He grew up with little. No father to speak of, no money to spend, it was a rough life for him and his mother. For sixteen years, she worked hard and supported him for anything he put his mind too. But when he was sixteen, she fell ill, so he put himself to work to care for her. Four years he worked, went to school, graduated, and held a couple hobbies all while taking care of the woman who meant more to him than any other. His name was….

"Havi!" a female's voice sounded from down the hall of a small home. A blonde haired male looked up from the kitchen stove, turning the flame down low before walking towards the back room. The woman in the master bedroom was small, frail, but beautiful - short blonde hair with curls, bright blue eyes, and perfect skin. The male, Havi, looked so alike to her except the blue eyes. His eyes were grey, which his mom told him he got from his father.

"Yes mom?" He asked, wiping his hands absently on the pink apron his mother made him.

"Would you be a dear and make some of your delicious tea? The peach flavored one?" She asked, smiling at her son.

"Of course. I'll be back with tea and dinner soon," Havi answered, before turning around and walking back to the kitchen. He pulled out a small kettle and set it on the stove behind the skillet he was using that was cooking the dinner. It was chicken alfredo, and in the oven sat homemade garlic bread that was slowly cooking to perfection. It wasn't much longer before everything was done. Taking the bread from the oven, turning the kettle's flame low as well as the skillet.

He reached overhead and opened a cupboard, pulled out two plates and teacups. Walking to the spices rack, he pulled off the jar of tea leaves labeled 'Original' and then opened the fridge and pulled out the last peach in the fruits drawer.

"Got to buy more fruits…" he mumbled to himself before walking to the counter. He poured the two tea cups and set a few of the tea leaves inside the cup before cutting the peach into tiny, bite sized pieces and setting them to the side. Havi grabbed the skillets handle and shoveled a couple scoops onto each plate, placing a couple herbs on top and placing a piece of the garlic bread next to the main dish. He grabbed a couple forks, setting it with the food, and then turning back to the cups of tea. He placed a few pieces of peaches into each cup.

Picking up a plate, fork, cup, and napkin, he walked back down the hall towards his mother's room. Walking in, he placed the food on the bedside dinner table, rotating it around so it was in front of the small, slightly chubby, woman. He turned toward the TV, before turning back to his mom with a brow raised.

"What? I happen to love these drama reality shows. I mean, they're so stupid. Pregnant at sixteen. What is this world coming too? You better have not gotten any girls pregnant at sixteen, and don't even think of flirting with underage girls. I raised you right young man."

Havi merely laughed and shook his head, "Of course not mom. I'm smart."

The woman huffed before picking up her tea and taking a sip. "Then when do I get my grandchildren? I want them before I die you hear?"

"Of course~" Havi continued to chuckle on his way out the door, going to eat his food then get ready for work. Looking at the time, he had a little under two hours to get ready and get to his job. Shrugging his shoulders, he ate his food in front of the TV in the living room before going to his own room and getting dressed for his shift. He worked at a bar downtown from seven to two. It was six thirty now, and he still had plenty of time to get there.

"I'll see you tomorrow mom!"

"Be safe Havi!"

"Of course."

His shift started out as normal. The bar filled up quickly, people placing orders for not only drinks, but food as well. He worked fast and fluent, occasionally throwing flirts towards woman which either got him giggles, slaps, or angry looks from boyfriends, husbands, or dates.

A girl was walking down the street nearby. Her short, white hair partly held up by a side ponytail and red eyes looking each way to avoid idiot drunks. She looked young, about thirteen and not even five feet tall, but she was really twenty three. One thing she hated was being pulled over by a cop and being questioned "Where are your parents?" and "Why is a young lady like yourself doing out so late?". She guessed the overalls she wore did make her look childish but they were perfect for her work.

