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I wanted to update readers about my progress. I'm curious about which two stories are the biggest reader favorites. It helps me to stay focused when I know that there is reader interest in what I'm writing. I have four current stories to choose from. The poll is up on my profile for readers to vote anonymously. I got the biggest compliment from my oldest daughter. She told me that she loves Welcome to Cambridge House and it's the only story that she wants to read right now.

She won't read any of my other stories until I get that story closer to completion. That is a confidence booster. She's pulling me along. It's been suggested to me that I write well for young adult readers and that's why my fanfic, Enchantment is doing so well with readers on FF. So, I'm thinking that Welcome to Cambridge House should be the second story that I complete for publication.

I really need to know what readers think about this issue. Please vote on my profile.

This is what the poll looks like-

What are your two favorite stories that I'm currently writing? You get to pick two choices for this answer.

Come Back to Me

Welcome to Cambridge House: Katie's Story: Book 1


Meeting You

As always, please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or predictions for any of my stories. I love getting them. It lets me know how I'm doing. Was there a part you liked or a part that you hated? What would you like to see happen? What do you think will happen next?

Please review or PM me and let me know how you feel. I welcome any reviews, even anonymous ones.

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