One day in a beautiful forest Plummie, a plumbear and his best friend Autumn, an applehorse where playing tag through fruitful forest. They ran through the berry bushes startling some berrybirds as they passed. as they ran up a hill Plummie tripped over a rock and tumbled down into the orange juice lake.

"You ok?" Autumn asked as she ran down the hill.

"Yeah. I thought I saw someone down here" Plummie said. Just then something jumped out from under the juice. "HI!" it said. The creature that jumped out was like nothing they had ever seen in the forest.

"Who are you?" Plummie asked.

"What are you?" Autumn asked.

"My name is Hoppie. I'm a carrotrabbit" Hoppie said.

"What's a carrot?" Autumn asked.

"It's a vegetable" Hoppie said.

"Where are you from?" Plummie asked.

"The veggie woods" Hoppie said.

"Where's that?" Autumn asked.

"Just over the rainbow rocks" Hoppie said pointing to a big pile of different colored rocks.