A/N: This is a story I wrote for my Language Arts class at school a while ago, and gave into posting it. It's kind of pretty really super crappy bad, but you know... Anyways, the bolded words are the Word Master Words we had to include to get full credit. I also had to include Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows, so I had to work pretty hard...

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One Shot – Sommerfall's Flight

Her name is Desiree Sommerfall, a serious girl with a naturally acerbic nature. Though, this sort of personality is only on the outside. See, Desiree is part of a collusion of shapeshifters, and though she is among the lower ranks, her talents are obvious.

These shapeshifters have been reserved from the military and the whole rest of the world by their master, E. Knight Fitzgerald, a Brigadier General in the military, working for both sides. Due to his high rank and his abundant resources, you could easily surmise that he could cover most of it up very easily.

Back on the subject of Sommerfall, she was always stern and quiet, but she still bore guilt, and, like any normal person, had trouble bearing that burden. In the organization of shapeshifters, there is only one person whom Sommerfall trusts to confide with.

"Hey Desiree!" Mira Coldwell is a higher ranked shapeshifter, with a vivacious personality and colloquial style of speaking. Coldwell and Sommerfall had been friends for a long amount of time, and have each other's full trust.

This particular instance of their being together was like any other. The organization had an underground headquarters, where all of the members were required to stay, unless given special permission by Fitzgerald. Due to lack of space, people roomed together, and Sommerfall and Coldwell room together.

"Welcome back." Sommerfall had been waiting anxiously for Coldwell's return.

"What's wrong?" Coldwell dropped the usual cheery personality after noticing Sommerfall's downtrodden appearance.

Sommerfall sat Coldwell down next to her, and began to fulminate about the mission she had just returned from.

"We had to remove the military from this small rural town. I was just there as a foot soldier. We were like feral, hungry animals. The orders were basically to kill everyone in sight."

"How'd it end?"

"A total success." Sommerfall looked down in shame. "I killed a multitude of soldiers stationed there, though I made a special effort to stay away from townspeople."

Coldwell scoffed. "That's just like you."

After a brief moment of silence, there was a knock on the door to the dorm. Sommerfall let out a small "Come in." for the person behind the wall. As the person entered, the two women immediately stood, and dipped their heads in respect.

"Good day ladies." Fitzgerald entered the room in his stately, confident fashion. "I have a report to give to Miss Desiree Sommerfall." Sommerfall stepped forward in anticipation and slight anxiety. Fitzgerald drew a paper from his pocket, and began to read the oration. "Desiree Sommerfall has been promoted from rank of foot soldier to solo agent." She stepped back in surprise. Sommerfall and Coldwell were now at the same rank. Coldwell went out on frequent solo missions, spying on military forts. Fitzgerald continued, "Agent Sommerfall has been assigned to go on a top secret mission to spy on a cult group of shapeshifters, much like ourselves, and try to forge and alliance within the two groups. I wish you the best of luck, and with your skills, I'm sure you'll do an excellent job."

Sommerfall saluted the General, and stepped back next to Coldwell in strict fashion. "Thank you sir."

"Sir," Coldwell began, "I'm very happy you entrusted my friend with such an important job. She's very talented and tractable. She'll do well." She brought out an obviously fake smile. Sommerfall shot her a glance with just enough malice to make a normal person flinch.

"I'll take your word for it, Agent Coldwell," Fitzgerald said with an equally plastic smile, shortly followed by his leaving the room, for Sommerfall to look over her mission objective and other details to go along with it.

As soon as the door was closed, and the General's footsteps were no longer audible, Coldwell sat down with a look of disgust on her face. "I really hate that man," she murmured.

"Than you should cut the sycophantic act." Sommerfall sat down next to her friend, glancing through notes.

Mira Coldwell sighed. "You know I didn't finish school. Simplify for me, would you?"

"Stop fawning over him when he's around, if you hate him so much."

"Listen, I've got a favor to ask you." Coldwell dropped the look of disgust, and became completely serious. A rare occurrence for her. "Aren't you just about sick of how the General is conducting his operations?"

