Author's Note: Um...I guess I rated the story T but there's R content in this chapter so I guess I should change the ratings...for now I'll leave it T but if you think this is too much R content I will change the overall rating of the story. You have been warned!

Chapter 11

When your child walks into the house, pantless, with nothing but an oversized jacket on, you would probably freak out if you were a normal parent. My parents on the other hand took a glimpsed at me and asked, "Did you use condoms?" Of course we were expecting them to react this way. If they didn't, they wouldn't be my parents.

"No mom, I didn't because there was no need to." My mom raised an eyebrow. "We didn't do it."

She let out of a scoffed. "Some art of seduction you mastered."

I sighed. "We just talked and worked out our feelings, alright?"

"My. How cliché and cheesy that is. Are you sure you're a teenager with raging hormones?"


"Anyways, what's with the getup? I don't recall you ever owning that jacket."

"It's Mitchell."

My mom stared at me. "And?"

"And what?"

"Are you not going to tell me what happened?"

"I told you. We just talked and worked out our feelings. I gotta run though. Mitchell's waiting outside for me to pack some stuff. I'm going with him for a couple of days."

"Going where?"

"Well thanks to your idea during the dinner get together, he's now making me his slave for this weekend. Apparently we're going to the beach and live our teenage dream. Whatever that is."

"Teenager dream? Like that song?"

"Something like it. Long story short, I gotta go." I bolted up the stairs before I could hear my mom's response. God knows she would want to invite Mitchell in and interrogate him and then have my dad lecture us on the practice of safe sex. I grabbed my backpack and dumped out all the contents then started digging through my drawers to find some nice clothing. First thing first though. I took off the panties I've been wearing. I never thought going commando would be so liberating, especially when you've been wearing girl's clothing.

As I'm digging through my drawers I started to reflect back on what happened. The course of the events that happened today were transpiring through my mind. I didn't noticed that I was smirking and chuckling as I snapped back towards the present.

I guess I'll reward Mitchell by finding the tightest jeans I own. After all he did confessed his feelings and we're now "official". I dug out three pairs of jeans and stuffed them into my backpack. I closed the bottom drawer and opened the middle to find some shirts. I guess the best match would be tight fitting shirts as well. I quickly found three and tossed them in. As I began zipping up my backpack I remember I forgot about underwear. You can't really blame me though. After all I've been through, underwear is the last thing on my mind. I grabbed three boxers, but stopped myself short before throwing them in with the rest of my clothing.

I began to contemplate. Me, plus Mitchell, all alone...on the beach could lead to some...interesting events. For some reason I just realized this and you would think I would be freaking out about what we're going to do all alone. Instead my mind is actually thinking about what type of boxers I should bring. The chances of us getting intimate is high. Probably over 100%! I wouldn't want him to see me in some weird pattern boxers or one with holes in them. Then again, after the stunt he put on today, he could be into those kind of things. I mean some of the stuff I've watch...with boxers and holes...well let's just say given the amount of time I spend watching those kind of things, I could develop a kink some time in the near future.

But anyways, after contemplating I grabbed all my boxers and laid them out on my bed. With a couple of minutes of deliberation, I decided to choose one military colored, one evergreen colored, and one with ducks on it. All of which were my favorite.

Going down the checklist I got skin tight jeans, skin tight shirts, and my favorite boxers. All that's left is some toiletries. I dashed to the bathroom to collect my toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and a new bar of soap that hasn't been opened yet. Unlike Mitchell, I actually believe in personal hygiene.

I returned to finalized all my items. I suddenly remembered that we're heading towards the beach so I grabbed my swimming trunks and a towel. Unfortunately they wouldn't fit since my backpack was overstuffed with my other clothing so I decided to put them in an A&F bag (the kind they give you when to put your clothes in when you buy from them). I'll be honest and admit that I keep those bags mainly for the hot guys plastered on them but I supposed now they have other uses.

