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Hallie Sanchez is my best friend in the entire world. She can make me laugh at the worst of moments, and understands how I'm feeling without even telling her. But at that moment, when she was staring me down challengingly, waiting for me to say something—anything, I had an undeniable urge to punch her in the face.

"Why do you hate him so much?" She groaned, flipping on one side on my bed. I roll my eyes and join her, putting her outstretched, rather long legs on my lap. I smiled sweetly before I answered her.

"Because," I took a deep breath, keeping my calm demeanor and continue, "He's a total and complete douche-bag that broke Conner and I up, he's an arrogant blah, he constantly teases me, and he makes me want to shoot BABIES! AND I LOVE BABIES!" I screamed, trying to calm my heaving chest. Hallie turned over to show me her quite amused face.

"So...you hate him?" She teased, smirking a bit. I threw a near-by pillow at her and groaned.

"I just don't know why you insist on inviting him everywhere we go!" Hallie grinned at me and I couldn't help but smile back. After all, being friends for six years, I know just about everything that goes through her sick mind. "Well," I added, "The party isn't going to be as fun with him there," Hallie glared at me with her signature, 'Oh shut up you stupid whore and deal with it!' look. I rolled my eyes and quickly shot back an 'Ah, fuck it,' look.

"I had to invite him,"

"Whyyyy?" I whined, flailing my arms like dead meat. I threw myself against my comforting pillow and cried into it.

"Becaaaauusee," She smirked, mocking me, "I was talking to Hannah about the party and he was right behind us looking so lonely, so I invited him. Sue me for being kind!"




"He always looks lonely! That's his face!" I protested, sitting tall on my bed. Hallie rolled over onto her back and stared at me.

"No he doesn't,"

"Yes he does! And you know why?"

"I really don't want to know,"

"I'll tell you why!"

"Or course,"

"Because nobody loves him!" I yelled into the air.

"No," Hallie stretched, sitting upright to match me, "You don't love him. Everyone else does," I rolled my eyes which what seemed for the millionth time.

"Same thing," I straightened myself out and put on a cheesy grin, "I'm everybody!" Hallie looked at me and laughed before jumping quite abruptly off the bed and redid her makeup in front of my mirror she had grown oh-so accustomed to.

If you're wondering, the party that we keep referring to, (and that the author which unfortunately is not me, is keeping from you for some stupid ass dramatic effect) is what Hallie and I love to call, 'The Party'. Sloan River's parties are always a jolly good time. Her house is fucking gigantic, so that's why it's the best to have parties at, but we'll get back to that later.

"Come on, Ing, we have to leave soon, the party starts at eight," Hallie beckons me. I groan and slowly maneuver myself off the bed by sliding off while screaming something like 'Fuck this cruel suckish worrrrllllldddd!' Hallie adjusts her new pink top over her slim shoulders and straightens out her jeans. Yes, she's beautiful. Sleek black hair, gorgeous brown eyes, we get it. I step in front of the mirror and apply more eyeliner on to my wide eyes. I pull my blonde hair into a ponytail and turn back to Hallie.

"This is a good skirt on me...right?"


"Hallie!" I whined, giving her a sexy twirl.

"I'm sorry, I just really don't want to tell you how good you look, because you already know this!" She sighed, clearly exasperated. I walked over to her and licked her cheek.

"But you know that I love getting compliments and attention," I whispered in a guppy voice. She glared daggers at me while wiping off my spit. She cleared her throat, faced me head on and began talking in a mono-tone themed voice.

"Ingrid, you are so beautiful in that clothing apparel. It makes me want to attack you right here and now and have lots of sex. All the guys who see you will want you, you make me want to scream in delight when I see you," I smiled, feeling triumphant.

"Thank you! Now let's go, it's," I checked my wall clock with a cute fuzzy pink outline frame to it, "7:45,"

~ O.O ~

So here's the big sha-bang about Sloan River's house. It's a pretty white house with a big-ass stair case and a perfectly cut lawn. Inside, there are four floors. Let's go through them, shall we?

Floor 1: This consists of four main areas. The kitchen, the living room, the entertainment room, and the dining room. The kitchen is where most of the drinking, eating and chugging happens, you know where people get drunk out of their damn minds, and eat until they puke in each other's hair.

