Garden of Lies

There was seed- a small lie I told-

A seed of a lie, that no one should know,

For a lie is deadly, a poison to the soul;

So it was buried in forgetting that it would grow.

But in forgetting it was left,

In remembering it was watered;

In burying, it found company.

In company- my garden grew.

So a lie left alone started another,

And very soon it was followed by others;

Followed by many, not just a few;

And in no time at all, none could see any good I did do.

All choked and withered, the good did die;

And all that was left was just those little lies.

Poisoned and corrupt the ground became,

And that is all I had left to my once good name.

A name once honored,

A name once revered;

An name now scorned,

When falling on every child's ear.

A withering heart;

A desolate soul.

Oh how I wish that garden had died,

So long ago.