Finally I went to my closet to find a nice jacket to wear since it gets cold at night. I mean I don't mind wearing Mitchell's but he might get cold. Plus his jacket is way too oversize for me. Thinking about his jacket made me sniffed it. Don't get me wrong. I don't have a smell fetish or anything but his jacket has a distinct smell that really soothes and calms me. I can't really describe it but I guess the closest thing it comes to is like sniffing grass that has just been watered with a hint of body sweat and Mitchell's own smell. I have to admit that despite my complaints about how badly his locker smelled, there's something about smelling his sweat and body odor that does me in. Okay, maybe I do have a smell fetish. But I guess you can blame it on my male hormones.

Stuffing my jacket into the A&F bag, I dashed down the stairs and headed towards the door yelling, "See you later" to my parents. I really don't want to have another conversation with them, especially about condoms or the correct way to have anal sex and what not. As I'm closing the door I could hear my mom screamed out from the living room "Condoms!". I'm pretty sure because of my parents constantly drilling, for the rest of my life I will always have a condom on hand (and it's not because I am a sex addict).


"Geez, what took you so long. It's only two days. Not a whole week or something."

"It took me some time to find the skin tight jeans you requested." I tried my best to give Mitchell a menacing glare which failed. When I looked over and saw the gleam on his face, I knew I was in deep trouble.

"Good. Good. So..."


"Um...are you gonna be wearing that?"

"Wearing what?"

"My jacket."

"Oh. Oh! Shit I totally forgot about it. Good thing I brought three pairs of clothing instead of two. Be right back. Gonna change real quick." I started to open the car door so I could go back inside and change when I felt my arm being grabbed.

"You can do it right here."


"Just do it right here. Besides, the car is already running."

"No it's no-" Mitchell suddenly turned on the ignition and put the car in reverse. "Wh-What the! I need to close the door!" I slammed the car door back in as the car drove out from my driveway. "Jesus! That was dangerous!" Mitchell's only reply was to give me a smirk that borderlines perverseness. "You know, you have a really perverted look on your face right now."

"What makes you say that?" He gave me an innocent whistle.

"For one thing it's on your face. And no I'm not changing in front of you."

"Common. It's only us. Don't be shy." I felt a hand slowly inched up on my thigh.

"M-M-M-M-Mitchell. Y-Y-Y-Y-Your h-h-hand!"

"Hm? What about my hand?"

"I-I-I said no touching!"

"That was then. This is now."

"Same rules still apply for both now and then!"

"Says who."

"Says me!" Seems like Mitchell have selective hearing like my parents because I can still feel his hand and its inching closer and closer to that one area. "Okay. Okay. Alright. I'll change! Just...just stop sexually harassing me for a second."

"Only a second?" He responded with one eyebrow raised.

"You know what I mean. Now hands off!"

He let out a defeated sigh as he reluctantly removed his hand. I can feel my face burning as I avoided his gaze. The girls were right. When it comes to boys they really do have a one track mind, and it's not the head that's leading them. I unzipped my backpack and dug some of my clothing out. As I unzipped Mitchell's jacket it hit me. I didn't have any underpants on. A flashback of me taking off the girl's underwear I've been wearing and tossing it aside in my bedroom appeared. I glanced over at Mitchell who seems to be paying more attention to me undressing than the road. In fact as I got halfway through unzipping the jacket, Mitchell pulled off the road and turned the ignition off.

"Why'd you pulled off the road?"

"Don't you know? It's dangerous to be driving without your seatbelt on. You can't exactly change if you're wearing your seatbelt right?"

"When did you become highway patrol?" I snide sarcastically.

"I'm just concern about your safety."

I glanced down at his crotch and could see a bulge there. "Right. Safety. Your other body parts tells a different story."

"Eek! What a perverted!" He said in a girly high-pitched voice.

"You're one to talk."


"Well what?"

"We don't have all night. Common change so we can go."

I sighed. I suppose there's no escaping it. Sooner or later he's going to see me naked anyways. I finished unzipping the jacket and took it off. As I'm putting on my shirt, I could see that not only was Mitchell's crotch bulging but his eyes as well. "Ahem!"

Mitchell was flustered as he quickly turned away. His ears were beating red. I couldn't explain what happened next or why I did it, but something came over me. I guess because of all the teasing Mitchell did I wanted to get back at him. So I let it out, my inner pervert.

"Hey Mitchell, I could use some help getting this on." I handed him my military colored boxer.


"Can you hold it up while I slide in to it?" He started sputtering nonsensical words. "Don't tell me you're being shy now?"