The living room is where the dancing and the heated, but not full on sex riot making out sessions happen. This is also where stupid teen parties games are held, like Beer Pong, and Strip Twister.

The entertainment room is where the fights (the good ones) happens. Girls knock each other into the Ping-Pong table and the novelty shelf, while the guys knock each other out the windows.

And finally for the first floor, the Dining room, where the drama is dished out, and relationships (some sexual, some not) are born.

Floor Two: Has the two bedrooms and the bathroom. Bedroom number one is where teens drunkenly forget condoms and the next week find out they're going to be a baby mama, and a daddy dearest.

Bedroom number two is the relationship bedroom. This is where teens go to break up or make up...and it usually ends in sex, or a pretty hot make out session.

To wrap up the second floor, the bathroom is where drunken teens puke their guts out, and pregnant girls shit their kids out. It is also where girls apply makeup and fix their streamed tears because of the relationship bedroom.

Floor Three and Four: Are the floors Hallie and I chill at. These floors aren't used very often so they have very little furniture and very little room. Only about thirty or forty kids can hang up there. This part has food, actual fun games like 'Spin the Bottle', 'Truth or Dare' and 'Seven Minutes in Heaven', and real conversations, not the slurred ones that you try to decipher from wasted teens. The fourth is definitely the one to be and that is where Hallie and I raced to as soon as we reached the house.

The house has a pool in the back where kids skinny dip in, pee and shit it, and puke in, but that's for another time.

When we finally made it up to the comforting wooden walls of the Fourth Floor, Hallie and I simultaneously collapsed into the couch together. Sloan bounced over to us in her sparkly, shimmery Grey dress.

"Hey guys!" She cheered, smiling brightly. It was hard not to like Sloan. She was pretty, friendly, and she threw some great ass parties. Hallie and I smiled back.

"Hey, what's up?" Hallie asked, standing up. I stood up as well and held my plastic cup close to me.

"Nothing...wait! Guess who's here?" She squealed, hopping a bit.

"Who?" I asked.

"Alton Fraiser! Who knew he'd be at my party!" I felt myself mentally groan as I faked a smile to Sloan who seemed too overjoyed to care what I felt.

"Really? That's awesome!" Hallie pretended, laughing. Something caught Sloan's eye and she started to dash away from us.

"Sorry guys, have fun! Someone is puking in Jessica's hair!" Sloan ran off leaving Hallie and I. I glared at her evilly until she narrowed her eyes.


"You make me sick," I growled.

"Oh because I didn't want her to be crushed because I invited Alton and that he didn't show up spontaneously? I'm sorry for doing two acts of amazing kindness in one day!"

"Oh you're just a saint!" I hissed. Before Hallie could retort, I felt arms snake around my waist and squeeze me into a rock hard stomach. "Ahh!" I yelped. I tried to wriggle out of their surprisingly strong grasp, but my body wasn't strong enough. I eventually went limp and sighed, defeated.

"Hi chipmunk cheeks," Greeted the voice that presumably belonged to the arms. The voice was cocky and arrogant and so achingly familiar...and then I realized who it was.

"Alton! Get off of me!" I screeched, flailing my body again. Hallie found this to be exceptionally humorous as she laughed and let this action continue. "Oh that's okay," I started off sarcastically, "I don't need your help getting out of the DEVIL'S GRASP!" I finally licked his disgustingly hairy arm and he yelped and let me go.

"Ew Chipmunk Cheeks, why did you do that?" I felt my blood boil at that point and more than anything I wanted to punch him in his stupid, fucking cocky ass face.

"Don't. Call. Me. Chipmunk. Cheeks!" I shouted turning to him, feeling my face heat up with such anger. Alton seemed to ponder this for a moment until his smile returned and he happily shook his head.

"Sorry, I just can't you're cute when you're angry," My cheeks flushed as Hallie laughed hysterically at my misery.

"I'm not angry!" With that, I grabbed Hallie's arm and guided us away with a huff.

"Awww, Alton loves you!" She cooed with a teasing grin that symbolized Alton's all too well. I grunted feeling so fucking furious.

Not angry.


"Hal, is Conner going to be here?" I asked, ignoring her last comment. She looked around and shrugged.

"Dunno, but 'Truth or Dare' is starting, so let's join! It'll be really fun and frankly, I want to see Kylie do something embarrassing again!"

