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Chapter 1: Best Friends

Alex, Page, and Clover had been best friends since the beginning of Grade one, when the three girls fought over the last Popsicle at Recess. Then, in Grade seven, they met Jesse, Cole, and Jayden. They had known since they were little that they were going to be close, but they never imagined that they'd be the only ones on earth. Here's the story…

Alex awoke from the strangest dream, about Robots and special powers. Since Page and Clover were sleeping over that night, Alex noticed they were both asleep on the floor.

Alex climbed over the sleeping girls, and fell on Pages right wrist. Alex jumped up quickly, fearing she had woken Page up and that she was hurt, but all Page did was turn over and tuck her arm under her pillow.

Alex crept out into the kitchen and started making French toast. She cracked open six eggs, and started to mix them together. She added a little bit of milk, and then dipped three slices of bread into the egg. She put the slices onto the pan and smiled. Alex had been known for burning things. Just as Alex flipped the first slice over, Page walked out of Alex's room. Page yawned and sat down on the stool facing the island.

"Morning Page," said Alex, in her groggy, British Accent. Page yawned once more before replying to Alex,

"Good morning, Alex." Page sniffed the air and smiled. "Your making French Toast?" asked Page. Alex nodded happily and smiled at Page.

"Isn't that a little dangerous considering the last time you tried to cook something it burst into flames?" asked a sceptical Page. Alex rolled her eyes just as Clover bounced out of the room, as if she hadn't just woken up. Page and Alex groaned at

Clover, who was always a little too cheerful for their liking.

"Hey girls, Alex, I smelt the French Toast from all the way in the other room, which means it hasn't caught fire yet," said Clover, pulling up a stool beside Page. Alex sighed.

"Girls, if you want to take the flipper thing from me and cook these yourselves, feel free, until then, shove off and enjoy watching me do it," said Alex. Page shook her head, a smile playing at her lips.

"Alex, it's called a 'spatula,' and we would, but you probably wouldn't eat it if we took it away," said Page. "Yeah, and besides, when those slices catch on fire, we have plenty more eggs," added Clover and the three girls laughed. Alex hit Clover on the arm playfully and said, "Yeah, well at least I can cook without worrying if I'll break a nail!"

Clover scoffed and folded her arms, "Well, at least…oh, forget it!" she said and stormed into the other room. Page bit her lip and looked up at Alex who was shaking her head.

"Clover need's an attitude adjustment," Alex muttered. Page opened her mouth to defend Clover, but shook her head. It was useless trying to talk sense into Alex, or Clover. The truth was, they both seriously needed an adjustment on their attitudes. Clover and Alex were just, too different. Page got up from the stool and went to the phone.

She dialled the number of Cole, her friend for years. Cole would most likely be hanging out with Jesse and Jayden, his best friends. The six of them were like, brothers and sisters, Page, Alex, Clover, James, Jayden and Cole. Cole picked up after the third 'ring', and said a muffled,

"Hello?" Page could hear the boys, Jesse and Jayden goofing around in the background.

"Hey, Cole," said Page. Page heard the boys hooting with laughter, and Cole sighing. "Guys, knock it off!" said Cole, holding his hand up. Jesse sat up on the beanbag chair he was currently sitting on.

"Why? Is that your girlfriend?" he asked making kissy faces while Jayden howled with laughter. Cole rolled his eyes and said, "No, it's just Page, now shut up!"

"Cole, are you there?" asked Page, biting her lip. Cole barely heard her, so he took his cell phone into the other room where it was quiet.

"Yeah, I'm here. Hey, Page, I'm kind of on a strict cell phone minutes schedule, so Jayden, Jesse and I will just walk down, okay?" Cole said, sitting down on the chair which faced the computer desk. Page smiled.

"Alright, I'll go tell Clover and Alex. Oh, by the way, do you guys want some French toast?" asked Page, twirling the phone chord in her fingers.

"Yeah, I could go for some French toast right about now, one second," said Cole, Cole took the speaker away from his ear and called into the next room, "Hey, guys; you want some French toast at Alex's?" Cole heard the muffled, "yes," from Jesse and Jayden and put the speaker to his ear.

"Yeah, we all want some, we'll see you soon okay?" asked Cole. Page turned around and yelled over to Alex, "The boys are coming down now, okay?" Page heard Alex say,

"Sure, I'll put some French toast on for them!" Page thought, 'Oh, no, more things to burn,' but went back to the phone. "Yeah, I'll see you guys soon," and hung up.

