Author: ForeverFiction17


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Chapter 3: Saying Goodbye

Once everyone pilled out into the sidewalk, they started walking and saw Mrs. Donald crossing the street. Alex rolled her eyes and Jayden snorted.

"Oh, great just what we need," said Jesse. Mrs. Donald was a mean woman, in her mid-forties, who constantly yelled at the six every chance she got. Just as she opened her mouth, no doubt to tell them off about something, Jesse looked up and pointed to the sky.

There was a giant medal thing coming slowly down from the sky. It was pure black connected medal, in a long tube, and at the end, was a circular shaped dome, big enough to crush a car. As soon as the eye-like thing was within ten feet away on top of Mrs. Donald, it shot down at lightning speed, opened the eye, and showed a bunch of small claws .They took hold of a screaming Mrs. Donald and shot back into the sky, so fast it was hardly a blur. Cole rubbed his eyes.

"What the hell was that!" asked Clover. Everyone else just started, wide eyed at the sky. They all hated Mrs. Donald, but not that much! Cole sat on the ground and put his head in his hands. Jesse was pacing back and forth, silently freaking out. That was when the next one came down, and scooped up a man across the street.

Jesse put his hands on his head and said, "What the hell is going on!" Within seconds, thousands of the evil eyes dropped down from the sky, and carried screaming people up, past the clouds to who knows where. All they could do is watch, as everyone, in all of Cape Breton Nova Scotia, was taken away. Clover got up and ran as fast as she could, and ran two blocks to her house. With her heart pounding, she ran into her house and found her mother on the couch. Clover's mother was a nice woman, who always did her best to care for Clover. Her name is Susan.

Susan must have seen the look on Clover's face, because when Clover grabbed her hand, she didn't object. Since Clover has a little brother, she ran upstairs to find her little brother, Luke, playing the video game he was obsessed with, World of War Nerds, or something along those lines.

"Hey," was all Luke had time to say before the big medal eye-thing came through the ceiling. It was the most horrific thing Clover had ever seen. Her little brother, who was, admittedly, very annoying, but she loved him all the same, being taken away. Luke was screaming for Clover to help him, but she couldn't go any closer. There was some sort of invisible wall between her and the machine. Like a force field, but much stronger.

"Don't worry Luke! I promise I'll save you!" Clover screamed, and was horrified by the tears pouring out of her eyes, making her vision fuzzy.

Luke kept screaming for Clover, but within a matter of seconds, he along with the machine, dissipated into the sky. The force field was gone, and Clover fell over. Clover hardly felt it when her mother helped her up, and took her down-stairs. Clover suddenly jumped towards the door.

"Mom, come with me, now!" said Clover, as she ran back to her friends, her mother right behind her. Once she got there, everyone was freaking out in their own way. Jesse was on the ground, with his ears covered, in the fetal position, rocking back and forth on the back of his heels, Alex was staring at the sky, wide-eyed, not looking as if she would ever move again, Cole was muttering to himself, Page was staring at the white wall of a house, and Jayden was pacing back and forth, trying to figure out what was happening. Clover glanced at the sky and saw a machine eye coming down, very slowly, right where her mother was. Clover jumped into action, grabbing her mother's hand, and together they jumped into the pond behind their house.

Somehow, Clover knew that was the right thing to do. When Clover hit the water, all she thought was, 'cold', before swimming to the bottom of the pond, tugging her mother behind her. Page sat at the bottom, holding her breath. Susan looked at Page and mumbled something, pointing to her mouth, then pointed to her throat. Page looked at her mother as if she was from another planet. Susan said one thing, "trust me," and Page slowly opened her mouth. Somehow, the water didn't fill her mouth, and she took a deep breath, using the air in water to somehow breathe.

"Mom…what is going on?" Page said, somehow crystal clear. Susan motioned up and then swam to the surface. Page didn't exactly swim, she used the water as leverage and propelled upwards. Once Susan's head hit the surface, she took deep breath.

