For the April WCC. I hereby dedicate this to Aldrea Draco as I had her in mind while writing this.

The hoof comes down and crunches through the head that had rolled away from the body when they had parted. Blood splashes up the cannon of the horse along with pink matter. The horse lifts the hoof once more and crashes it down again splattering both materials farther. A bit of the skull, with skin and a clump of long hair, skitters away from the animal.

Elisa steps up to the horse and soothes the animal as she hooks the chain to his saddle. She gives it a treat, and then turns her attention back to the crowd of people that watches her in fright.

"This is done, and your town is released from its sins. Next time will not be so lenient if it happens again." Her words drop on them like rocks, and many of them wince. She doesn't care. Elisa thinks nothing for these people.

A man brakes away from the crowd and steps toward her, "You can't just come in here and kill our people and take men like this!"

Elisa doesn't flinch or back down as he points a gun at her. "You had my property," she says calmly. "You had my property, and was letting him interact with one of your bitches."

The man's hand shook with his fury. "That was my daughter!" he roars at her. The gun goes off, and the bullet falls to the ground after hitting her soft peach hued skin.

Elisa looks down at the bullet with her dark eyes, and then back to the man. "Shall I let you join the whore then?"

The former father's lips curl in disgust. "You're the whore," he whispers as he falls to the ground and clutches up the headless body before him. He hugs the corpse to his body and begins to weep.

"I'll allow you this trespass in my mercy as I can see you are too filled with grief to think logically. Don't think this is kindness in any way."

The sheriff steps forward then, putting a hand on the man's shoulder she nods to Elisa. "Thank you for that mercy ma'am."

The man straightens up and slaps the hand away as he still clings to the cadaver. "No, that's no mercy. She killed my daughter! How can you just let her get away with that?" he demands of the sheriff.

"Because she holds no jurisdiction over me you fool," Elisa retorts.

The father lays the body down and surges to his feet pointing at the woman by the horse. "This is our town on our land! You can't so this!"

Elisa shakes her head, and then mounts her horse. "I suggest you reeducate your men before they bring more death and wrath on your home."

With a whistle the horse begins to walk jerking the sullen man chained to it along.

Elisa stops as the sun is hanging low in the sky. They won't be home for another two days, but she doesn't mind. She sets up camp, and cooks a small meal while leaving the man chained to her horse.

Finally she takes the chain and leads the manacled man over to the fire.

"Do you have anything to say?" she asks.

"Why didn't you kill me? I'm the one that ran away aren't I?" he asks softly in return.

A mirthless smile crosses her face, "Did you love her, that bitch?"

He doesn't reply, but hangs his head. "I thought you wouldn't come. It'd been so long."

The smirk still adorns her face, "You know I'd never let you go."

He nods slowly, his yellow hair hanging in his eyes.

"Then why did you run away?"

"You always have control. I know that other women let their men top sometimes or at least orgasm, but you never let me. I just wanted to know what it was like." He reveals.

Elisa sits across from him, "You could have asked, chattel."

"I tried!" he cries out surging to his feet. The chain catches, and drops him to his knees as he coughs.

The woman rises and walks around the fire to the man kneeling before. She squats and removes the bonds that hold him. She stands once the chains fall away.

"Do you want to love me?" she asks.

He shakes his head, but whisperers "Yes," as he rubs his neck.

He stands beside her, and reaches for her tentatively. He expects her to jerk away and tell him she was fooling him to punish him, but instead she stays still and lets him pull her into his arms. He kisses her, and licks her lip seeking entrance to her mouth. She allows it for the first time ever.

Feeling bolder, he grips her tightly to his body and runs a hand through her long dark hair. He kisses her fiercely and nips at her lips. He moans into her mouth at her submissiveness.

She wasn't Tisha. She didn't love him, and she was only doing this to pacify him, but it was more than she had ever done for him or any of the others before. She had killed his love yes, but she was submitting to him as she never had before in her life. It set his blood on fire, and he moans again as he pushes her back toward the sleeping area she had made earlier.

