then I hear a lifeguard yell,

"Everyone out of the water!" thunder grumbles and I see lightening off in the distance.

"Ugh, and on your last day in Malibu. Sorry, Ingrid." says Audrey. We gingerly get out of the water and slop ourselves back to our stuff. I take out my phone to call Emmy and the clouds open up showering us in icy rain. My. Life. Sucks. I dial Emmy's number and she picks up almost immediately.

"Where are you?" she says sounding worried.

"I'm at the beach with Audrey and her cousin, why?"

"N-no reason, I just wanted to make sure you weren't at Lilia's house."

"Why, what happened?"

"Forget it. Come back home Asap. Now,"

"Wait, can Audrey stay over tonight?"

"Sure, whatevs." And she hangs up. Lilia is the girl that lives in the apartment above us. Her mom, brother and dad all smoke. I really feel bad for the kid. A big bus comes to the beach entrance and Ingrid grabs the suitcase I didn't even know she had and walks up toward the bus.

"This one's to the airport girls! See you in a few months!" she says looking back to us.

"Bye Ingrid!" Audrey and I say.

"See you soon!"And she gets on the bus. There is a moment of silence while Audrey and I gather our stuff and start to walk back to my house. She calls her mom.

"Hey ma, can I stay over at Sky's house tonight? Yeah, I have something to change into. Now I'm wearing my beach stuff, YES! I still have my clothes, okay, see you tomorrow, I love you, bye!"

"So, what is the dirt on the redhead?" says Brittany Lively, one of Hayley's ass-kissing "best friends" that she surrounds herself with, meanwhile making them ever-so-slightly more popular.

"Yeah, what's her deal?" says Alex Lively, her twin sister.

"Her name is Ingrid, B.T.W. and she lives in L.A. She was just going back home." I say defensively.

"Oh, I just thought she was kind of hot, and wondered what she was doing hanging around with you!" sneers Brittany. The both laugh cruelly and walk away.

"Gosh, Sky, should've ignored those witches!"

"I wish they were witches, but they're just bitches."

"Good one," she laughs and we walk away to my apartment building; don't forget, it's still POURING rain.