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Story updated on: - 05/04/2012


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events are entirely coincidental.

Goldilocks and the Twisted Tale

In the centre of a small forest embedded deep within the country, stood a small house that was completely isolated from the outside world.

It boasted brick walls and a thatched roof that kept in the warmth during the winter and the heat out during the summer.

It was a perfect place for a family of four, who returned home after an evening of hunting. Unfortunately, their pray had escaped and they had no choice but to sprawl home empty handed.

Once they reached the front door Bill, the father of the family, noticed the door ajar. He was sure he'd locked it before embarking on their big adventure but to be careful, he made his shotgun ready, just in case.

Bill was the first to cross the threshold into the house. Its hallway appeared the same as it always did, dark, damp and murky. There was no power and only candlelight lit the dark corners.

Bill liked the dark, he could see much better and the darkness prevented the intruder from having any advantage, if they were still in the house.

As he walked further into the property, Bill squinted his head to one side to get to that clicking point that would make him feel better. But no matter how hard he tried, on this occasion, he could not reach it. Instead, he rubbed the back of his neck with his greasy hand, disturbing the nest of dandruff, which feathered to the floor.

He pressed forward, followed by his mousy-blond wife whose face was a minefield of spots. Their two children followed closely behind, giggling and excited at the prospect of something interesting happening back at home.

Bill took the time to place his hole-ridden jacket onto a small wooden peg and made ready his shotgun. It required two shells, which he fired of in the forest, and knowing that someone might be prowling around inside there house, he needed all the time he could to defend his family and manly honour.

He opened the shell chamber and pulled out the two spent shells, dropping them to the hard wooden floor. He dived his free hand deep into his pockets and pulled out two new shells and slipped them into the chambers and snapped the gun shut, ready for firing.

The youngest child, nine years old with pigtails, ran forward full of excitement and disappeared into the next room. The grandfather clock continued to chime in the background and Bill ran after his little tearaway.

Once he found his little daughter, he grunted his disappointment and his wife slowly strolled up behind. "Honey, do you think the intruders are still here?"

"I don't know, but I intend to make sure they don't hurt us. Don't worry my love, I'll protect you."

"You're good honey, I'm glad we have someone like you to look over us."

After the mushy conversation ended, the eldest daughter walked over to the other side of the dinning room and made a startling discovery.

"Dad, someone's been eating my portage!"

Bill stepped up to the table and looked at the pre-prepped meal that was made once their hunt was completed.

Sure enough, someone had been eating all their meals. Bill felt his anger swell up behind his temples and clutched the barrel of his rifle with hate.

"Look!" the smallest daughter cried. "They ate my favourite berry on my cake!" She ran over to her eldest sister and hugged her sorrows away.

Bill bit his lower lip and knew that the culprit might have already escaped with the crime they had committed. He vowed to find clues, no matter how small it might be and bring them to justice.

The small family carried on through the house and found more items of personal belongings out of place. The odd pot moved, some items of clothing on the floor and it wasn't until they reached the upstairs corridor that they discovered a landfill in their way.

Clothes, belonging to everyone, lay on the floor, un-respectfully and needlessly. The eldest daughter moved forward, bent down allowing her dark hair to flow down her back, and looked at her silver tattered dress. She turned and gazed at her father angrily "Look. I don't believe this, someone been wearing my dress…I feel violated!"

Bill, already angered by the invasion, tried to calm his nears by lucking his lips and running his greasy hand through his clumped hair. He could not believe the things that happened today. How could someone invade my house?

Bill felt his inner sanctum invaded by a foreign body, someone he did not know was eating their food, drinking their drinks and wearing their cloths. He felt raped.

He picked up his daughter dress and walked towards the bedrooms.

"Look!" the mother exclaimed. "Someone's been sleeping in our bed!"

Bill rushed to his room and discovered his blankets in a heap on the floor, the sheets all ruffed up and his pillows covered in someone else's hair. His anger went into freefall and he could feel his rage preparing to burst out of his body.

He heard the scream of his eldest daughter. "My God! Someone's been in my bed too!"

Finally he heard the faint cry of a small voice, his youngest daughter. "Someone's still in my bed!"

Bill leapt over to his youngest daughters room and he was shocked to discover someone slouched out inside the warm blankets.

This golden haired woman, with fair skin and succulent long hair slept soundly in his younger daughters bed. She wiggled and turned before her beautiful blue eyes gazed upon Bill and his small family. It only took a moment for her to register the situation in her mind.

The golden haired woman lifted herself up and continued to stare at the four people in the room. The bright moon shone through the window and cast its vast light into the room, lighting up the dark corners and horrid looking family.

"Oh my god!" She cried. "I am so sorry for intruding in your house like this. I was so hungry and sleepy that I found this lovely little house and went inside. The food was lovely and I wanted to sleep."

She slipped out of the warm bed and the youngest daughter cried, "That's my night gown!"

"Sorry, it looked so silky and smooth that I could not resist. I like things like this."

Bill raised his weapon and pointed the barrel at the terrified woman. He smiled at his good fortune for delivering such a worthy pray right into their home. It would make up for the failure they experienced all day and to have such a tasty looking human was unbelievable. Not to mention the warm body they could carve up and serve.

Normally dragging fresh meet through the woods would cause it to become stiff and hard, this was certainly a gift from the Gods.

"We are glad that our home offered you a nice experience. Positive meat tastes the best…"

Bill pulled the trigger with a sadistic grin on his face and watched the blood soaked body fall to the floor. The children danced and jumped and the mother rushed into the kitchen to fetch the chainsaw. The golden haired woman's shocked expression, which was etched into her face upon death, remained unmoved as her head was torn from its body and placed into a huge boiling pot. The rest of her body was placed into the freezer to be saved for later and the family sat around the table with knives and forks in their hands.

The mother appeared with a huge plate stuffed with vegetables and the woman head impelled on a stand. Its ghostly stare remained as the father made his first pluck of the day.

He looked at the juicy eyeball and placed the whole thing into his mouth, the fresh jelly was unlike anything he'd experienced before. This was the best meal he had for a long time. "Its nice for our prey to walk into our house. You don't get a free meal like that often."

© Shane Ward.