I sit here

Staring out my window

The sky is bright

Sunlight dances in the sky

It looks dark


I am not happy

Closed off

From the rest of the world

Staying in one place

Never to move

Keeping the lights off

Darkness is comforting

It gives you a big hug

As it wraps around you

Enveloping you

You realize

How silent

Silence is

How lonely

Loneliness is

How dark

Depression is

How scary

The world can be

Too afraid to go outside

The light burns

You might be seen


The tears fall





Crying so much

You cannot remember why

It becomes natural

A day without tears

Is a good day

Putting on a smile

Upon your face

Making everyone think

You are ok

You want to tell people

Of the pain you experience

The heartbreak

But you feel it is hopeless

No one would want to help you

Deemed insane

Locked up forever


Left to deal with the pain


With no weapons

The other side

Fully equipped

You want to be thrown a weapon

Something to protect yourself with

The lucky ones can make their own

Saving themselves

Heart stolen



By a beast

You cannot find it

Lost in the maze


Become more distant

Seeming to care

Less and less

About how you feel

Becoming so use to the pain

You don't know what anything else is

The feeling of true happiness

Is unnatural


A feeling not meant to be felt


You just feel sad


You can live on

But in sadness


Worst cases

You want to die

You visualize death

Wanting to obtain it

The goal is death

To die

To be free

From hell

Hell exists

Not only in death

But life as well

Only the depressed

Are able to know

To see that

As the truth

You wish

Someone could steal your pain



Feelings have been bottled up

The bottle has broken


Pouring out


Cannot be stopped

Cannot be controlled

Depression doesn't care

Who its victims are

It attacks

Who ever it wants

Whenever it wants

What is worth fighting for?

Is life worth fighting for?

Is it worth the fight

For a chance at happiness?

At the end of the road

Thoughts have taken a toll

Cannot think straight

Thoughts have taken over

Your faith walks on broken glass

No shoes on

Covered in blood

Slowly dying

You mind has taken a toll

On the spirit of your soul

No soul is left

Taken my depression's little helpers

Everything has been ripped away from you

A new world is created

You are in it

It is nothing

But you

And the darkness

Did you stand too close to the fire?

Only to be burned

Not comforted

By its warmth

Cannot function normally

Only know how to cry

Be sad

Wait from day to day

Hurt oneself

Possibly kill oneself

No one can

Read between the lines

Everything is fucked up

No chance of rescue

The only person that can save you

Is yourself

Want to see

Want to feel

Want to hope

Want to dream

Want to see

The light

In the corner

Of the room

Forcing yourself to cry

To see if you can feel something

Depression takes its human form

Inside of you

Possessing you

You must not speak

You must not feel

You must obey

That is what depression wants

So depression you must obey

Depression can affect anyone

Young or old

Tall or small

Strong or weak

It will feed off anyone

It thrives

Inside the mind