He lowers her down, and hovers over her while striping away any bit of clothes he can get his hands on. In no time she is naked below him. He worships her body, kissing her skin, and licking her to saver her taste as he removes his own clothing.

He settles between her legs, and thrusts into her slowly rather than the hard and fast that she likes. He takes her the way he wants and loves her as if she were his Tisha.

She whispers, "Cum for me," and the thinks it's Tisha. It's his undoing, those words. He brings her to orgasm, and follows her into the amazing moment.

Pulling back he looks down on her flushed and sweaty face. He wishes it was his Tisha, if only for once more, but he takes what he can as he pulls out of his owner.

He leans back before he lies down beside her like he would have with his Tisha. Elisa rolls to watch him, and he wonders at the glimmer in her eyes. The thought escapes him as he drifts and drops into sleep.

Two days later, and he is struggling to keep up with Elisa on her horse. He is feverish and there is a horrible aching in his groin. He has stopped drinking water because it hurts too much to urinate.

He stumbles and drops into the dirt. Elisa stops her horse and turns. She watches him gasping for breath.

"What is it chattel?"

The throbbing in his groin is agonizing, but he looks up to his owner. "I- I- think I am dying."

The woman dismounts, and walks to him. She stands over him looking down on him. "Why do you think that?"

With shaking hands he pulls down his pants to show her his penis. It was swollen and red with white flesh starting to peel away at the base. Black patches splotched along it starting from the tip. Looking closer Elisa saw that it was starting to spread to his pelvic area already, and his balls were already showing signs of inflammation.

"Do you want to die?" she asks as she appraises how bad he looks. His face is pale and swallow, and his breathing is labored.

"Yes," he whispers.

Elisa smiles, "Poor chattel."

He realizes that she doesn't mean to let him die, and begins to cry. "Please, please let me die. Kill me!"

Elisa picks him up with a strength she shouldn't have with her frame. She puts him on her horse. "We are nearly home, chattel."

She lashes him to the horse, and he screams at her, "Why won't you let me die?"

Her cold glare turns on him, and despite the fire that is still burning in his body he shutters.

"So you can go back to that bitch that let you fuck her? So you can join her in the afterlife? Remember, chattel, you and all of your fellow men don't get to join us in Malli. You will never see that bitch again." She lets the words flow not caring that they slice him like daggers, but leave no bleeding wounds. Her words cut him inside where he felt love and now will suffer for it.

Men are not to feel love.

She starts walking, and barely hears his whisper.

"But you let me love you… I thought-"

A sick smile that crosses her face cuts off his words. "Was it anything like what you had with your bitch?"

Her words make him think back to that night and compare it to all the nights he had lain with his Tisha. The stark contrasts make him sick to his stomach. There was no love, there was no care. It was sex, and now his owner would be his last rather than his lovely Tisha.

He slumps forward as he realizes what she has done. "This," he starts gesturing to his rotting flesh, "was you too; you wanted this to happen."

"You'll live, but now you understand why men are not to cum in us."

"But Tisha-"

"Helped you to ejaculate at least once before she let you enter her if not more than once. She cleaned you, and then let you release inside her.

"The bitter drink I take every day allow us you not kill you outright, but if you fully ejaculate in us without doing it prior then… well you now know what happens.

"We will reach home, and you will get treatment. You will live."

He chokes out a sob, and her grin grows. "Murderer, you murdered her, and then did this to me."

She glances over her shoulder to him showing him her perfect teeth. "Don't worry, chattel, I take care of what is mine. You'll lose your reproductive organs, but you'll not die. I'll make sure you have a very comfortable long life."

He looks ahead trying to blink away the tears and sees her home on the horizon. He weeps as he says, "I will serve as a very potent reminder to all the other chattel."

Elisa chuckles, "Yes, yes you will."