Oh yes, Kylie Campanella. The girl was sweet, but she had terrible luck. Whatever she picks, no matter truth or dare, she gets a horrible question or action to complete. But, it was always hilarious, and she always was a good trooper about it.

What can I say? The girl has spirit.

As the circle was commencing, Hallie and I took our resident seats next to each other, next to the heater in the corner of the room. The regular group was formed along with new faces.

This was going to be fun.

Brian Campanella, Kylie's older brother, took the spot of leadership, and said, "Lil, truth or dare?" The challenge in his eye was all to clear, so I felt a bit bad for Lil. A small smile crept on her face and she answered.

"Dare," A sly grin crossed Brian's face and he nodded towards me, and said,

"You see Alton? I dare you to give him a lap dance,"

Now first there were two things wrong with that sentence.

When the FUCK did Alton sit next to me?

And why did he dare her to give ALTON a lap dance?

Lil looked a little helpless at that moment and she looked like she was about to cry. Everyone grinned at her, expectantly except for Alton and I.

"Guys come on, give her an easier one," I pleaded, feeling so bad for this girl and also having this weird sensation of jealousy. She looked at me like I was angel when I said this (which kind of irritated me, but whatever) and Brian frowned almost instantly.

"Fine, I dare you to jump on Sloan's back and scream 'WILD PARRRRTYYYY!' Lil seemed pretty confident about this as all of us laughed in chorus. She waltzed over to Sloan and jumped onto her back, startling the orange-headed beauty. She screamed what Brian had dared her to, and even added a 'WOOOO!' at the end. Sloan almost breathed fire on her until Lil explained our situation. Sloan then blinked, and laughed.

"I almost got kicked out because of you," She grumbled to Brian as she returned. We all give her a congratulatory applause.

"Amazing!" Hallie called out, laughing.

"It's your turn, Lil," Brian ordered. Lil eyed every one of us until she spotted Sheila cowering in the corner with fear. Lil grinned evilly and had this evil...glint in her eye.

"Sheila, truth or dare?" Lil questioned menacingly. Sheila gulped down whatever gross shit was in her throat and breathed.

"Um...truth," She whispered meekly. We all groaned at the utter lameness of her. Lil struggles to think of a dare, so she summons others to help her. I stay remained in my seat, silently seething.

"Hey Chipmunk Cheeks," Alton grins, rubbing his arm on mine. I instantly regretted wearing no sleeves that day.

"Stop calling me that!"

"But I can't, your cheeks are so cute. Besides, it shows that you're mine,"

"How? Because my cheeks protrude quite noticeably?"

"Well yes, and because it's a pet name I gave you," I turned to him and his green eyes were boring into mine, refusing to let me look away. I felt a blush cross my face at this statement and possibly his weirdly attractive eyes boring into my eyes.

Or maybe just the rush of being at a party on Friday night.

"Okay, I have it!" Lil announced happily. By this point, some left, some joined and we were full on energy. "So, Sheila, we heard last year you had a huge crush on our friend Alton," A few giggles burst from their mouths as Lil controlled herself, "We want you to tell him," Lil whispered something inaudible in Sheila's ear. She gasped and her face turned from sweet to utterly disgusted.

"That's so gross!"

"Say it!" They all pressured her with their eyes and she gave in and scooted to Alton with a pained expression. She whispered something inaudible into his ear and waited nervously for his response.

"That was...so fucking delicious," Laughter erupted fro us as I saw Sheila mouth 'Thank you' to him. I smiled over at him only to see his eyes were trained on me. I turned away sheepishly as Sheila said,

"Alton, truth or dare?"

"Dare of course," Sheila looked around for a minute until she stopped and went back to Alton.

"I dare you to kiss Hallie!" She declared. Everyone laughed as Hallie vigorously shook her head no while fervently repeating "No no no no no!" Alton fiercely wrapped his arms protectively around my waist and enveloped me into a hug.

"I'm sorry, but I can't. Chipmunks Cheeks, here is mine. I can't betray her like that," A round of 'Ooo's and 'Aww's passed through the circle. I protested into his stomach but no one could hear my angry cries. And that when I heard it.

Yes, I heard God.

Okay, no. But something a whole lot worse that that.

"Huh, so I see he finally wooed you," The voice was bitter and cold and...

It belonged to my ex boyfriend who I'm still kinda in love with, Conner.

Oh fuck.

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