Chapter One- The List

"This was on my list of things to do, you know." Alyssa Keogh said as she fingered the blanket beneath both her and Nathan Coop. She stared up at the stars, trying to pick out the constellations that Nathan had tried to point out to her a moment ago.

"What list of things to do?" Nathan asked, turning his head to face her, a lazy smile on his face. She couldn't help but smile back at what an idiot he looked with his dark hair sticking up everywhere and his arms behind his head. His socks were tucked into his jeans for 'warmth' and he had his thick coat on. His hat lay discarded a couple of metres away, where he'd thrown it when they'd gotten here.

"The list of things to do in my life, you idiot." She retorted, rolling her eyes as she reached down to hold his hand.

"Idiot? Who are you calling an idiot!" he said in mock horror and placed a hand on his chest. "Well, what else is on your list of things to do, besides lying on a grotty blanket in the park- Ow!" Alyssa thumped his arm.

"Serves you right! The blankets fine, you nob. I use it at home. Anyway, I have lots of things on my list." She lay back again, thinking. Her list had come about when she was a little girl. A lot of the things came from back when she had her hair in two plaits, apart from now she didn't wish she'd been called something 'pretty' like Snow White or Aurora.

"Am I included in most of these?" Nathans grin turned mischievous and he pulled her closer.

"No." she said thoughtfully. When she'd made her plans he hadn't really been any influence in them. Apart from the one about murdering him that she and her friends had decided in year two after Nathan had pulled up her skirt.

"No?" he sounded generally surprised, and she wondered how he could be so cocky.

"No. but… I suppose you could be in theory. If you stop acting like an ass all the time anyway."

"What? I'll have you know-"

"Whatever." She cut him off and grinned before kissing him lightly on the lips. "Anyway, do you want to know what else is on my list or not?"

"Well, go on then." He pouted and then propped himself up on his elbow so that he could look down at her.

"I want to… dance outside in a rainstorm… what? Stop laughing!" she insisted as he giggled at her. She sat up straight, so that she was above him.

"I just can't believe you haven't done that already. It's always raining in Cornwall anyway, and, besides, we did wake-up, shake-up in primary." She thought back to the stretches and exercises they did every morning in primary school every morning to wake them up. Had she mentioned this was at 8:30, when she'd barely been up half an hour?

"Can we stop the running commentary?" she glared at him. "And that was just wake and shake! I mean… slow dancing. STOP LAUGHING!" she thumped him again when he erupted into laughter again.

"OW! Can you please stop using me as a fucking punch bag?" he rubbed his arm and scowled at her.

"Stop laughing then!"

"Ok, ok. I'll be serious."

"You don't look serious. You're smirking."

"I'm serious! Now, carry on. Suns nearly up."

"What? Really? I need to be up-" she nearly jumped up. She needed to get to work on time tomorrow or they'd sack her- and she'd only been working there for a couple of weeks. She realised that the reason they were losing patience with her was because of Nathan. Him leaving his bike in the way of the door, scaring off customers because he wanted to talk to her, spilling his coffee everywhere and making her late.

"Relax. I was joking, its only 1am." He laughed again, pulling her back down.

"Only 1? I've got to-" she would never get up this morning.

"'Lyssa. Keep going." He said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders as he felt her shiver.

"Ok, well… I want to ride a motorcycle… look! You're sniggering again!" She pulled away from him again and wondered why she stayed with him. Alyssa hadn't had a problem dumping a guy who laughed at her before, and she shouldn't worry about it now. Why was he special anyway? He was such an idiotic moron-

"You called it a motorcycle!" Nob face, good for nothing- "No one but oldies call it that anymore- stop hitting me! - and anyway, I didn't figure you for that kinda girl." Retarded freak…

"Yeah, well, you don't know me." Alyssa crossed her arms over her chest, sitting up straight.

"Aw, come on Lyss. I've known you since primary. Aw, stop it! Lyssa!" he whined. God, he was like a little child.

"I don't think I want to tell you anymore, you moron." She vowed and tried to stand up. He grabbed her hand and kissed her triumphantly.

"See, that's the Alyssa I know." What? He'd lost her. "Now, tell me. I won't laugh I swear." Yeah right.

"Good. I'm also going to… plant a tree! Aw, come on Coop. stop it." he was sniggering yet again.

"I'm not doing anything! But plant a tree? Why?" he was such an idiot. They'd learnt about this since reception and he still had no concept of anything-

"Because we're running out. And they help the environment. Anyway, the other things I want to do are… Kiss in the rain and climb a mountain."

"Is that it?" he asked her, for once not laughing.

"Yep. The main ones anyway. There are others like swimming in the ocean in the middle of winter…" she teased and grinned, turning to face him.

"And get frostbite… there's no way on earth I'm letting you don that one, at least." He told her, pulling her into a kiss that reminded her just why she loved him. When she pulled away she smiled.

"Have you got all that?"