She was a mechanic. Growing up with five older brothers and a father did little to help the girly side of her, despite her mom's protest. She was a tomboy, but still only swung for the male side of the relation field. Flirting with males was her side fun and drinking was another. Tonight, she was heading to a different bar than normal. Walking in, she automatically could smell the alcohol and smoke lingering in the large room. She moved quickly to the bar, plopping herself down on the seat.

Red eyes watched a blonde haired male make his way down the inside of the bar towards her. "Aren't you a bit young to be in here?" He questioned, a brow raised in her direction. Rolling her eyes, she pulled out her wallet from her pocket and held up the flap with her ID in it.

Kristal Sheren
D.O.B.: July 19, 1989

The blonde male stared at the ID for a moment before letting out a low whistle. "Well I'll be damned. You don't look 23 at all."

"Genetics. Work in silly, mysterious, ways."

"That they do. So what can I get ya cutie?"

Kristal raised a brow at him before shrugging her shoulders, "Surprise me with something strong."

"Strong huh? Well Kristal-"



"Call me Kris."

"Alright Kris, call me Havi. I'll see what I can shake up for a strong drink for ya."

Kris smiled at the man, watching him walk off before plopping her head down on the bar top and groaning. She disliked when people automatically assumed she was younger then she was but it was unhelpable. She zoned off in wait, jumping when she felt a hand on her back.

Lifting her head, she looked at who was touching her. A man, who was clearly drunk off his ass, was looking at her like she was a piece of meat. "Hey girly. How about you and me get out of here?"

"How about no?"

The man didn't seem to like that answer, as his hand slid up her back and gripped her shoulder, causing her to wince. "I didn't quiet hear you girly."

A cough was heard before she retaliated towards the drunk. She turned and saw Havi standing her, a drink in his hand and a hand on his hip. "She said no sir. Now kindly let go and leave."

The drunk and Havi stared at one another before the drunk roughly let go of Kris's shoulder and left with a huff. Kris turned toward Havi, noticing a smile on the blondes face. He placed the drink in front of her "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Thanks." She answered, looking at the light blue colored drink. "What is this?"

"It's my special creation. No name for it yet though but has a lot of alcohol. You sure you can handle that?"

Kris smirked "I'm sure."

The two chatted, with Havi walking off every so often to help customers when his co-workers were being lazy or serving others. Around one in the morning, she was still fine, not even remotely tipsy after three of his specials to which he congratulated her for her high alcohol tolerance, but it was time for her to take her leave. She had work in the morning and wanted to get at least five hours of sleep in. Waving, she soon left, disappearing from the bars view.

Havi stayed, serving the few customers and calling cabs for the drunks with no ride home. Another hour, two o'clock hit and he finished up, cleaning and closing with his co-workers and leaving for the night. Walking outside, the cold air nipped his cheeks as he pulled out a pack of cigs from his pocket and his lighter. Lighting one up, he walked on home, taking twist and turns and shortcuts. By the time he reached his goal, he had smoked two cigs. He unlocked the door, going in and locking up behind him. The house was quiet, as it always was on the nights he worked at the bar. Walking to his mother's room, he quietly picked up the empty plate and cup from dinner and taking them to the kitchen. He placed them in the sink, and would deal with them in the morning before his day job, before going to his room, undressing to his boxers before falling to his bed, instantly asleep as his head hit his pillow.

Morning came much too quickly for his liking. His alarm went off at exactly ten in the morning, only allowing him around seven hours of sleep, which was far from being enough but he was used to this. He got up, knowing his mom wasn't home, but at work.

Despite being ill, and having to take a couple years out from work, she wasn't as ill anymore and was allowed to work small, not so hard, jobs. His mom worked at a clothing store that made custom clothes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…while on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday she worked helped out at her textile shop she owned, working the office and making sure sales were going smoothly.

Havi stretched, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he walked towards the bathroom. He had until twelve to get to work, and work was only a good half hour away by bike. He turned on the shower, letting it heat up as he brushed his teeth.

