"Raymond Buckland's Saxon Basis" by Zayan Sechel, April 2012

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of fiction. Any resemblances to real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: During World War II, Jews were branded with the yellow Star of David as a symbol of hatred and scorn.

Raymond Buckland's Saxon Basis

During "Pass It Over TV Show", host Bill Schnoebelen invited TV stars Megan Fox, Vanessa Marcil and Hilton Hater in order to make his show more elegant and approach for the general public.

"The Star of David, or the Magen David, is the premier Jewish symbol in present day, I think." Vanessa smiled, her white teeth beaming like a set of pearls. "It is formed by two interlocking equilateral triangles that form a six-pointed star or hexagram." She made some gesticulations with her fingers.

"The badges used by the German government to mark the Jews during World War II varied by geographical location and time period, in fact." Hilton continued. "Early in the war …", some black and white photographs were changing slowly in the background behind them, "… Jews wore yellow arm bands or white armbands with a blue or yellow Star of David. The most recognizable badge, eventually adopted by Germany, Poland, France, Holland, …", Hilton paused, camera catching her eye for a moment, "… Bohemia-Moravia, Belgium and Slovakia, was a yellow Star of David outlined in black with the word 'Jew' written or abbreviated in center. However …", she paused a bit, smiling, "… some regions wore solid yellow stars or a yellow star emblazoned on a black circle."

" I know that the German government implemented the Star of David badge to organize the persecution and destruction of the Jewish race." Bill smiled at his guests. "Prior to the mandatory badge …", he was seated on a kind of a swivel stool, "… it was not easy to identify the European Jews, particularly if they did not have distinctly Jewish features. But, when forced to wear the star, Jews could be easily identified, cut off from society, herded into ghettos and concentration camps and eventually murdered."

"Did you know that the first reference to marking the Jews came not from the Nazis, but from Robert Weltsch, a German-Jew and Zionist." They all focused now on Megan. "During the Nazi-declared boycott on Jewish-owned stores, yellow Stars of David were painted over the windows."

"I know that the so-called 'Star of David' is essentially a 'hexagram', nothing more, nothing less." Bill smiled briefly at the camera. "There is no Biblical or Jewish evidence that traces this ancient occult symbol with king David of Israel. However …", he cleared his throat and then excused himself, "… there is evidence that it was used by king Solomon, after he turned to pagan gods and the occult, late in his life, causing God to become very angry with him."

"I'd like to add that it is also interesting to note the hexagram …", Vanessa continued, "… that is, the Nazi version of the star …, was never given to the Jews as a sign of endearment." Bill lifted an eyebrow staring at the planned program in secret. "Its original name is the star of Molech, was known by true Jews as a sign of that Babylonian god … or the devil since it had six points, six lines, and six triangles." Vanessa covered her mouth with fingers, giggling and waving at the camera. The audience applauded.

"I know that they had to wear the Star of David on their arm so that everybody knew that they were Jews - members of the hated race."

Bill was about to close the show when Megan raised her hand.

"Yes Megan?"

"I just wanted to add something that my grand-grandfather told me."

"Go ahead." Bill gave secret signal to the director and the camera guy that it was all right.

"At one point …, my grand-grandfather … Isaak Behar … took his Star of David and continued to walk on the streets in Germany. And you know what happened?" She looked around, almost simpering, covering her mouth with a hand that had polished nails. "No one bothered to ask him who he was!"

"Now … how was that possible?" Even Bill was not ready for such interesting twist of fate.

"I don't know! And what's more … even my grand-grandfather, Isaak Behar did not know." She paused, taking a breath since she was obviously excited for bringing something unplanned on the live TV show. "For some time he was wondering whether he was already dead or, perhaps … he was already in hell so that's why no one bothered to check on him!"

"And … at the end?" Bill looked at his wrist watch in secret.

"Well … after three months of such ludicrous state of virtual non-existence … being surrounded by other Jews that still wore the Star of David … he had to succumb and … give up … in a way."

"But in those three months no one bothered to either report him or, perhaps get inspected by the German police?" Bill unconsciously placed a finger on his nose and the director immediately corrected his gesture by whispering it to him in the tiny microphone that was hidden in his ear. He slowly withdrew his hand.

"That's the most amazing fact! I mean … imagine all that terror and fear from presenting yourself in the public with the Star of David and then my brave, or perhaps even silly …", Megan paused glancing couple of times uncomfortably towards the cameras, "… grand-grandfather takes it off!" She looked speechlessly around. "I mean ... imagine that fear of being shot on the very street for not being obedient to the German law … and living like that for three months!" There was a slight pause, audience still digesting new material that was presented.

"So … if I may ask …", Bill stirred in his seat slightly, getting signals from the director in the background, "… what finally happened to your grand-grandfather?"

"He was lucky!" Megan looked around like some little girl with a lollipop. "He survived all those horror of the concentration camps and was able to tell us this almost unbelievable story!"

"Mhm. No wonder he could not believe it himself!" Bill looked at Megan once more, then grinned widely at the camera. "Ladies and gentlemen … this would be all for tonight. Join us also the next time in our Pass It Over TV Show. Till then … I wish you would be seeing these pretty ladies more often …", he paused, letting Megan, Vanessa and Hilton smile for the cameras. "Have a wonderful rest of the evening!" The TV stars waved at the camera and then there was a zoom out, followed by the applause and the cheering from the audience.