Prologue: The Story Begins

The lights were dim in a very large ballroom where only the moonlight shone through the long arched windows. Then the sound of footsteps echoed through the room when a booming voice of a man said

"Good Evening, Good Morning or Good Afternoon my dear guest" he said while walking out from the shadows of the dark ballroom.

The man wore a black suit and red tie; his hands were hidden within black gloves, black slacks and black leather shoes as if the man was bathed in the shadows with his entire identity completely hidden. A full face mask covers his entire face though his deep black hair poked out from the top of his mask.

"Welcome to the World of Masquerade my dear guest" he greeted though only he was in the ballroom.

Strangely enough with the snap of his fingers, violins started playing from somewhere in the room and the man only stared straight into the room as if thinking he is greeting someone in particular.

"Ah, such a fine guest I have, yet I am also curios by your existence in this world. For you see, everyone who enters this world has a secret. Truth behind lies and lies behind truth." The man said and reached in his coat and pulled out this leather bound black book and waved it in front of him.

"Interesting that you who has no mask to enter this world, honest people do not wear a mask yet you have no mask and is already here standing in front of me with the same book that I carry. I am not saying you are an honest person for everyone has something to hide. Whether they are the truth or a lie" The man quoted in a deep eerie tone before laughing.

"Worry not my guest for I shall not pry, maybe this book was given to you to let you know that you are not alone in keeping such a heavy burden as to hiding a secret. Read it and think that none of the things written in this book is real is up to you but I must tell you that this book contains the life of my other dear guests. I shall also not judge you whether you stop reading this book for who sane person would like to read about such a weird story." The man explained before bowing slightly.

"Ah, before you turn that page, I must tell you the rules of the World of Masquerade, and I must say that these rules should be kept at all times

Never remove your mask.

Do not tell your secret.

Do not reveal your name

Never be ashamed to admit you hide something.

There are more rules but I'm sure you are currently confused by such rules. Fear not for all shall be told in the story."

The man turns and walked back in the shadows of the room when his voice echoed in the room

"Behind all lies is the truth and behind all truth is a lie, every single person has something to hide but those who are here are better than others…"