For the first time

I'm not usually a quitter

I don't usually leave a job unfinished

But…for the first time…I do quit

I shall leave a job unfinished

Why should I try so hard only to fail anyway?

I never asked for this…I could never have cared less about You

I regret ever knowing You, because ever since I have, It's been nothing but agony

Tell me one good thing I've done since I came to You

I knew it! Salvation is not for everyone

The love of God isn't for everyone either

Y'know, I've never felt like a real member of the Christian community

Always the outsider with no one to relate to

They all think there's something wrong with me

"Their not normal"…"something's not quite right with that one" they sneer

I can't help but feel they're right in some weird way

Do you know why?

Because I have fallen so far down it's impossible for even You to find me

Because I got so caught up in this world it's no easy task to leave it

Because I am wrapped in the cloak of darkness

And it's pulling me further and further down to the pit with time

I was gone before You had any chance to intervene

Now, I would say something else,

Something extremely powerful and rather dangerous

But not here…You know what that is so we'll leave it at that

For the first time

There's a heart You could never grasp and keep hold of

Tell me how that makes You feel…