"Okay, Mom, please, tell me what is happening!" said Clover franticly.

"I'm sorry Clover, I can't tell you everything right now, but you will get the full story soon enough. We don't have much time, so please, don't interrupt until the end…" said Susan, who then told Clover the story of how she became her daughter. Susan was going out for a jog, she had gotten ready, and was just about to step out onto the porch, but thankfully, she looked down, to find a baby.

The baby was in a simple blanket and nothing else.

There was a note attached to the baby, saying that the parents were dead and the baby was special. Then, as Clover grew up, she became close to the water. When Clover was five, she fell into the pond behind her house, and stayed at the bottom for over an hour before Susan dragged her out. Clover was fine, and she wasn't even wrinkled. She had been breathing. Susan wanted to wait until the perfect time to tell her. Apparently now was the time.

Clover just stared at the water, listening intently. "Alright, let's go back, the others need us," said Clover as she stood, slightly angry with her mother. How do you go seventeen years without telling your kid she's not yours?

Clover couldn't stop thinking about why she would be abandoned. Once they got back to the spot where they had watched everything happen, they were happy to discover that the other six were almost recovered. Alex and Page were sitting on the grass together. Jesse was sitting behind Alex, with his knees keeping her back straight, and Jayden was glancing at Page, who sat by Cole.

"Why weren't we taken?" asked Alex. Nobody answered. "Maybe it's because of Jesse's flashlight body, and Pages time travel," said Jayden. Everyone nodded. "Well, whatever the reason, we should go search for more people….anyone," said Clover with her head in her hands. "Okay, anyone got a car?" asked Cole. Alex nodded and said,

"Yeah, there is one in the driveway…just let's try not to break it, right?" Everyone nodded, Jayden jumped into the red van and Page got in the shot gun seat. Everyone else filled into the back.

"Do you know what you're doing?" asked Page. Jayden nodded and put the mini-van into reverse, backed out of the driveway, and went forward. They drove for a little, until they stopped at a store.

"I'll go in, what do you guys want?" asked Jayden, thinking that he would just pop in and get some food. Jayden wrote down a list of things including, coca cola, potato chips, sandwiches, milkshakes, chocolate bars, and many other various sweets.

Jayden jogged up and walked into the store. Once he got in, he gasped. There were numerous holes in the wall, from where the metal eyes took everyone in the store. He sighed as he filled a shopping cart with a million things and then just walked out.

It's not like he should actually pay for the things once everyone else is gone...right? Jayden filled the trunk with everything that he bought and handed out personal treats to everyone else. Alex munched on a chocolate bar of some kind while she stared out the window. There had to be someone out there. They just needed to find them. Alex convinced herself that they would find someone else out there. No matter how long they traveled.

"You realize that everyone is probably dead, right?" asked Jesse, who was fighting with himself with whether or not he should put his arm around Alex. "Shut it, Jesse, we don't need that negativity right now!" said a very stressed Alex, who rolled her eyes. Jesse nodded.

"Sorry..." he mumbled. The rest of the drive was silent. Jayden started yawning, and it was becoming increasingly dark. "Why don't we pull into a hotel?" said Page. Jayden nodded.

"There is a hotel ten miles away which was supposed to be huge. The Grand-Opening of the hotel was tomorrow, so there wouldn't have been many people there when the robot's came, so that means not only is it safe, but it's got no holes," said Susan. Jayden nodded and kept driving.

Once the car got to the 'Treetop Hotel,' Alex jumped out and started towards the hotel. Jesse jogged up and opened the door for her, and had to stand there as everyone else came in.

The Treetop Hotel was beautiful to say the least. Everyone gaped at the beautiful hotel lobby. When you walk in, there is a roaring electric fireplace, surrounded by white modern furniture. The front desk was completely glass, with a tray of fresh-looking cookies.