Sommerfall looked up in surprise, putting her notes to the side. "Yes. I confess I am."

"Well, you and I aren't the only ones. There are plenty of others around here who hate the guy a ton. If there's another colony of shapeshifters out there, we could unite with them, not on behalf of the Organization, but on behalf of the rebellion we're starting against him. It would be the perfect ruse. We simply join with them, and lead an attack on the General and his dogs."

"So you want me to abet in this plan to take down the General?"

"Yes. Now, I know you're kind of callow in the field of sleuthing, so I'll give you a few basics-"

"You know I haven't agreed to anything, right?" Sommerfall gave Coldwell a stern look.

"I doubt you'd deny it now. It's clear that after that last mission, you want nothing more than to defraud Fitzgerald in any way possible. He gave the order for you to kill all of those people. You shouldn't be showing him mercy. After all, a soldier has no reason to be merciful to anyone."

"I'm not just a soldier anymore." Desiree stood up in an attempt to defend herself. "You heard him."

"That's why it's perfect," Coldwell had not lost any of her confidence over Sommerfall. "You're a beginning agent, so they'll never expect you to take a huge risk on your first mission. You wouldn't want to screw it up, and make the General upset, so you'd be the last suspect. This is what you need to do: Transform into some sort of domesticated animal, so you won't stick out, then go to the location specified, and transform into the form they take. Transform in front of them, talk to them, and make the proper negotiation I'll write up a list of things you need to request from them."

"I still-"

"Your answer is now officially yes. No objections." Coldwell snickered.

Sommerfall let a small smile loose. "Alright." They took their seats again. "What's going to happen after we expunge the world of this twisted organization?"

"We'll probably join up with the military."

"How'd you work that out?"

"Well," Coldwell took in a deep breath, preparing herself for her next explanation. "The military of Geana used to be ruled by a guy who was completely insane, but he was over-thrown, and the country became a much more peaceful place. Fitzgerald was unsatisfied with the country, and him being one of many shapeshifters, decided to form an alliance with them. The point was for him to be able to take control of the entirety of the military, and make this country bend to his will, as he lead an army of shapeshifters, mindlessly following his lead.

"In the end, the military was never bad. The only reason they want us in it is there have been threats from Maristarcho, to the south of us. They're country is a lot larger than ours, and they might be able to take us out. Really, the intentions are good."

"I see." Sommerfall sat back. "You've got a lot riding on me. Are you sure it's okay with the other members of this rebellion you're part of?"

"They have my trust, and I have yours. Whomever I trust, they trust." Coldwell smiled warmly, and gave Desiree a small punch to the back.


That night, Sommerfall stayed up long hours preparing for her up coming mission. The objective given to her by the General was disregarded, and the prime objective was to form the alliance with the rebellion force she had become a part of. Sommerfall was aware of all of the conditions she would have to follow.

The conditions were as follows:

First stage of the plan- Leave the underground hideout, disguised as a common animal, and roam around the city, until able to find a good hiding place

-Once she has arrived at the hiding place, she transforms into a bird and follows the signal that is let off by the group daily. It only lasts for about five minutes, so she'll have to move fast

Second Stage of the plan- Arrive at the hideout of the separate group, and transform into whatever form they have taken. After doing that, start conversing, and going over the situation the country is in, thanks to the organization.

Third stage of the plan- Once allying with the separate group, call on Mira Coldwell to go over the final part of the plan, invading the headquarters. The invasion will take place all in one night, the objective being to take the General Fitzgerald hostage, killing him if necessary.

"Do I have it all?" Sommerfall asked Coldwell the next morning, before her impending departure.

"Yep. You should be just fine." Coldwell smiled warmly. "We're counting on you."

"Don't remind me. It's too much pressure."

The parted ways with Sommerfall transforming into a small dog. After taking that form, Sommerfall left the underground head quarters of the Organization, and began to wonder the streets of the city above, the capital of Geana.