He coughed a couple of times before recomposing himself. "Sure. How can I help?"

I laughed. "I was just teasing. See? Now you know how I feel when you tease me."

His eyes were darting back and forth from my crotch to the car wheel. "You...You need to put on your clothes or I can't guarantee that I won't pounce you right now."

"Well maybe I want to get pounced." Before I could even registered what happened next, I'm suddenly pulled into him and his mouth descended on mine. This kiss wasn't like those sweet kisses that we've shared. It was raw and overpowering. Engulfing. My eyes widened as I felt the touch of his tongue against mine. This was no longer a kiss, but a serious make out session. My head went blank as my hormones took over. He grabbed my head as he push me closer while he deepened his kiss. I ran my fingers through his hair tugging it gently as we swapped spit.

Finally, due to lack of oxygen, I tugged harshly on his hair so he would let up. Gasping as our mouths parted, I turned to him and stared into his eyes that flickered of hunger. My hormones took over again and it was my turn to pull him in for a kiss. We resumed making out but instead of pulling my head closer to his, he slowly trailed his hands down. First he stopped at my nipples and cradled them gently sending shivers down my spine. I tried to pull away but his other hand grabbed my head stopping me in place. He resumed his cradling then slowly trailed his hand down my crotch wrapping it around my oh so very sweet spot. Like a flip of a switch my mind turned back on as I felt the jerking motion of his hand. I gasped into his mouth and let out moaning sounds that were half-protest and half-pleasure.

Let me just say this. Usually I'm not that fast. Honest, I'm not. But when you're in a car with a guy who's been on your mind for over two weeks, constantly making your pants uncomfortable, well sometimes you just lose control. I tried to warn Mitchell what was coming by smacking him on his back but he didn't let up. Then it (or rather I) came (literally!). I let out a moan as I closed my eyes and clung tightly into Mitchell.

We parted our kiss and I'm breathing heavily in his arms. Before my mind could even registered what just happened, my mouth decided to do the job. "That...was...fucking...amazing!" I buried my face into the nook of his neck. I could tell he had a wide smirk on his face but I'm not letting him get the satisfaction of seeing mine. I inhaled deeply feeling his scent. If this keeps up, round two will be just around the corner. Then I realized that Mitchell's probably feeling extremely uncomfortable right now. After what he just witnessed...well if I were in his shoes, I probably already would've creamed my pants.

"You know...that has got to be, the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen."

"Really now?" I muffled while my head is still buried in him. "I guess you haven't seen Deep Down Under."

"Really. And yes I actually have."

"That's surprising. We should watch it together then."


"Nancy's influence." I recalled all those movie nights we spent together. "Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

"What do you think?"

I blushed. "Oh...d-d-do you want assistance?"

"How about you give me a blow-"

"Stop right there."

"What? Why? It's only fair!"

"Fair is when you give something of equivalence back."

"They're practically the same thing."

"No they're not! Do you want me to describe the difference between the two? For one thing I would actually have to put my mouth on it and taste-" Before I could finished Mitchell held up the hand that was wrapped around my dick to his face and licked it.

"There. Same thing."

"B-B-B-B-B-B-B." I'm at a loss for words.

"Tastes pretty good." He licked his hand again. "Want to try?" He held out two fingers and touched my lips with them. I slowly opened my mouth and took a quick lick. Seems like our tastebuds are different because to me, it taste bitter and nasty. Maybe because it came from me. Seems like the switch in my head flipped off again because I didn't push him away when he tried to invade my mouth with his two fingers.

"Suck on it." That came out more of a demand than a request. Needless to say I complied for God knows why. Actually if God was watching, the car would probably be struck by lightning right now. "Not so different from the real thing right?"

As I'm sucking on his fingers, I ran my hand down his body. I felt wet spots on his shirt and I knew exactly what they were. Warning signals were going off inside my head but something is blocking the signals from reaching me because before I knew it my hands were already unbuckling his pants and unzipping his zipper. I felt the hard bulge as I slowly rub my hand against it. His underpants were already wet, probably from all the excitement we just did. I pulled down his underpants and (for lack of better words since my mind clearly is not thinking straight or gay at the moment) bang! It just popped out like a jack in the box.

