Chapter Two


"The prince of deception"

One who walks in two worlds must always be a step ahead of others, live in a world full of lies means to always hide the truth, live in a world full of honest men must always try hard not to lie. Yet if you are a person who can act like them with ease…makes you a very cunning person of deception.

The moment I had opened my eyes again, it took me a few seconds to restart my brain and remember where I am in the real world. Even after five years it's still hard for me to differentiate the Masquerade world and earth. My monocle was now on my lap and the sky was now a pale blue meaning the sun just went down.

I sat back and rubbed my temples before shoving my monocle back in my pocket and pushed the switch near my seat opening the small window to the driver's seat.

"Mind if we drop Nylla off her home first?" I asked the driver and he just nodded.

Then I just pressed the switch again to close it before turning my attention back to Nylla. The mask was still in place and her eyes were closed shut. She must still be enjoying herself in that world or probably keeping an eye on the mummy man.

"The little you know about the mask world, the saner you could last within it" I mumbled to myself feeling the monocle weighing down in my pocket somehow.

As I watched the street lights go by outside, I think about how I should do my next project when I heard a sound of the leather seat squeaking faintly and I turned my attention to Nylla who was opening her gray eyes while holding her mask in her left hand.

"Did you have a nice party?" I asked politely and she looked at me with annoyed eyes but I just smiled at her which just pissed her off even more.

She was nothing compared to the girl I first met a year ago, god she was a whole different person before she learns of the masquerade world. Very shy, quiet and star struck after finding out I was her new neighbor. Thought she wanted people to look at her that way but in fact she has a completely different personality.

"How could I enjoy it with you saying those confusing things to me" she said back angrily yet I could tell from her voice that she wasn't really mad at me.

"What you seriously need right now Nylla is a good hobby, why don't you try something girly like knitting or something." I said trying to change the topic and make her laugh

Which actually worked since now, she was laughing along with me and a smile formed on her face as she relaxed and sat back on her seat.

"I have a hobby"

"Yeah I know, I call it hunting down the Masquerade world's law breakers and believe me, I see you do it"

She rolled her eyes and looked out the window and even I looked out and found that we have already reached her house. She steps out but before going in, she leaned down to the level of the window.

"You said that you had this feeling that something big will happen so what is it exactly?" she asked and I laughed at her but she only gave me an irritated look

"Is that what's bugging you?" I asked and she looked at me a bit pleadingly.

"Just tell me" she begged and I guessed she isn't the type who likes not knowing things.

"Sorry but to be honest, even I don't have a clue as to what it is. I just know that something will definitely happen soon in the near future"

She didn't believe me but I was being as honest as I can to her, she just sighed before giving me a weak smile.

"See you tomorrow" she mumbled like she was really tired and went in her house

I rolled the window up and the lime drove off their drive way and front yard before moving into the house next to theirs and parked in front of mine. The driver opened the car door for me and offered to carry my backpack but I refused it politely and slung it on my back before walking in the large, quiet mansion.

Both of my parents are busy and won't be home until the winter holidays which is a very long time from now leaving me with a dozen servants by day and my dad's apprentice; Stephen Solace by night.

"Hey there squirt" Stephen asked from the living room where heavy metal music blasted loudly.

"You really made yourself feel at home after a month together with me huh" I thought before going upstairs to my room.

"Wanna order some pizza for dinner?" I shouted as I climbed up the stairs and went in my room.

"Sure, I'll call one up right now" he shouted back and I quickly ran downstairs.

"Don't bother, I'll be walking out anyway so I'll just buy one" I said breathlessly and took the phone from his hands which caught him by surprise

"I never knew you could run that fast" he said in amazement and I laughed.

"Well I have to be quick otherwise dad's fans might catch me" I said back

We both laughed for a while but I kept my eyes on the wall clock behind him. Stephen is just twenty years old and pretty good in magic but not to the point he's willing to do dangerous stunts on stage. He slightly well built with spiky salt and pepper colored hair and chestnut brown eyes. He's a party going guy that loves to have fun, the type who wants to be oblivious to the complicated things about this world. Those kind of people that couldn't handle the reality of the world of masquerade, with his close minded view of the world, leaning about the mask world would drive him to insanity within an hour.

"I know this great pizza place in the city, I'll just buy there and be back quickly" I said trying to sound carefree in front of him.

He looked at me suspiciously since having pizza delivered seems more convenient than going all the way to the place and walk back home where it might get cold as you walked out in the night carrying it.

"Umm sure, but I still think we should just have it delivered Damien, it saves us the fuss" he pointed out but didn't looked like he would stop me either.

This is why I like slightly irresponsible people who are older than me, they are somewhat easier to manipulate. I went upstairs and grab my slim black backpack that I hide in this hidden compartment at the back of my closet.

"See ya" I said and ran out the mansion.

I jogged down until I was around the block of the place and dialed the farthest pizza place from our neighborhood and ordered two large boxes of their all meat pizza and told them that I'll pay them extra the charge just to have it delivered here addressed to Nylla's house.

