The Mirror

Dust swirled around the attic making it difficult to breath. I am packing up some old clothes in boxes to clear some space in my closet for some new clothes.

"Jason, dinner is ready!" I hear my wife shout from down the stairs.

"I will be down in a minute; I am on the last box." I quickly finish packing the box and make my way downstairs for dinner.

"It smells delicious." I say, giving my wife a quick kiss.

"I figured I would make your favorite, grilled chicken, since you have to go clothes shopping tomorrow." She sets plats down on the table while I set the silverware out. I set some of the chicken on the plates and we dig in.

"Oh, Jason, can you take that old lamp in the attic? It finally broke."

"Sure, no problem."

After dinner I grab the old lamp, a wedding gift from my mother-in-law, and head back upstairs to the attic. I grab the rope and pull down the stairs. It is a struggle to carry a lamp up very steep steps. I walk to a relatively clear side of the attic and set the lamp down. As I turn around to head back down a flash of light catches my eye. I walk over to where I saw the flash to see a mirror lying down. There is so much dust I can barely make out my own reflection in it.

I pick the mirror up and stand straight up. It is a little taller than me and is beautifully decorated with gems aligning the sides of the mirror.

"Sara, you have to check this out!"

"I'll be there in a second!" I hear her call back up to me. She might like this in our room. It is a great decoration piece.

"What did you have to show me?" I hear her ask as she makes her way up the stairs.

"This," I show her the mirror. "With a little cleaning up this could be a nice piece."

"I agree, but where did you find it?"

"It was just up here, I found it when I set the lamp down."

"I wonder why it was left here."

"I was thinking the same thing, the probably just got it as a gift and didn't have room for it so they set it up here and just ended up forgetting about it. Can you help me take this thing down?

"Sure." We managed to get the thing down with me up top slowly lowering the mirror down to where Sara was waiting to direct it down.

"Why don't you see if you can get that dust off, while I see if they forgot anything else up in that attic?" she nods here head and I head back upstairs to investigate the attic. I start digging through boxes that I didn't set up there and picking up everything and looking under it. I am up in the attic for at least an hour before I hear a loud thump form downstairs.

"Sara, what was that?" No answer.

"Sara!" Again I get no response.

I head downstairs and what I see leaves me speechless. Sara is lying on the hard wood floor, knife in her chest. Blood has formed a pool beside her. I run over and drop to my knees beside her. Sara is lying completely still on the ground, I check her pulse, nothing. A though hits me, there must be an intruder. I run through the house, looking in every room, I search the house for at least half an hour. I run to the phone to call the police, which in my panic I didn't think about doing, and run back to Sara.

She is lying in a pool of her own blood by the mirror. On my way back to Sara my eyes catch the mirror. What is in the mirror stops me in my tracks. I see my reflection, holding a blood knife. The reflection shows me stabbing Sara repeatedly. I walk over and take the knife out of Sara's chest. I did this. It was me and I can't even remember doing it. The reflection plays out like a movie, with the finale of a suicide.