"Whoa...this place is amazing!" said Jesse, who was helping himself to a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. Alex nodded as she went to explore the bar which was also supplied with snack foods and ice cream. "What do you guys think? Presidential Suite?" asked Jayden smirking.

"Sounds good to me," said Cole as he pressed the elevators 'up' button. Once the elevator dinged open, they all pilled in. Page pressed the Presidential Suite button, but on a monitor next to the buttons, a voice said, "Please insert your Presidential Password."

"One second, I'll go get the information from the desk in the lobby," said Alex, and Jesse volunteered to go with her.

Page hit the "door open" button and Alex ran to the desk with Jesse behind her. Alex dug underneath the desk where they must have kept the key cards, and found a purple key marked, "Presidential," and then hacked the computer to discover what the password was. Turns out, the password was 'luxury.'

Alex and Jesse stepped back into the giant elevator and pressed the 'Presidential Suite' button. The voice said, 'Please insert your Presidential Password," and Alex carefully entered the word, 'luxury' into the small typing box underneath the intercom. The voice came back with, "Have a nice day," and soon they were zooming up through all twelve floors to get to the Presidential Suite. When the elevator doors opened, Page sighed with relief. She hated elevators, and thought they were similar to huge metal death-traps.

"Oh, wow," said Jayden. Everyone looked around and smiled. There was a huge ceiling, and three rooms. The walls were completely white, but there was a kitchen stocked with food and appliances, there was two bathrooms, which was decided as the girls and boys.

"How about we split up the rooms, two, two, and three," said Cole. Everyone nodded. Clover and her mother went into the first room, which had one king sized bed, a plasma screen television, a mini-fridge, a recliner, a desk and lamp, and a telephone. Alex and Page took the next room, which also had a king sized bed, a recliner, a desk with a lamp, and a plasma screen television, and the last room which Cole, Jayden, and Jesse took, had two double beds, a recliner, two plasma screen televisions, a desk, a mini fridge, and a bunch of books. Everyone met in what was assumed to be a living room with three double couches. Alex sat next to Jesse, Clover sat with her mom, and Cole sat with Page with Jayden sitting on the armrest.

"Alright, after tonight, we'll all get showers and then go find a change of clothes. Sound good?" asked Susan. Everyone nodded, and Clover and her mom decided to go to bed. Cole grabbed the remote and Jayden took the couch Clover and Susan were on, stretching out. Cole surfed through channels before decided on the first 'superman' movie.

Alex relaxed next to Jesse, who yawned and casually put his arm around Alex. Alex looked at Page, who was smirking. Page grabbed a pen and paper from the table next to her and wrote something down. She put the pen down and held up the paper which said, 'Alex + Jesse= LOVE."

Alex rolled her eyes and Jayden started laughing out loud, having seen the paper. Alex turned deep red and shrunk down into the sofa. Jesse looked at Jayden oddly, but decided he must have just been laughing at Jesse's weak attempt to be casual.

They settled down and kept watching the movie, and somewhere in the middle, Jayden fell asleep.

"Man, I wish I could fly," said Cole, looking at the television with awe as Clark Kent flew through the air. Alex looked at him, smiling and Cole gasped.

"Should we try it?" asked Jesse, knowing what they were both thinking. Page shook her head.

"Time travel made me pass out, I don't think we should try and fly, I mean, not only could we break our necks, but if we did, we could pass out in mid-air," said Page. Cole shook his head.

"I want to feels so right! Please, Page?" asked Cole. Page looked uncomfortable, but nodded. The four, Page, Alex, Jesse and Cole, walked out into the balcony. Jesse jumped up onto the rail and said, "Well, here goes my sanity," and jumped.

Jesse screamed once before losing altitude. He fell for a minute, his heart pumping, but just as he was about to splat, he jerked upwards and started to soar. A huge grin broke out on his face and a sound of pure glee came out of his mouth, as he soared past a worried looking Page, Alex and Cole.