After much wondering about, there was the signal she had been waiting for. The group lives in the woods far away from the Organization's head quarters. But everyday, after it pours down in rainy Geana, a doubled-up rainbow appears in the sky. That is when all of the shapeshifters of that group gather for their meetings.

At the moment the double rainbow hit, Sommerfall, with a serious look in her eyes, morphed into a large bird of prey, and ascended to the clouds, following the path to the end of the rainbow. It took a considerable amount of work to fly fast and far enough to make it to the end of the rainbow without losing the trail on it. The air was damp, and the skies still had some dark clouds, which made for good cover.

After flying for a good few minutes, Sommerfall, disguised as a hawk, was directly above the end of the rainbow. She morphed into a smaller bird, to be more inconspicuous, and dove into the trees below. Once she hit ground, she returned to her human form, and went forward with much stealth to the end of the rainbow, where the shapeshifters were supposedly gathered.

When she arrived, she was surprised to find the shapeshifters there in such conspicuous form. All of them were in the form of multicolored horses, though the most notable was bright pink, rather large, and had a horn extending out of its head. Sommerfall watched in total shock as they gathered for a dance. How ridiculous she thought. All of them were there, at the end of the rainbow, in some sort of ceremonial dance, lead by the fuchsia colored unicorn.

After watching them for some time, Sommerfall was able to pick up little bits of information about the anatomy of the horses, parts that were different from regular horses she'd previously transformed into. As she took the form of a brightly colored horse, she watched to see if they had yet finished with their dance.

After a few moments of waiting, they did, and the pink horned horse stepped forward to make a manifesto to the group. Before beginning, the unicorn turned into a human being, followed by the rest of the group in suit.

"My people," The unicorn took the form of a normal looking man, and stood before the gathering of people with a look of worry on his face. "The military has been wiped from countless towns, and we are losing our lifelines. There are very few options for us left here. If we don't act soon, we will have to relocate."

"Who do we act against?" A voice sounded from the large crowd, with much apparent frustration.

"I have people researching into who lead the attack on Skirum, the village that was massacred just recently. We believe those people to have been behind the attacks from the start." The man finished his sentence with malice crawling in his voice.

"You're exactly right." Sommerfall emerged from her hiding place in the bushes surrounding the clearing where the colony of shapeshifters stood. They all looked over in surprise.

"Who are you?"

Sommerfall explained the entire situation to the leader, making sure to emphasize the parts about the General's evils. She showed off her power, transforming into a bird like she had been before. After much work on her part, she pleaded with them to believe her.

They did. The leader accepted her story fully, his malleable trust expressed very well. "So, you want us to dragoon the General into coming with us when we storm the headquarters?" The leader asked.

"Not exactly. We need his being taken hostage to be a bit more inconspicuous. Take him secretly, and try to wheedle any useful information out of him you can."

"What if he doesn't talk?"

"You're free to hew his head off. By all means, no one will be upset. The goal is for him to step down from his ranks peacefully. We don't want a country wide Civil War brewing here, we just want to take down a secret and illegal organization."

To make a long story short, the Organization was taken down, the General was killed by his captors (with little to no remorse on their part), and most of the shapeshifters from both sides joined the country's military. The leader of the separate colony lead the full attack on the underground headquarters disguised as his pink unicorn, his followers as other animals of the like. Desiree Sommerfall wasn't forced into killing anyone in this battle, since the Organization was outnumbered in the end, and surrendered quickly. Mira Coldwell became a high ranking officer in the military afterwards, and Sommerfall left the capital city of Geana to live in a rural town, where she could do all of the farming she needed on her own accord.


When my teacher returned this to me, she said I'd "Found my nitch," meaning I was a good writer, or at least good at writing this genre. Well, it took about two days to write, since I was accompanied by a rather busy schedule that weekend, but it came out okay.

Originally, I'd planned on making it a Mary Sue story, and that's how I got the name Desiree for the main character, since it's a Sue name on some occasions. But I decided against it, and made it a credible story, aside from the Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing of Rainbows.