She turned to face her biggest fear. Her father. "You look surprised to see me," he said.

"Why won't you leave me alone?" Brooke asked.

"Revenge," he said walking toward her.

"For what?" she asked as she backed into a table.

"You were born," he said, "when you were born your mother pretty much forgot all about me. Everything she did was to make life better for you. She got a job, spent I don't how much money on a room just for you. She never had any time for me" as she listened to her father go on about his hate for her she noticed some hammers on the table behind her, "You became her first love" John said, "I wasn't important anymore. Now look at me. I'm a criminal because of you. Now I can finally rid my life of you for good" As he charged at her she through one of the hammers at him. It hit his head and he fell back. She grabbed another one and ran. She ran through a doorway and up a set of steps. She hid behind a stack of crates. "Get out here!" she heard her father demand in a voice she thought was demonic almost. She noticed a boarded up window by the second set of steps on the other side of the platform she was on.

"Where are you you little bitch?!" her father growled. She heard him coming up the steps. She heard him go between the crates she was hiding behind. With all the strength, she could summon she pushed most of the crates down onto her father and ran down the second set of steps to the window and started using the hammer to remove the boards. She had one more board to go when she was pulled by her hair and thrown to the grown. "Enough mouse chasing," her father said, "I'm gonna get rid of you now" Luckily she still had the hammer in her hand. She threw it at him and again he stumbled back as it hit his face. She got up and kicked him where it counted. He went down. She climbed out of the window and ran as fast as she could. Half way down the road she heard a gunshot and went to the ground. It took her a second to realize she wasn't hurt. She looked back and her father was on the ground motionless.

"Brooke!" she heard someone call. She looked in front of her and Gabriella was walking over to her

. "Gabbie?" she said getting up.

"You ok?" she asked hugging her.

"I'm fine," Brooke said, "How did you know where to find me?"

"I never left the house. I stayed parked across the street" she said.

"How did you know?" Brooke asked.

"We found your father's house and bugged it," she said.

The next day Brooke was finally able to go home. She couldn't wait to see her mother after six years. The car pulled up to the familiar brick house. It hadn't changed much. "You ready?" Gabriella asked. Brooke shook her head. Gabriella knocked on the door. Ellain answered.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Are you Ellain Abshire?" Gabriella asked.

"I'm Ellain Pauler now," Ellain said.

"Someone has been waiting a long time to see you," Gabriella said. She moved aside and Brooke stepped into the door frame. Ellain couldn't believe her eyes.

"Hi Mommy," Brooke said.

It's been a year since Brooke's nightmare ended and life was good. She was recording her first demo song for her debut album. Her sister Melody who was now ten is a pro in soccer, and Ellain even had the heart to adopt Brooke's best friend from the center Sky who hoped to one day be a veterinarian. Brooke was finally happy that should never had to deal with her father again.