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I've noticed you around...

I find you very attractive...

I've noticed you around...


I find you very attractive...

I find you very attractive...


Would you go to bed with me?

I sighed and hastily grabbed my phone. It was Friday, after four days of being sick, I returned to school feeling anything but better. Alton never called or texted me and trust me, I was pissed as all hell.


"Hi this is Karen, who's calling?" My mother answered cheerily.

"Mom, you called me," I sighed again, sitting in my seat.

"Oh sorry, I'm going out with Bill tonight, so can you stay at a friend's house tonight?"

"Yeah, that's fine, what are you two doing?" I asked, causally setting my things on my desk and stretched my legs in front of me.

"Role-play," She answered. I heard the grin in her voice and I about lost my shit.

"Ew!" I exclaimed softly, "Mom that's insanely gross!" She scoffed at me.

"Honey, I'm only forty-six! I still need excitement in my life!"

"Whatever, I gotta go, bye Mom," She clicked off and I set my phone down, sighing. June entered the room, her sleek brown hair in tact. I kinda hated June for her hair. It always sat perfectly straight on her slim shoulders, like she didn't have to work on it, while I spent literally hours on my hair just to get it straight.

"Hey, I'm happy to see you're not sick anymore," June greeted with a wide smile.

"Alton and I made out," I said, not beating around the bush, with a mono-toned voice. Her eyes widened and she smiled even wider (If that was possible)

"Really? That's awesome!" June exclaimed, joining me in the sitting position. I nodded, with most likely a pissed off look on my face.

"Yeah, we practically got it on in front of my mom before he backed away like I had a disease and practically bolted out of my house," I growled, my fists clenching and unclenching before me.

"Well maybe-"

"And you know, I thought he wanted me to kiss him for a fucking while now!" I exclaimed angrily, interrupting June intentionally. She didn't seem to mind as a knowing smile spread widely across her face. I groaned and set my head against the cool desk, feeling my long hair cascade down my head.

"Ing," June coaxed gently.

"What?" I snapped.

"Do you like like Alton?" She questioned me. I could picture her cocky ass grin upon her face as she smiled down at me.

"Are we in freaking fifth grade?" I asked sarcastically with a sharp tone edging off my voice.

"Just answer the question,"

"Maybe," I mumbled. June chuckled a bit.

"You've had all week to think about it, I think you know,"

"Where's the damn teacher?" I asked her, lifting my head. Before I could even begin my scavenge for her with my eyes, they landed on Alton who was sitting in his desk, straight forward. My heart was panging against my chest as I stared at him, kind of like a creepo, but I couldn't help it. He had given me an amazing kiss and then ran out of my house.

"I'll be right back," I said to June. I stood up and watched her face melt into one of happiness.

"I guess that answers my question," She smirked. I frowned, feeling a blush cover my face.

"That doesn't prove anything," I hissed. She winked at me for good luck and I left her and approached Alton with an erratic heart beat accompanying my unsteady breathing conditions. He didn't look at me as his eyes were scarcely even aware of anything around him. I inhaled deeply and tapped his shoulder. His eyes flickered up oh-so-yummily and bored straight into mine. My breath hitched and I loathed myself at that moment.

I used to feel this way about Conner, but why did I just realize my feelings for Alton?

"Uh hey there, we kinda need to talk," I started awkwardly. He just looked at me, his expression bored. I was taken aback. "We kissed on Monday, don't you remember?" I asked, feeling a bit hurt. He shrugged a bit, looking like he didn't care.

"Yeah, not one of my better ones," He answered. My blood started to boil at this last statement of his, and I knew shit was about to get crazy.

"Not one of your better ones?" I practically shrieked, "You've been wanting to kiss me for a while and all you can say is that it wasn't good?"

"Yeah, I guess," He replied, flipping open his book, "You might want to head to your seat, the teacher is coming soon," I felt myself gasp at this, and the anger was vanishing into something else.

"Alton, you told me you loved me a million times, you can't just take that all back,"

"Sure I can, I'm doing it right now. I'm tired of our little game. I got what I wanted, and it just wasn't what I truly wanted," Alton said casually. I felt the anger rise up, so I slapped him, making a loud cracking noise throughout the room. I knew every eye was on me, but my gaze was on the ground as tears gathered in my eyes.

"Heh, that's her second guy pwning in a week and a half," Nancy giggled. Everyone else laughed along with her.

"Where did all of you see that?" June questioned, as I regained some of my composure.