Cole shut his phone, and walked into the other room, where the boys were playing with a bottle cap and an elastic band. Cole rolled his eyes and said, "Alright, get up, were going to Alex's," and kicked Jesse lightly. Jesse bounced out of the bean bag chair and said, "Is Alex there?" he asked. Cole smiled. "When isn't Alex at her house?" said Jayden laughing. Jesse grunted and replied with, "Alex is usually over here or at Pages or Clover's, thank you very much." Jayden and Cole started yelping with laughter.

"Bro, we all know you have the biggest crush on Alex, just admit it!" Jayden said shaking with laughter. Jesse threw the bottle cap they were using and it hit Jayden between the eyes.

"I don't see why you need to resort to violence," said Jayden, struggling to stop laughing. Cole smacked him lightly on the shoulder and said,

"Come on guys, Alex is making breakfast and I'd like to be there before they burn!" Cole jogged up the stairs followed closely by Jayden. Jesse lingered for a moment, before pulling a piece of paper out of his wallet. It was a slightly folded, faded piece of paper, with a picture of Alex and Jesse, with their arms around each other's shoulders, smiling huge, toothy grins. The picture was taken before Alex and Jesse met Clover, Jayden, Cole or Page.

It was just after Jesse's fifth birthday party. Jesse smiled, remembering that for a present, Alex, his best friend at the time, gave him a kiss on the cheek. Jesse has liked her ever since. Jesse was startled, when Jayden hollered from the top of the stairs,

"Jesse! Would you please stop staring at that, and get your butt up here?"

Jesse jogged upstairs and put on his coat and shoes.

Alex flipped the last slice of French toast. She had made twelve pieces of French toast successfully, smiling smugly as she handed out the plates. Alex's main table sat six, Page sitting next to Jayden, Clover sitting next to a sheepish looking Cole, and Jesse at the head. She gave Jesse his first, but tortured him but removing the maple syrup and made sure that everyone else got to use it first.

Alex always did things like that to Jesse, which only made him more determined to get her to like him more that she already did, but from Alex's view, that was virtually impossible, because of how much she enjoyed his company.

After everyone was done eating, Alex made a move to get up and clear the table, so Jesse stood and helped her. Jayden, wolf-whistled and Jesse blushed, a deep shade of red.

Cole rolled his eyes and turned to Clover. "Hey, Clover, when did you say your parents were getting married?" asked Cole. Jayden gave him thumbs up.

"Well, sometime next week, Sunday I believe. I'm really concerned about what I'm going to wear!" Clover blabbed on, and on about all the different outfits she wants to wear.

Cole's eyes were glazing over a little, but by the end of Clover's conversation, he was just staring at Clovers face. Jayden threw a piece of remaining French toast at Cole, who fell out of his chair.

"Oh, my, gosh, are you okay?" asked Clover, who jumped out of her chair and helped Cole up.

Cole blushed, this is not, he thought, a good way to impress Clover. Clover smiled as Cole picked up the chair and apologized.

"It's okay Cole, if anything it was Jayden's fault," Clover said smiling as she walked away. Page walked over and patted Cole on the back. "Don't worry Cole, she'll come around," said Page. Cole smiled gratefully and walked into the den, where Jesse was trying to impress Alex with some random magic card trick.

Jesse was sitting across from Alex on the floor, with the coffee table between them.

"Alright, now, remember this card, alright?" Jesse said after shuffling the cards, then showing Alex the first card on the top. "King of Spades, alright," said Alex.

Jesse nodded and placed the top card very carefully on top of the deck. Then, he held up the deck and showed Alex that the card was still at the top. Jesse then held the box the cards came in.

"This is just a normal box," said Jesse who then placed the cards very carefully inside. "Alright, I'm going to shake this three times, and each time I shake, I want you to yell out the letters for, 'A-C-E," got it?" asked Jesse.

Alex nodded and Jesse started shaking. "A-C-E!" yelled Alex. Jesse nodded and said,

"Alright, if I shook this right, we should find out what happened to our King," Jesse took out the cards and flipped over the first card, which was an Ace. Alex looked at him, and said, "How the hell did you do that!"

Jesse smiled and smiled at Alex mysteriously. "Well, if you did this right, our King should be the only card, different from the rest," said Jesse.

Jesse flipped back over the Ace, and spread out the cards. Sure enough, the only card not turned over, was the King of Spades.

"Oh, my, gosh, that is so cool!" Alex said. Jesse smiled and threw the cards up in the air, which fell back into a neat pile on the floor.

Alex gaped at him, and he smiled simply before putting the cards into the box, and turning on the television. "Wow," muttered Alex.

Jesse and Alex sat on the floor watching television. Their hands were almost touching, as if they were itching to hold each other.

Page walked into the room and smiled. That is, before she passed out.