I looked down and my eyes widened. "You're joking right? There's no way that's gonna fit in my mouth!"

He grinned. I'm pretty sure when I say those kind of thing it gives his ego a major boost. "It's not that big. Common just try."


"It's okay. I won't force you. Just use your hand."

I nodded. I wrapped my hands around his dick and began to stroke it. You would think it would be a familiar feeling since I'm not all that new to the art of masturbation, but jerking someone else's dick off brings a whole different kind of feeling.

Mitchell pulls me in closer and huffed softly into my ears. "Faster, and grip it a little harder. Like this." Due to all the excitement, my own dick came back to life and once again found it enclosed around Mitchell's hand. He gripped tightly on it and began jerking in a rapid motion. I mimicked his action. As we're trading handjobs Mitchell is whispering and moaning into my ears while I'm buried and rubbing my head between the crevices of his neck and shoulder.

I'm not really sure how much time passed but my hands were getting tired. Not really the right thing to be thinking about given the current activity I'm doing but I'm just being honest. After a while I kind of just wanted him to cum so my arms could get a rest. Note to self: handjobs make great workouts.

Mitchell moans became more ragged and louder pairing with mine. A sharp cry rang through my ears as my hand felt moist. Some of it even splattered onto my body. His moaning pushed me to the edge and I came shortly after.

So there we sat, satiated and languid. Messy. Definitely messy. This isn't even real sex and it's already this messy. I hate to think how the real thing would fare. See, those videos that I've watch show you all the hot aspects of what sex is like, but none ever show you the aftermath. How messy and sticky and smelly everything is. I wouldn't say it's a bad kind of smell, but then again I digress. Mitchell insisted because he tasted mine, I should taste his. I was reluctant at first, given my hygienic background, but seeing as how I tasted my own, tasting his won't be so much different. Or so I thought. I guess when you taste your own spunk it would taste nasty, partially because psychologically your brain tells you it is because it came from you. But Mitchell was right when he said it tasted good. I wouldn't exactly say "good" would be the word I would use for his spunk but let's just say it didn't taste bad. My mind began to start a debate about the qualities of spunk when it was interrupted.

"What are you thinking about right now?"

"Well besides that was probably the best orgasm I had in my life, just thinking about why your cum doesn't taste bad."


"Well mine tasted nasty but yours taste different."

"That's cause it came from me. If you like I'll be happy to share some more."

"No go. I'm too worn out. Break time. I came twice within half an hour!"

He chuckled. "Well I'll admit. Same for me too."


"Best orgasm ever."

"Oh and here I thought you're worn out too."

"Fuck no. I can continue this all night if you let me."

"Um no. Is it even better than the real thing?"

"We'll see. If it's with you..."

"Yeah...we'll see. In a much later future that is."

"You're ruining the mood."

"The after-sex mood?"

"Technically it's not really sex."

"Close enough. God it's so messy. And I'm all sticky. I need a shower now."

"We can shower at my place then. I gotta stop by and get some of my clothing as well."

"Alright." I waited for a while but Mitchell didn't start the car. "Uh...are we waiting for something?"

"Aren't you gonna get dressed? It's...distracting if you're gonna be all naked."

"I'm all messy. I don't want to get my freshly new clothes covered in spunk." I grabbed his jacket and laid it over my crotch. "There. Good enough?"

"Gross. Now my jacket's gonna smell like cum."

"It's call a washing machine. Besides, I thought you like my cum."

"Yeah, but you're covered in mine, not your own." So I guess it's not only me who find tasting your own spunk is distasteful. "'s not all bad with you all covered in my spunk."


"Kinda like I'm marking you in a way."

"We're not animals." His reply was to chuckle as he started the ignition.


I was nervous when we got to his place. I wonder how his mom would react. Not very well considering the kind of position I'm in right now. I can already picture the horrible face she would make as I introduced myself. 'Hi nice to meet you Mitchell's mom. I'm Ezlor, whose gay. I kind of made your son gay too. Oh this? Don't mind the smell. It's just your son's cum on me. He's marking me as he said. Don't worry. I repaid him back by marking him too. Twice. Well we're gonna go shower then head to the beach and probably end up fucking like rabbits before the weekend is over. It was nice meeting you!'

