Another story I've come up with after watching Camp Rock 2, a continuation since Camp Rock 3 isn't going to happen. Hope you enjoy it!~

Return To Camp Rock

After 3 hours of cars and buses pulling into the campsite with several shining smiles and giggles overflowing the trees and cabins, one very familiar face steps out. Mitchie Torres looks all around impressed by how many campers showed up,

"Surprised huh?" A voice says from behind.. Mitchie turns around to see a very happy Brown Cesario.

"Oh yea, yea totally." Brown could see she was interested in finding out if a particular person had showed up already. Brown rolls his eyes, "Young love, can't ever live without it. Would love to find one of my own this summer." Mitchie touched her heart feeling sorry for Brown, "Aww. I'm sure you'll find love someday, but I'm telling you right now, all you'll find is teenage and elementary girls here. It's a camp not a dating service." She giggles patting his shoulder, "So have you seen Shane?" As much as she would love to make fun of Brown's love life, Mitchie would rather focus out on her own. "Actually no I haven't darling, maybe he hasn't arrived yet." Truth was, Brown knew exactly where Shane was, but Shane made everyone promise not to tell where he was or what he was up to. Mitchie frowned, she had asked around for hours, the bonfire would start soon and no sign of Shane. Oh well, might as well wait and see if he's helping set up the bonfire. When she arrives, she find her best friend Caitlyn setting up the wood and runs down there, this was the first she saw of one of her friends, "Hey! I've missed you so much!: Caitlyn giggles holding onto her arm, "I've missed you too. Mind helping me set up the bonfire?"

"Sure. Hey, by any chance have you seen Shane anywhere?" Mitchie asks while grabbing some wood and places them on stacks. Caitlyn closes her eyes, trying to think of a good enough lie, "Uhm…no, but have you seen Nate anywhere around here?"

"Actually yea, when I came out of my cabin I saw him walking towards the lake, He seemed upset about something." Caitlyn smiles, she had always had a crush on Shane but since Mitchie stole him, she slowly fell for Nate, "Probably feels bad because his ex-girlfriend broke up with him two weeks ago."

"Wait. Dana broke up with Nate, why?" Mitchie couldn't believe it, she had heard rumors but didn't want to believe them considering him and Dana were so perfect together…or so she thought.

"Ever since Nate thought about pursuing a solo career, he's been all into his music and barely spent any time with her."

"And you would know all of this because…?"

"I read his Twitter….um I mean I heard about it on the news."

There was no way this was on his Twitter, it was pretty obvious that Caitlyn had been stalking Nate so why not see if she'll admit her feeling for him, "Say Caitlyn….You wouldn't happen to have a crush on Nate, would you?"

"What? Me? No….of course not. I mean why would you even ask that?"

"Because your hands are shaking like JELLO."

"Alright, yes! But don't tell anyone else that,!"

"My lips are sealed." Mitchie smirked, while Shane was gone that gave Mitchie just enough time to play Cupid. Now all she would have to do is come up with a plan and figure out Nate's feelings for Caitlyn.