"Well done my little Pixie."

Boss is praising me, which can only mean one thing. I have clients. I wonder who has asked. I really hope its a virgin, I don't mind them. There's something quite endearing about fumbling boy who is very shy and nervous. Usually they are trying to impress their mates in the club, but on their own, they are pretty insecure and vulnerable. So I take advantage of that. I teach them what I like, and sometimes the moans aren't entirely fake. I am no better than the clients.

I find my self on my back, with a sweaty, overweight, balding man in his fifties heaving above me. The stench coming off him is awful so I turn my face away and bury it into the cheap sheets to smother it. He grabs my hair then slaps my face and tells me to look at him, so I do. I bite my lip and try to make it appear that I am enjoying it. It seems to work. He trails a hand down the red patch on my cheek and tells me I'm the most beautiful girl he has seen. I can imagine him telling his daughter that when she dresses up as a fairy. The photo is in his wallet.

I am now sat at my kitchen table, my head in my hands and tears streaming down my face. Mum has called and invited me round for a Sunday dinner. Auntie Tracy is going to be there as are Charlie and Polly. Sarah is telling me to go, I haven't seen them for weeks and I miss them. Maybe this time I will tell Mum what's happening and she can help me, sort me out and then I can quit for good. Pixie is saying that I cant go, that I have whore written all over me and they will know as soon as I enter that house. How can do that to her, Mum would only blame herself for my mistakes and I cant do that to her.

I can't cope with this, I cant think straight. The bag on the centre of the table catches my eye and I look at it. I can feel it calling to me. This little bag is the reason I am slut, slag, whore. The pixie on the front of the bag looks at me, coaxing me. I grab it and tear it open. Powder falls over the kitchen table and like a starving dog, I hungrily press it into the centre, terrified some will go on the floor. I look at it for a long time. Sarah is saying no, Pixie is saying yes.

Pixie wins, Pixie Dust always wins.

Well everyone, this is as far as this little plot bunny goes. If you have enjoyed it drop a review and let me know your thoughts, :)

Cheers BB067