Flowing frequently into the abyss

I fade into the darkness

The creatures if the night tempts me

Rarely do I listen

But tonight is different

I am weak

I have no energy

I let them do as they wish

I know I will regret

But I listen

They take me into the shadows

I lose my senses

Yet they still hold on and lead the way

The farther I go

The colder it becomes

I shiver

They surround me

Before I can go any farther

I fall

Fall into the depths of nowhere

I am lost

I am alone

I am afraid

Falling and falling

Farther and farther

Where am I going?

Who will help me?

What can I do?

I fall unconscious

I awaken

It is cold

It is dark

I am alone

I am lost

I am far away from the light

The bright luminescent vision is gone

I am in the dark