The Internal Beast – Feeding Time

I haven't heard or felt Tristan do anything since the other night. It's kind of scaring me. You know, since last time that happened it was a good thing. I've been thinking a lot about that night. Was it really a good idea to do that? Maybe I just made everything worse. Maybe the next time he tries something he won't hold back, and I might not be able to regain control again. The only reason it worked last time was because I tricked him into thinking he was still going to feed. That won't work again. I need to stay as far away from Anita as possible.


I walk into the employee locker room, so I can change into my street clothes and get back home before dark, I have this theory that Tristan might be stronger at night than he is during the day. It's a working theory. All of sudden the door opens and in walks Melissa Cambridge, it's a coed locker room. The company didn't want to pay for two different change rooms. I wish they had. Anyway, when she walks in I immediately feel Tristan's attention start peeking. "Hey, Hank." Melissa says with a bubbly smile. There's a rumor that she's got a crush on me. Thanks to Tristan.

"Hey Melissa, how are you doing? Make any good sales?" I say, quickly trying to change, but trying not to let her see much. I can see out of the corner of my eye that she's trying to sneak a peek. I hate Tristan so much right now.

"I'm doing very good," She mutters, tip-toeing a little closer. "And I sold a few televisions and a laptop. So, kind of a slow day." She's the best sales person we have at this store. "Hey Hank... I was wondering if maybe..." My eyes grow wide and I whip my head around. I'm thrown off balance by the action and I fall. Unfortunately, Melissa rushes over and practically belly flops onto me.

"Melissa, you know we can't..." I try to say, but she puts a finger to my lips and shushes me. I hate it when people shush me. Then she kisses me, but she's not a good kisser. She's like licking my face and rubbing her hands all over my body. I feel really grossed out right now. I'm trying to push her off me when I hear his voice.

"No, you're letting this happen. If you don't want me to hurt Anita then I get to feed off whoever I want." Tristan's says, his body appearing right above Melissa. My body seems to be moving itself again. I don't have any control anymore. I was afraid this was gonna happen.


Her body lays unmoving in my arms. Blood drips from her nose. "You went too far, Tristan. They're going to know it was me." I say, laying her body down and covering it up with her clothes. "There are video camera's in here... I'm so screwed."

"Dude will you relax?" Tristan says, putting a hand on my shoulder like we're buddies. I yank my shoulder free. "Look, I've already disabled the cameras while you two were still talking, and don't ask how I did that. I'm not going to tell you everything I can do." Tristan starts evaporating and his voice sounds like it's coming from my head. "Now, let's get out of here before someone shows up, because there's going to be one hell of a shitstorm when this chick's found."