Experiments gone wrong

The sunlight lit up the area city, showing off a scene that is better left in the dark. The once glorious buildings lie crumbled to the ground. Abandoned cars line the city streets, like dying flowers in a garden. The once colorful and bustling city lies gray and deserted. The beasts have destroyed this city, and many others.

So far I have only been able to find one other survivor, Joe. Joe has long dirty blond hair that he is constantly moving out of his eyes. Right now we are slowly making our way through the ruins of the city looking for food, while trying to avoid oncoming patrols. Luckily, we managed to come across an old grocery market without being spotted.

We slowly make our way through the isles putting all the food and water we can in our back-packs.

"Hey, James, come see if you can open this door." I hear Joe whisper into my ear.

Before the attack I was a locksmith which has come in handy more than one time. I also didn't have a family to lose during the attack. My dad abandoned me as a child and my mother died of cancer a couple of months during the attack. I never found time to settle down because I was in the army for a while and wanted to wait until I got out, then I became too caught up in trying to find a job. Too bad the same isn't true for Joe.

Joe lost everything when the beasts attacked. He lost his mom, dad, and wife who was pregnant with their child. He strives to survive because he feels he has to live for all of the family he lost during the attack. Before the attack Joe was a hunter, his skills are useful for getting around without getting caught.

I quickly pick the lock with one of the bobby pins I always carry. The door opens up to a small office, presumable where the manager of the store resided, that is filled with food, and, unfortunately a body. The body head is completely destroyed, and next to him lays a shotgun. He must have wanted to live, but the pressure became too much for him take. At least the food and shotgun will help us to survive.

"Joe, start collecting the food I am going to see if the shotgun is still in working condition." He gives a small nod and gets to work. I walk over to the shotgun and check to see if it is loaded. All but one shot is still loaded, that gives us seven shots.

"James, check this out, it's an old newspaper article on the attack." I look over to Joe to see him holding an old torn newspaper that headlines "Monsters destroy New York City." It talks about how the monsters were engineered in some lab to help protect the country from attack. Ironic how something supposed to protect us ends up being our doom.

I remember sitting at home watching the events on TV and thinking that it would be stopped soon. I was dead wrong. The beasts evolved. They learned how to make more of them form the people they killed. The last day, before the world lost power, the estimated amount of the creatures was ten million. There is probably a lot more than that now.

"We should probably get going now; we got get back to a safe spot before nightfall" A loud crash from the front of the store startle both of us. We give a quick glance at each other and take position on either side of the door. I have the shotgun aimed and ready to fire, hopefully, it doesn't come to that because the noise will probably alert the others nearby.

These things don't hunt alone. Like wolves they hunt in packs so they can take down large groups of prey with minimal damage. I hear the thing's claws scraping against the tile with each step it takes. I have to strain to hear the scraping over the pounding of my own heart. I hear it coming closer. I see one large foot appear, then another. Now the beast is in full view, this is a closer look than I ever wanted of one. It stands on two legs, like a human, and has a long tail that follows behind it. The things scales glow in the setting sun. I carefully aim the shotgun and pull the trigger. Click. That small quiet click was deafening. The gun misfired.