Our Trespasses

Made of wood?


More like made of nothing

Nothing but the emptiness of our hearts

Of our souls

How else could we kill so easily?

Rape so easily?

Dear God

I hear our voices

Our raspy voices

How we curse one another so

Look at this planet

That's all the proof you'll need

Look what we've done

At the messes we've made

The conflicts we started

I pray to you

All for what?





What's the point?

Is that all there is?

Is that all we care about?

Please don't let it be too late for us

We kill crush the skull of the people we find different

I can hear the crying of their blood crying right now

Their innocent blood

Well, as innocent as they can possibly be

I see two brothers happy as can be

I see a woman talking to them

Her tongue exerts lies

I now see the brothers fighting

Over her

Over the whore

I see that one of the brothers has struck the other brother down

Over the whore

But before you condemn the woman

First know, that she is merely doing what she knows

She's see no wrong

In what she has done

Just as the brother doesn't

In your name I pray

I now see two little girls

Two sisters

Playing and laughing together

One of them finds a beautiful necklace

The sister who found it boasts about it

Envy fills the heart of the other sister

Envy and lust

The other sister attempts to get it

But fails

The first sister mocks her and eggs her on

Rage burns into the sister's heart

Now the first sister lies on the ground, her blood leaking out

Polluting the planet

Just as the other sister pollutes it with her sin

The sister feels no remorse

No remorse

She now has the necklace

What else could she want?

I now see a moth flying in darkness

A ball of brightness appears

The moth flies toward it

But the light moves away!

Every time the moth tries to get to it

The light moves

What does this say about our future?

How will it end for us?

This planet

Our mother

Can only take so much

How much longer will it take before the end hits us?

Like a ball of flame shooting from the sky directly at us

How will it end?

Will it be from bombs?



Immense homicide?

Natural disaster?


This is how it will end

It will end with tears…

Tears… much like the rain