I'm hurting to the point

where I'm willing to die.

Its gotten to the point where

I'm not even willing to try.

The funny thing is

I'm lifeless, but still alive.

I go throughout the day

not even trying to survive.

Your words are like a bullet

going through my heart,

pulling apart my flesh,

tearing me apart.

Why don't people realize

I'm broken beyond repair?

I honestly want to die.

Living like this is unfair.

With every name you call me,

a line appears on my arm.

Lines cover my arms like sleeves.

You make me inflict self harm.

I'm not okay.

But I don't have to be.

Being not okay

is what's going to set me free.

What I'm trying to say

should be coming quite clear.

I'm trying to say

my time is near.

The time for life to end,

the time for my heart to stop.

The time for me to cut,

until I feel my pulse drop.

It's gotten too hard.

You see, you're the cause for this.

All of you. You fools.

Is hurting me how you reminisce?

Dying isn't that bad.

It's saving me from you.

I'm ready to die.

That's one thing that's true.