He finished getting ready with an hour and a half to spare. Dressed in casual clothing, he walked out of the house, walking to the side and unlocked his bike from the fence before riding off. He kept a slow pace, waving to familiar shop workers that he passed. Today, since he had time, he took a different route. He peddled and passed by an auto shop, hearing the sounds of tools.

"Hey Anthony! Why isn't that car done? The owner said she's coming to pick it up at one! Get a move on!"

"Alright Kris, take a chill pill."

Havi stopped, peeking into the garage and sure enough, a familiar face from last night was seen behind a lifted car. She was dressed in her overalls that were covered lightly in oil, grease and dirt. Kris seemed to sense someone watching her, because she turned his direction and her face lit up at recognizing him. Weaving through the crowed, she stopped next to him.

"Well hello again."

Havi smiled, "Hello beautiful. You work here?"

Kris rolled her eyes at his shameless flirt but smiled back. "Yes. My dad owns the place but I run it."

"Ah I see. You look so cute."

"Aren't you headed somewhere?"

"Work. But I got time."

"Oh? What do you do besides your bar job?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

He absently nodded, keeping an eye on the watch on his wrist. "I hold a job for interior design. I have a couple of jobs to get done today."

"Do you work at the bar tonight?"

"Not tonight. But Friday and Sunday I do. Saturday I have a thing to go too."

Kris blinked, before realizing that it was Thursday today. Time sure went fast when working that days just slip on by. She opened her mouth to say something but a large bang came from inside the garage. Eye twitching, she turned and saw one of her co-workers looking sheepish after having dropped a rim of one of the trucks they were working on. Letting out a sigh, she bid farewell to Havi before stomping over to the poor man and yelling at him for being careless. Havi chuckled as he watched her before carrying on with his ride towards his work. He got there just in time.

He worked until seven before riding on home. He took the way he came, noticing the garage of the auto shop Kris ran was still open but she was nowhere to be seen. Continuing on his way, he stopped on a corner store and grabbed some fruit to restock that drawer, making sure to get extra peaches as that were his mother's favorite.

When he got home, locked up his bike and went into the house. He heard the TV from his mom's, followed by her "hello". Calling back a greeting, he got started on tonight's dinner.

Friday night, Kris came back to the bar and the two chatted. He spoke of how he took care of his mom and was an excellent cook, to which she challenged him by saying she'd have to judge that one day. Despite being Friday, the bar was slow tonight. Havi wasn't surprised. It was normal. Friday nights were spent at clubs and this bar occasionally got the few earlier club leavers looking for a last couple drinks.

Now today was Saturday. Havi had taken the day off. This weekend was AniCon. He was lucky enough to score tickets for Saturday. One of his side hobbies dealt with anime. He loved to cosplay as well. Sanji from One Piece was his favorite, an idol to him even. Dressing in a pinstripe blue dress shirt, a black dress jacket, black slacks, and dress shoes, he was ready to go.

He was lucky to have short blonde hair, which he already had styled to go over his left eye. Checking to make sure he had his cellphone, his barcode for them to scan to get his badge, wallet, and keys, he locked up the house since his mom was already out at work. Walking down the street, he waited at a bus stop.

The bus came and left for the convention center in the middle of downtown, and arrived outside the doors of the convention an hour before the con even opened. Long lines went for what looked like miles. Stepping off the bus, he took in all the cosplayers, fellow anime fans, and pretty girls. He didn't care that he was twenty years old. This was fun and he didn't exactly look old to get grossed out looks.

He walked towards the back of the line at a slow pace, avoid kids that were running around causing havoc for their parents.

"Havi? HAVI!"

Havi stopped short, looking around at the crowed. He heard his name, but he didn't see anyone familiar, so he kept on walking.


He stopped again, looking around once more and this time spotting a hand waving in the air between a crowed in the line. He narrowed his eyes and soon saw Kris squeeze her way out from in between a couple people, but still staying in line. Havi laughed at her, which earned him a glare.