Yeah...good way to make a nice big impact. Oh and trust me when I say I would probably end up saying all that. You know me and my big mouth. "Uh, is your mom home?"

"No she's at work."

"Good. Cause I don't want to be meeting her while I smell of sweat and sex."

"You smell good to me."

I rolled my eyes. "You really need to get off on that one track mind."

"There are other ways I can get off too."

"And lay off on all the pervert stuff!" I wrapped his jacket around me and zipped it up. I got out of the car and followed Mitchell. Unlike me, Mitchell lives in an apartment complex. Given the circumstances, it was to be expected. I followed him inside glancing nervously around hoping that there wasn't anyone there to see me. Thankfully no one was there as we made it into his apartment.

"Bathrooms is down the hall on the left."

"Alright thanks." I headed inside and shut the door. As I turned on the water, I remembered the bar of soap I brought. There's no way in hell I'm going back outside again for it though. I'm sure Mitchell would have some kind of soap lying around. I stepped into tub when the water warmed up to the right temperature when I felt a hand rubbed my shoulder. "M-M-M-Mitchell?! What are you doing here?!"

"Well I gotta shower too. You're not the only sticky, messy one."

"B-B-But I'm showering right now."

"Let's just say I'm eco-friendly and I'm trying to conserve water for the fishes."

"You need to come up with better excuses."

"Yeah, yeah. Here. I'll help you wash your hair."

"I got hands of my own you know."

"Yeah but you weren't using them on yourself back when we're in the car were you?"

"Th-That was different!"

"Stop griping and just let me wash your hair. Then you do mine." I mumbled a low protest but deep inside I was fluttering. I felt his hand on my head as he lathered on the shampoo and gently rubbed it through my hair. I turned around to face him so I can do the same to him. Looking at Mitchell in close quarters significantly changes my perspective. He's almost twice my size (not literally). His body could easily engulf me. His hands are big but not clumsy (probably because he's the quarterback and you can't have clumsy hands if you're throwing balls around) and when they touch me it's always gentle, almost endearing.

"Bend down a bit. You're too tall. I can't reach your head." He complied and bent down to quickly give me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Reward for shampooing my hair." He said with a grin. I would rolled my eyes but I might get soap in them so I prefer to keep them half closed. I lathered up the shampoo on his hair, which felt soft and smooth.

"You know, this feels like we're an old couple whose been married for a really long time."


"Aren't we going a bit too fast? First handjobs, now taking showers together? What's next? Sleeping together?"

Mitchell's face suddenly sparked up. "All our activities got me worn out. That sounds like a perfect idea."


"My bed's a little small for both of us so it'll be a bit cramp, but you can just lay on top of me."

"You're freaking serious about this aren't you?"

"Damn straight. Or gay. Whatever you prefer."

"I prefer not being sexually harassed while I sleep. What happened to driving to the beach and living our teenage dream?"

"We can do that tomorrow. It's too late for the beach right now anyways. Unless you want to freeze in the water."

"So we're skipping getting drunk on the beach and going straight to the motel?"

"Motel a la casa de Mitchell."

"Geez if we were going to sleep we could have just done it at my house instead of driving around. Wait scratch that." I would never hear the end of it from my parents if Mitchell decided to spend the night at my home. "When does your mom get home? I mean you haven't came out to your mom yet, have you?"

"Not yet."

"Wouldn't it be extremely bad if she caught us in bed together. Not that we'll be doing anything besides sleeping."

"It's okay. She doesn't go into my room. She'll probably be at work again by the time we wake up anyways."



Awkward silence filled the bathroom as we continued to shampoo each other. We went on for a couple more minutes before we decided to rinse. I gave his hair one hard tug.

"What was that for?"

"Everything." We stuck both our heads under the falling water. I closed my eyes to prevent the soap from getting in them when I felt Mitchell's hands started feeling me up.

"What are you doing?"

"First hair, now body."

"I can wash my own body."

"But it's more fun to let me wash it." He purposefully did this in a low whisper near my ear. Before I could react he bit down on my earlobe making me yelped. "Cute," he chuckled.

The feeling of soap and a sponge brushing across my back made me relax a little until he finished and decided to go down lower. Feeling a finger brush across my cheeks (and I'm not talking about the one on my face) made me jolt. "W-W-W-W-W-What are you doing?!"

