Author Note:

This story will not be re-written or taken down. It was my first story ever written and posted online. It's bad I know, but I'm leaving up to show how my skills have grown. I have edited it though.

It was about twelve in the afternoon and Ellain Abshire and her daughters Brooke and Melody were getting ready to enter the courtroom. Her husband had been abusing her oldest daughter Brooke. They walked into the courtroom and sat down at the table with their lawyer. "Your honor defense calls Ellain Abshire to the stand," The Defense Attorney said as Ellain made her way to the stand, "Mrs. Abshire how long have you and Mr. Abshire been married?" The Defense Attorney asked.

"ten years last month," Ellain said.

"Were you happy?" the Defense Attorney asked.

"Yes," Ellain said.

"Did Mr. Abshire ever hurt you physically?" The Defense Attorney asked.

"Never," Ellain said.

"No more questions your honor," The Defense Attorney said and sat down. Then Ellian's attorney got up to questions her.

"Mrs. Abshire how long had you and Mr. Abshire been married before you had your oldest child?" she asked.

"we were married a year before Brooke was born," Ellain said.

"How did Mr. Abshire act toward Brooke when she was born?" The Attorney asked.

"He would smile at her but, he never showed much affection toward her" Ellain said.

"How about when she got older?" The Attorney asked.

"He never really seemed to care about anything she did," Ellain said.

"How did he act when your youngest daughter Melody was born?" The Attorney asked.

"He was overwhelmed with happiness. He even knew she was gonna be a girl" Ellain said.

"So he was happy when you were expecting Melody?" The Attorney asked.

"Yes," Ellain said.

"When did you start your job as a general store clerk?" The Attorney asked.

"Six months ago," Ellain said.

"Who watched the kids while you worked?" The Attorney asked.

"My husband did," Ellain said.

"Did you notice any changes in Brooke?" The Attorney asked.

"Not at first," Ellain said, "but, one day I came home and Brooke had a black eye"

"Did you ask her what happened?" The Attorney asked.

"She said she was chasing Melody around and she ran into a door knob," Ellain said.

"Did you believe her?" The Attorney asked.

"At the time," Ellain said.

"Was there any other accounts like that?" The Attorney asked.

"Every day," Ellain said.

"What finally made you realize what was going on?" The Attorney asked.

"I got off work early one day and I walked in and witnessed my husband throw Brooke into the wall. She was in the hospital for two days" Ellain said breaking into to tears.

"No further questions your honor," The Attorney said.

"You may step down," The judge said. After a long day of deliberations, the jury came back with a verdict of guilty for child battery and sentenced Brooke's father to ten years. Brooke was happy because her dad wouldn't be able to hurt her anymore.

It's been a month since her father went to jail and things were looking better for Brooke and her family. It was ten at night and they were getting ready for bed. Brooke had just finished brushing her teeth when he mom came into the bathroom.

"Ready for bed?" Ellain asked.

"Yep," Brooke said. Ellain tucked brooke in and kissed her goodnight. After she was sure the girls were asleep she turned on the news. The breaking story was that ten inmates escaped from prison. She didn't pay much mind to it and fell asleep.