"Well well well, stalking me huh?"

"As if. I come to this con every year."

Kris folded her arms. She, too, was dressed in cosplay. Dressed in a white with red trim fighting kimono, red wrist guards, white ears on her head and a red symbol on her forehead – he hadn't a clue who she was.


Havi looked at her, blinking. "Huh?"

"Amaterasu. A wolf god from the game Okami. Ama has no gender but most say female of course."

He nodded. The two chatted, moving forward in the line every so often. The spent most of con together, had lunch together , went their separate ways for a few panels, and met back up at the bus to go home. On the way, they stopped at a restaurant for dinner.

"Ya know…you're the first friend I've had in ages. My brothers normally scare them all away."

Havi laughed. He had no siblings but he has been on the receiving end of brothers protecting their little sisters. "So should I worry now or later?"

"Well if you can keep a secret, then later."

"I shall certainly keep it a secret."

The two chatted for the longest of time, before leaving the restaurant and going their separate ways.

Months passed, seven to be exact. He was threatened by Kris's brothers when they slowly found out a guy was around their little sister. She met his mom and the two became like best friends, sitting on his mom's bed and chatting around the silly reality shows on TV. The two got along well. He would sometimes cook them dinners before he went off to work. One day he was invited to dinner with Kris's family, and her mom adored him on the fact that he enjoyed cooking and was great at it.

Then that day came. He was at work at the bar when he got a message from his boss. His boss had gotten off the phone with the hospital, telling him that his mother collapsed. Havi dropped everything, rushing out the door and running towards the hospital that he knew his mother would be at.

Rushing through the doors, up to the counter, he didn't bother to catch his breath. "C-Carol…Grey. What room?"

The nurse looked at him, a bored look on her face before plugging in the name into the computer system. He swore if she went any slower, he'd hurt her. He didn't care if she was a girl. His mother collapsed and he wasn't happy right now.

"Room 204. Second floor to the left."

Havi didn't say thanks, instead choosing to run to the elevator. When he got to the room, he was about to knock when the door opened. A man, obviously the doctor, walked out, looking at a clip board. He looked up, staring at Havi. "Are you Mrs. Grey's son?"

"Yes sir. How is she?"

"She's stable right now. Has she been working hard at all?"

"Not that I am aware of. I make her stay in bed when she isn't working. And those jobs she's desk work or sitting and sewing."

"I see. Well, you can go in to see her now. I'll be back to run some test," the doctor said, walking off while flipping through some papers on the clipboard.

Havi wasted no time and walked into the room. Carol was lying in bed nearest to the window, staring out at the night sky. She turned at hearing noise and smiled at her son.

"Are you alright mom?"

"Of course Havi. It was just minor."

"Collapsing isn't minor! How did this happen? You're not overworking are you?"

"Of course not! And don't take that tone with me young man! It's just age catching up."

Havi frowned at his mom, sitting down in the seat next to the bed. Carol reached her hand and cupped her son's chin. "Havi. Don't worry too much about me. You need to worry about yourself too. What was it that you wanted to do since you were a kid?"

"…Run the biggest interior design corporation."

"Exactly. Worrying and fussing about me won't get you any closer to that dream."

"I don't care about my dream mother! I focus on you because I care! My dream can wait!" Havi didn't mean to burst out. He stood up, walking towards the door and paying no mind to the person he passed on his way out. He needed to get some air and think for a little awhile.

Kris blinked in confusion as Havi passed, looking steamed and red faced. She went into the hospital room that held Carol and took his spot on the chair next to the bed. "What happen Carol?"

"Oh Kris. It's late, why are you hear?"

"I went to Havi's work and found out from his boss. Are you okay?"

"Of course I am. I'm a strong, independent woman…" Carol let out a sigh, her curls moving as she bowed her head. "If only my son saw that."