"Gotta make sure everything is clean." I felt my cheeks parting as a finger flicker around my opening. "Everything."



"S-S-S-S-Stop. P-Please." He quickly stopped and turned me around.

With complete seriousness in his face he asked, "Really?" I nodded. "Sorry. I didn't mean to push you." The rest of the shower felt awkward. You could feel the heavy tension looming around the bathroom. Mitchell continued to wash my body but he didn't tease me anymore. It felt distant as if he became withdrawn. When he finished, he turned off the water and started to get out.

"Wait you haven't washed your body yet."

"Um...It's okay. I don't normally use soap anyways. Water's fine."

"Personal hygiene." I grabbed his arm and pulled him back in. I turned the water back on and took the sponge from him. I began washing his body slowly tracing it, trying to engrain everything into my head so I'll never forget this moment, this body...Mitchell. "Turn around. I need to wash your back." He did as he was told becoming completely docile. I felt bad now for turning him down at that moment. It's not that I didn't want it. I was just...scared. I never done it before so it was scary. We're talking about my virginity here! Well I guess I already lost it in the car but is a handjob considered sex? I assumed sex means there's some kind of penetration involve but then oral sex doesn't have penetration yet there's still "sex" at the end of it. Well I guess you could consider it as a penetration of the mouth. Getting to the point, I never been penetrated before so it's scary.

I didn't want this awkward tense atmosphere to keep looming around us though so I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him as tightly as I could. I felt his body twitch a little, hardened, then relaxed around my arms. "Sorry. For turning you down."

"No. You don't have to be sorry. I was rushing too fast. It's my fault."

I pressed my face into his back. Shaking my head I whispered softly, "I was scared. I never done anything like that before."

"It's okay. I understand. We'll take it slow."

I smiled. "Thanks. When I'm ready, you'll be the first to know."

"First? There are others?!"

"You'll be the only one to know."

"Good. Geez can you be any slower. Do you take this long to wash your body?"

"Unlike my own body, there's a lot to wash for yours. And I have to do this thoroughly. Who knows how long you went without washing your body with soap."

"I was just jerking around."

"Yeah. About an hour ago in your car."

"You really should tone down the sarcasm."

"Only with you. Without it I feel as if I can't keep up with your pace." I gave him a hard slap on his back. "There. Done. Now rinse off."

After he finished rinsing we stepped out of the tub. He grabbed a huge towel and wrapped us both in it.

"We're not gonna be dry if we're only using one towel you know."

"Alright. I'll dry you off first then." He started with my hair then the rest of my body. Somehow I felt he paid extra attention around my crotch and ass and took much longer to dry those area than the rest. "Now me." He tossed me the towel.

I started with his hair and slowly worked downwards. When I got his crotch I can see that his dick was half-hard. Even half-hard it looked impressive. I really shouldn't keep staring or there might be a round 3. "Where's your dirty laundry bin?"

"We only used it once. Besides, now it's got your scent on it. I'm never washing this towel again."


"Might need it later in the future when I need some...motivation."

"There's something called TMI. Both you and Nancy should really learn about it."

He held my hand as he led me out of the bathroom and into his room. "Oh I forgot about my clothing inside your car."

"It's fine you can wear mine and change tomorrow."

"But none of your clothes fit me!"

"Here." He tossed me an oversized shirt (oversized for me). I reluctantly put it on. The shirt came down a little halfway towards my thigh. "And the pants?"

He smirked. "Got none that'll fit you."

I sighed. "Somehow I think this is just an excuse so you can get me to not wear pants. I supposed that underwear is out of the question as well."


"I'm not gonna get any sleep tonight am I?"

"That depends on what you want to do tonight." He pulled on his boxers and walked slowly towards me. Suddenly he jumped on me shoving me on top of his bed. Using both his hands, he held my arms in place as his face came closer and closer to mine.

"You're such a liar. You said we'll take it slow."

"Are you scared?"

"A little."

"Do you want to do it?"

"I don't know. I'm really confused right now."

One of his hands started to slowly caress my face as he came in for a deep kiss. "Don't worry. We got all night to sort things out."