I slice through the vines and branches of the dense forest, panting heavily. The sun beats down onto my back and the crown of my light brown colored hair. I take another hack at a branch with my silver sword, the handle becoming sweat covered and slippery.

I push through the last of the forestry to an open area and I look around vaguely then I just fall to the ground. I lay there panting in my billowy, off white shirt and brown leather vest. My dark brown pants on the verge of sticking to my skin. The grass seems soft and even a bit dewy, making me smile a bit. I hear a sort of squeak and I quickly get back to my knees. I grab my sword, ready to attack whatever it is, but I pause.

Before me is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her bright green eyes are wide with surprise, and her long caramel colored hair is waved out. Her skin looks delicate and made of porcelain. Her green dress is short, ending at just above her knees, and loose with gold-like brooches on the shoulders, a non-sleeved garment. Her legs are long and slender, just like her fingers. She removes them from her lips and reveal a pink colored mouth adorning her face.

I drop my sword and stand up, completely taken aback from the sudden appearance of this beautiful creature. I stare at her while she stares right back at me, silence in the forest. Everything still and different from how it seemed before. Suddenly I don't care about getting out, just knowing who she is and if we could ever be together.

The sun changes positions, time still moving while she glows. Little balls of light appearing around her. She looks at me rather sadly with her green eyes, my own blue eyes widening. My feet move on their own and they rush towards her. What's happening to her!

She closes her eyes and right before my eyes she morphs into a tree. The same one that was there before. I slow and stop, staring at it. Could that have been my imagination? Is the sun making me hallucinate? I place my calloused, still sweaty hand on the trunk and I look up into the branches. A wind blows by and I just know she was, is, real. And that she must have some sort of curse on her. I have to set her free. My hand closes itself into a fist, fiery determination in my eyes.

"I will help you. I will set you free, I promise." I walk back over to my sword and I sheath it before going back to the tree. I see her spirit looking at me kindly. I stare back then I lean up and place my lips against her's, if only it could be felt. I pull away and it's blushing even. I smile handsomely at her then I quickly get out, no longer destroying the forest, to find a way to help her. To help the woman I fell in love with, at first sight.