Bring the human, shackled and bound,
Gag his orifices, choked and bleeding,
Sharpen the knives, and make him hear The harbinger of his tribulation and death.

Plunge, blade-deep, and we shall explore The tortured crevices of his wretched vessel;
Excavation unholy, this sanctum sacrileged,
As we rip organs beating from flesh pounding.

Begin the ritual, prepare thine tools,
As we scavenge his carcass thorough and through;
Our dying host sings his last melody,
The morbid song of a larynx bloodied.

Scrape his skin thin, but care not tear it,
And stretch it across the frame of his pelvis;
This drum shall echo his pulsating heart,
Gripped in horror and terror unrelenting.

His tendons, supple, pulled taut and tight Over the bony ridges of his ribcage;
With his forearms as sticks, this xylophone Shall ring with delightful, dampened screams.

Of his femurs, holes we shall bore,
The marrow emptied and sucked all dry;
With every whistle, the flutes shall whisper Sweet ululations and murdered whimpers.

Remove his guts, and vacate them quick,
Have them strung upon his spine still slick;
Of his humerus we fashion a bow lean,
Screeching its dance upon the violin.

Gouge his skull hollow, but save the eyes,
Fill in the sockets and leave them inside;
A lovely shaker we have, its wet thumpings Reminiscent of bodies from heights splatting.

The arrangement most replete, we have His windpipe intact, the lungs attached;
Kiss your lips to his mouth and blow,
Let the bagpipes sing its inverted hymns.

The sacrament fulfilled, the orchestra filled,
Let us begin our euphoric cacophony;
A celebration of his miserable carcass decomposed,
Complete in this corpsesong we have composed.