"Its all over YouTube," Nancy answered. After I regained my breath, I lifted my head to fully show him what he had caused. I knew my mascara (Amazingly done, I might add) was streaming down my face like a psycho prom queen, and my eyes were red, but I didn't give a shit at the moment.

"You're doing it again, Alton. You fucking douche! You're breaking my heart all over again," With that, I left, without a dramatic door-slam, or crying while running, I kept my head up, grabbed my things and exited with my dignity in tact.

~ . ~

As I entered the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of what I looked liked.

It was fucking scary!

My hair which was once neatly pressed and straight was now a frizzy mess of horror, as were my eyes. They were red and puffy and my once clear blue eyes were blood shot and full of tears. My makeup was everywhere and no where at the same time, and my clothes had gone askew. I was shaking from what had happened and I knew June was coming after me.

"Ing, are you okay?" June's comforting voice asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I lied, whipping out eyeliner I usually carried with me. I started applying it when more girls entered the restroom. I immediately knew, as creepy as this might sound that it was The Queenies by their annoying high pitched, hyena laughs, and clompy shoes that we three sizes too small.

"Oh hey Ingrid," A voice greeted me. I groaned loudly.

"Hi Karen,"

"You know, Kaylie told me about your little fight with her," Karen began. I didn't reply as I waited for her to continue, but I guess she thought she was being menacing with her long pauses.

"Seriously? Are you gonna continue or not?" I snapped, fixing my hair. She scoffed and marched up to me with her robots faithfully at her sides, and got all up in my grill.

"Listen, you don't mess with Kaylie. You know how much she loves Alton," Karen hissed, her breath smelling like vinegar.

Weird, I always imagined it would smell like sex.


"Kaylie wouldn't do anything to me," I said, not caring.


"Well still!" Karen said flustered, knowing my correctancy, "You shouldn't mess with her,"

"Whatever," I shrugged, putting my hairbrush back into my plaid purse, "She can have him, I don't want him," The Queenies smiled, triumphant, while I was starting to leave.

"Liar," A voice muttered. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion and I saw June looking equally surprised. A Queenie robot, one I didn't bother to learn her name, stepped up to me.

"What?" I asked, appalled by her speaking up and accusation.

"You're lying, you still want him, right?" She questioned me, her expression sincere.

"Wait, what's your name?" I asked. Personally, I wanted to know who the fuck decided to start telling me what and what I don't lie about!

"Gretchen Zen," She answered with a small smile.

"Well Gretchen, I don't know you, and I don't know why you think you can-"

"Listen to me," Gretchen said softly, "Your mom's status on Facebook was about your and Alton's kiss and-"

"Wait? You're friends my mom?" I asked incredulously. She nodded casually.

"Yeah, everyone is," She said, as if this was perfectly obvious.

"Well that's weird," I remarked, "I'm not even friends her!" She shrugged.

"Anyways, she said that a romance was brewing between you two," Gretchen said with a slight smile playing on her lips. I had to admit, she was prettier than most of The Queenies. She had short, cropped, burgundy hair that was in a pixie formation and clear, green eyes.

"So? She thinks romance is brewing when I smile at the waiter when we go out to eat, no matter what gender they are!" I exclaimed.

"He doesn't love me and there's nothing go on between us anymore," I growled, turning away again. Gretchen sighed and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Just consider this: you thought you were in love with Conner for this whole time, and now you suddenly realize your feelings for another guy, I get it, its confusing. But think of the trivial things you did with him and did for him rather than your boyfriend, and you tell me if you still don't love him," With that, Gretchen gave my shoulder a reassuring squeeze and left with Karen trailing behind her, spewing angry words at her. June was immediately at my side, and looked at me, concerned.

"Are you okay?"

"I need to talk to Conner," I stated. I gave a nod to June who looked pretty damn stumped, but let me go nonetheless. I had a pretty good idea on where exactly he was first period. Sure enough, he was in the bathroom, the men's bathroom, sitting on a counter, skipping.

"Woah! Ing, why are you here?" Conner exclaimed. He jumped off the counter and stared at me expectantly. I sighed and walked to him slowly.

"I have to make closure between us," I said.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I mean, I don't think I love you," I whispered, a bit ashamed of my actions and behavior. At first, I thought he was going to be pissed, hurt, or even depressed, but no, he was relieved.

'Oh good," He breathed. I cocked an eyebrow at him, and he sheepishly smiled.

"I guess I should explain," Conner laughed.

"That'd be nice," I replied, taking a seat on the counter next to him.

