"Ok for many years ever since us parents were just young ones ourselves we've heard stories of the dangers beyond the rainbow rocks" Plummie's mommy said, "well thanks to my wonderful son Plummie we have discovered that there is no danger beyond the rainbow rocks. With that said I want you all to meet our new friends." that's when all the carrotrabbits, onionsnakes, tomatobears, potatotigers, and pepperbirds entered the room. "These animals are from beyond the rainbow rocks. From a place called the veggie woods" Plummy's mommy said, "I want us all to be one big family so I suggest we turn the rainbow rocks into an archway" Plummy's mommy said.

"But we won't be a forest anymore" Autumn's daddy said.

"No that's why I have chosen a new name for our home. Once the archway is done our home will be known as the yummy jungle" Plummie's mommy said. Over the next week all the parents worked together to build the archway and fruitful forest and veggie woods are now known as one big place called the yummy jungle. Plummie, Autumn, and Hoppie are now the best of friends and who knows how many adventures they'll have together.