Listen to the death of what was important.

The view of what is right and wrong now so distorted.

Watch as the heart turns black and charred.

Your pretty skin now marked and scarred.

Love and happiness. Hatred and pain.

Join us to ride on the insanity train.

Take you to a place where the sky bleeds red.

And mice eat cats and sharks eat bread.

The dolls watch you with cruel smiles painted.

The lives of the innocent now tainted.

The tentacles of shadows reaching and clawing for your soul.

Tearing into you a dark un-repairable hole.

Where once rested joy and pleasurable thoughts.

Now nested in cruelty and lies, all asunder.

The heartbeats of a thousand bombing together like thunder.

The monsters and demons dance and play in glee.

All for a chance to swallow the souls under the hanging tree.

Where old Miss Willow does lie

Ever since the day she did die.

We will all die, but before you go, hop onto the insanity train.

And watch every bit of it go down the drain.

All aboard the insanity train, to the land of the dead and words of the unsaid.

Where Goblins trick and Pixie dust may heal the sick.

The moonlight will burn and your stomach will churn.

Hold on tight children and step up.

The witch will take your blood in a cup.

Don't be scared the ride isn't bad.

When we get there your eyes will melt to dust and the thing broken first is trust.

On the insanity Train we will break those who be sane.

Those of sound mind slain.

Bodies might get cold like ice.

Blood will steam hot and for the blood suckers it shall suffice.

Sleep here in this cot, I promise to protect you, trust me.

What's the first thing broken here?


A small, humorous little thing I thought of while daydreaming. A few lyrics meet together and a poem is born.