"Well, for a while, I was completely happy with you, elated, even. But then, I just was tired of being a boyfriend. I didn't like the constant attention and attention giving. But then, Dad cheated, and I was so hurt, and you were there for me, so I stayed. I just couldn't lose someone who cared, I mean, I lost my best friend. Then, when I saw Alton professing his love, I wasn't angry, I was actually happy, relieved, in fact, but I couldn't let you know that, so I pretended. I knew you never actually cheated. I'm sorry for being a terrible boyfriend, but Alton, he loves you. He truly loves you, and that's something I'll never be able to give you,"

I knew I looked pretty ridiculous afterwards, as I was crying, hard. I was so happy that Conner and I were on better terms, and I was leaving my first boyfriend, kiss, cuddling, and hand-holding I had ever had. A part of me was hurt and depressed that a year and a half of a relationship was finally over, but I knew it was for the best and that's what made me the happiest.

"Thanks," I managed to choke out. He smiled and wrapped me in a hug.

"No problem, baby," He soothed. I laughed in his shirt and looked up at him.

"May I ask why you aren't as douchey now as you usually are?" I questioned, pulling away and wiping away my tears.

"I am most certainly not douchey," Conner corrected me, offended. I just laughed at him.

~ . ~

It was lunch. I didn't know how I was going to approach Alton after my pwning of him that morning, but I knew I had to one way or another. I was feeling good, I had closure, a new friend, and I knew my feelings were in tact.

Then, I saw him. Alton was sitting at my at my table quietly with a solemn expression played on his face. My breath hitched at him and I had to wonder if it always did that. I wondered if I ever found his chestnut hair that flopped easily on his head was attractive, or the way his emerald eyes were always looking straight into mine. I took a deep breath and walked over.

"Uh, hey there," I started awkwardly. He looked up and smiled.

"I'm sorry for this morning, Chipmunk Cheeks," Alton said, his expression depressingly apologetic.

"Its fine, I'm sorry for punching your face in,"

"I didn't feel it,"

"Well you should have!" I growled. "And why did you ignore me and do all that stupid shit this morning?" I snapped.

"I was trying to not let you have feelings for me, as I told you, you couldn't have me after you fell for my good looks and charming personality," He grinned up at me, and I sat down in front of him.

"I didn't fall for it!" I protested, my face saying otherwise with its red color.

"Okay," Alton sang. I rolled my eyes.

"So...we need to talk," I said, changing the subject quite quickly.


"About our feelings and shit," I mumbled, feeling embarrassed by those words. Alton smiled at me.

"Alright, well here's mine. I love you, and I will stay loyally by your side even if we stay friends or not," Alton said. Somehow, this 'I love you' was different than the others. His smile was genuine, his eyes were glowing, and he just looked so elated. I bit my lip nervously. Sure, Conner and I had exchanged our 'I love you's' to each other, but Alton was different. We had been best friends for eleven years, and for basically two years of it, I had been fighting my feelings about it, but then, at my eighteen years of age, living only a mere seven without Alton, my feelings were clear to me and I was sure as hell not going to let Kaylie claw her grubby hands up to Alton.

"I will only date you if we can have those heated make out sessions all the time," I offered with a shake of my head. Alton laughed at me and stood up. I followed suit and he walked over to me, towering over me.


"But, just to get past this mushy shit and to eat some lunch, which you're buying for me," I informed him, "I love you, too," The words felt soft as cotton or some romantic shit, and it felt amazing saying them.

"Huh, all in the matter of a week," Alton said.

"And a half!" I insisted. Alton grinned at me affectionately, and leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. I smiled into the kiss and pressed harder, propelling myself off the ground to reach his gigantic ass height. I placed my arms around his shoulders as a hand caressed my cheek. We finally pulled back and did that stupid, 'Let's stare lovingly into each other's eyes for ten minutes' thing.

"Like that?" He questioned. I laughed.


"So, Ms. Chipmunk Cheeks, will you do the honor of being my lawfully wedded, right here in a terrible high school, girlfriend?"

"Yep," He kissed me again, quicker this time, but I didn't give a shit, those kisses were like magic.


So, as we went to get our food, some people smiled at us, including Gretchen who gave me a wide smile and a thumbs up when I passed her. And, everyone who accompanied us at our table was excited as well, except for Sloan, who was a bit uncomfortable.

So that's kinda how this stupid ass recollection of my senior year ends. I am now twenty-two, just writing this for the heck of it. And if your wanna know more about my current life, well you're just gonna have to deal with what I'm giving you and shut the fuck up.

So, by for now, and...

The Fucking End.

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