"How long will it take to have it delivered?" I asked while holding my wristwatch up.

"Thirty minutes sir" the guy said

I smirked and set my watch on timer before ending the call and sprinted down to the park. Tonight the wind was slightly strong and it felt good as it rushed past my face.

"Twenty minutes huh" I mumbled as I reached the park and ran for the cliff that over views the entire city of Los Angeles.

The wind was very strong up there and the view was amazing but I ignored all that and checked out my wrist watch and groaned in frustration. I've wasted a good five minutes just to get here.

"Can't waste anymore time" I muttered to myself and pulled on the edges of my bag.

Out came a belt and I strapped it on to my waist firmly. A button was on the side of the silver buckle and I pushed it; within five seconds like a parachute, flexible metal pipes sprang out from the bag and I heard the sound of fabric stretching until a Black Hand glider was standing tall on my back.

"Just like Kaito Kid" I thought teasingly just thinking about the anime.

"Woah" I said in surprise as the wind got caught in my glider

It almost pushed me backwards but I held my ground and when the wind was weaker, I took the chance and jumped of the cliff and let the glider push me forward to the city. The wind lifted me higher and faster as I flew above buildings and avoid being spotted by the spotlights that light some of them.

I held onto the handle bars and stirred my way to the busy streets of Hollywood, taking notice of some of the celebrities that are walking down the red carpet.

"Let's take a look at the Dixel company main building" I said with a grin on my face before swooping downward to catch an air drift that heads to its direction.

Dixon electronics will be having its biggest party in Los Angeles tomorrow and the owner's wife will be showing off her twenty five karat gold necklace that had ruby encrusted flowers on it.

"And soon, I'll see it with my own eyes and hold it with my own hands" I thought while I approached the building.

I circled the building and noted the security cameras around it, gliding in closer, I noticed some guards that were walking around checking the floors or sleeping on the job. I smiled before angling my glider to soar up to the roof top and took out my custom made gun and aimed it towards the doors.

Three…two…one, the door opened an I pulled the trigger as the poor security guard jumps in surprise as a dart with a note attached on its end shot pass him, hitting the wall behind him.

"The thrill of doing that never goes away" I thought while snickering.

Nylla's secret stirs my curiosity since she's pretty easy to read yet hard to understand. I'm glad to have her as my friend; I respect her for keeping her secret to herself and likewise for me. Still, she's a fragile girl and hardly opens her mind to countless possibilities to the dangers of this world and the other.

I took one last look at the scrambling security guard who was trying to get the note off the dart and headed for home.

"Here's he pizza you ordered" the delivery guy said while I gave him the money.

I got here almost a minute before he did and hid my backpack in the bushes behind me. My hand glider folded up nicely after I took the belt off as usual, it was a nice night to stroll my next target.

"Thanks man" I said and waited for him to leave before I pick up my backpack and headed straight back in the mansion.

"I'm back with meat loaded pizzas at hand." I said as I came in the living room.

Placing them on the table, Stephen opens one and the aroma filled the room and soon the living room smells like a meaty heaven for guys.

"These are hot, how'd you kept it that way?" he asked while raising an eyebrow in suspicion

I tossed him my backpack and he noticed how warm it was but I just placed a hot water bottle in there earlier.

"My bag has this thermal fabric or something that keeps things in the same temperature for a longer period of time" I explained and he looked impressed.

"Pretty small bag for two boxes of pizzas" he said and I laughed.

"Ever heard of elastic bags before?" I asked and he chuckled,

"You have an awesome bag right here" he noted and I grinned at him on how he really is really easy to manipulate.

"The things you can buy on the internet" I said and he laughed

That night we just ate pizzas and had a fun share of conversations but little did he knew that tomorrow, the city's unstoppable thief shall strike again.


"Interesting guest Damien and Nylla aren't they?" the same man who appeared earlier said.

This time he is in a room filled with books and only the light of a candlestick lights the room.

"I forgot to mention that my name is Marcus, nothing more and nothing less" he said while slowly flipping the page of the book he was reading.

"A rule here states that those who doubt themselves shall lose their sanity and ability to return to reality" he said and the fire from the candle flickered slightly,

"Good to know Nylla is still holding herself together, but for how long though?" he said before laughing again and closing the book shut,

"Have you guessed their secrets already? No? Well it means they outsmarted you as well but no worries, you'll find out if you read between the lines" Marcus chuckled but quickly went quiet for a moment then started laughing again.

"Interesting…Damien was right, things shall be more interesting now, and the person with this mask shall do it"

Marcus said and holds out this hat that was of brown leather, the kind that Sherlock Holmes on the front covers of his books would wear. He closed the book he was reading and placed it on the coffee table.

"A new guest to greet and I will be very happy to welcome the young lad, why do you also want me to welcome you to this world? I'm merely joking for you are either not yet ready or too confused, scared or indecisive about the mask world yet. No matter I shall welcome you with open arms when you are ready"

Marcus snaps his fingers and the fire from the candle was blown and the place became dark.