"I heard from the yelling. You know he cares a lot about you. He doesn't even date as far as I know because he wants to be there for you. He told me it's to make up for his dad walking out on you guys when he was little," Kris stated. She may be a bit forward right now but Carol needed to know a bit behind Havi's reasoning.

Carol let out another sigh, followed by a small smile. "That boy…I swear. My husband…ex-husband…walked out because he couldn't handle having a kid yet. He left when Havi was only four, but he remembers it like it was yesterday. Normally kids that age forget. But Havi wouldn't let it go. He never mentioned his father since then. At least, not to me." The woman looked up, staring at Kris. "I have a favor to ask of you."

Havi stood outside the hospital, in the area he was allowed to smoke in. The cold night air nipped his cheeks. It was winter after all. Lighting a second cigarette, he let out a small cough as he looked up towards the sky. The moon was full, lighting up the street with a small glow. He knew, deep down, that his mom was right. But he also didn't want to accept that fact either….

A couple days passed and Carol was released but was put on bed rest for at least a week, only allowed to get up for the bathroom or getting changed. Her heart was weakening as the days went on. Havi brought her home in a car he borrowed from Kris, not wanting to risk the bus. Tucking her into bed, he got ready for work.

"You're FIRED Havi Grey! Get out of my building!"

"Fired? What do you mean fired!"

A knock sounded from his bosses office door. "Enter."

A familiar white head of hair showed up in front of Havi. She had a large smile on her face. "Is he fired yet?"

Havi was thrown for a loop. What was that supposed to mean?

"Of course. He just won't get it through his thick head."

The small girl walked over to Havi, grabbing his hand and tugging him out the door. Havi stumbled behind her, looking back at his 'boss' with a look of confusion. His ex-boss had a large smile on his face before sitting down in his chair behind his desk. "Havi. Good luck." Now he was even more confused.

Kris continued to drag him out of the building, almost literally throwing him into her car. For such a small person she was sure strong. They drove for at least ten minute, driving closer towards the auto shop that Kris worked at. They stopped at an empty building and she got out. He only had the option to follow her.

Stepping out of the car, he closed the door behind him and leaned back against the car. The two stood in silence as they look at the building. He finally gave in. "What is going on Kris?"

She seemed to ignore him, walking towards the door and pulling a pair of keys from her jeans pocket. Unlocking the door, she opened it and went in. Once again, he followed after her, shoving his hands into his coat pocket in annoyance.

They walked a small hall, ending at a door. She opened that one with a pair of keys and stood aside. He took that as a sign to go in, so go in he did. A couple of his co-workers from his job he was just fired from where sitting around a desk. They all said hello to him before going back to talking amongst themselves.

Kris pushed him aside and walked behind the desk, reaching into the drawers and pulling out a stack of papers. Beckoning him over, she set the papers atop of the desk and held a pen in her hand. Walking over, he looked down at the papers. They were legal papers.

"Sign the line Havi. And this building is yours for your new company."

He froze in place, looking up at Kris. "What?"

"Once you sign these, this building is yours for you to start your dream. Your mom and I secretly talked with the owner who was selling it. Your mom is a sneaky one. She had a secret stash of money hidden from you and bought this for you. She wants you to stop being an idiot and get started."

Havi was silent. He hadn't a clue that all of this had happened. These two woman were going to be the death of him if they were that sneaky. He was with his mother a lot while she was at the hospital and knew that Kris visited…but to come up with this?

Tears leaked from the blonde's eyes. Why did they have to care so much?

"Your mom made me promise to get you started on your own business. A couple of your co-workers love working with you, so they followed and left work from the previous company yesterday while you were still at the hospital with your-"

She was cut short but arms wrapping around her. They never really hugged before. When they did, it was shameless flirting that they did on occasion. She felt her shoulder get wet from Havi's tears. Wrapping her arms around him, she hugged him back, whispering quietly to him to try to calm him down.

"Thank you."

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