Chapter Two You Make Me Smile; I'm going to Miss That

Audrey and I lay on my bed. Her feet near my head and my feet near hers. I look at the clock.

"It's eleven thirty. So how was it?" I say.

"How was what?"

"Prom. I saw you with Drake, abandoning your best friend. How dare you?" I say jokingly.

"Oh, it was fine. Totally and utterly fine."

"Come on, we're not in study hall. Give me the down and dirty, or I will go wake my sister up."

"FINE! He was so, so sweet. The most polite guy I've been with for years."

"Aww! That is great, great for you. But has the silver lining in the clouds paid off yet?"

"Do you mean are we in love?" I nod. "Totally, completely, and utterly, yes!" I climb up so I'm sitting upright on the bed.

"Do you think he's awake?"

"I don't know. Maybe," I get up and go pull her phone out of her bag.

"Then let's find out." I jump back on the bed and go through her contacts. "Bailey, Basher, Cierra, Coco, Dannie, Drake!"

"Come on, Sky. Please, don't."

"I'm not gonna, but you are," I hand the phone to her. I look at the screen as she types her message.

Audrey: hi Drake, u up? ;)

Drake: yes. thinking of u 3

Audrey: r u busy sunday?

Drake: no y?

Audrey: do u want to goto Icee's 4 lunch?

Drake: sure cul8r 3 ya :*

"Yes!" yells Audrey.

"Well, who deserves a hug?"

"You! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she hugs me so tight I think I might break in two.

"No prob. That's what friends are for." I say as I grab my phone.

"Want to go midnight-snack-raid?"

"Sure, but be quiet…" we creep out of my room, being especially quiet while passing Emmy's room… when we reach the kitchen I whisper, "Reddi-Whip or Lays?"

"Umm… here," she grabs two orange Gatorades, a bag of Doritos, and a box of chocolate chip cookies. We run so fast and quietly back to me room we might as well be flying. I jump back onto my bed and chug a Gatorade.

"So, seriously, what's the deal on Hayley's party? Seriously, how low can that girl get? Cliché much?"

"Actually I think it's gonna be kinda fun… are you going?"

"I don't know. Probably… you?"

"Well, yeah. Only people who are ṻber-hot or ṻber-cool are invited."

"Then why the hell were we?" she laughs.

"Because, since I'm with Drake now I am classified as ṻber-cool and you have always been pretty, come on Sky. Seriously!"

"Huh… Listen, Audrey, when I go for New York, you better write to me every week. And I'll call you as much as I can. Auds, I' gonna miss you."

"You know, Sky, you could evade going to N.Y.C."


"I don't know yet, but we'll figure it out. MY turn, to embarrass the crap outta you." She grabs my phone, scrolls down my contacts until she reaches Zak, and hits Send Text Message.

"What are you doing!" I say.

"Exactly what you did to me," she smirks and hands my phone to me.

Me: Hi Zak, U up?

Zak: Yeah. Wazzup Sky?

Me: I was wondering if u want 2 goto Hayley Citrus's party w/ me?

Zak: u mean like a date?

Me: no, ummm…. As frnds

Zak: kk cul8r :D

Me: ttyl ;)

"What the hell was that!" says Audrey. "That was your chance! You should've said YES LIKE A DATE! Instead of NO, UMMM….. AS FRNDS. Really? Seriously? Come on Sky. You're trapping yourself. Just because you are on earth doesn't mean you have to stay within the basic teenager limits! You may be "Sky under the Stars", but you can reach past them. Sky, you can." You can? What's that supposed to mean? I grab my phone and text Zak

Me: no, Zak. Still there?

Zak: yeah, wht?

Me: I wuz afraid b4 but now im not. Will you go w/ me 2 Hayley's party, like a date?

Zak: yeah, sure. O_O ttyl again

Me: cul8r

"YES!" I say almost yelling. Audrey gives a: "smarter-than-you-and-you-should've-listened-to-me-in-the-first-place" look and smirks at the same time. I didn't know that was possible. I turn my phone off and grab my duffel bag. "Audrey, I think I just realized a way to stay in Malibu."


"I have to run away."