Wait. Just wait,

And maybe you'll see your bones protrude through you skin

Speak. Don't speak,

And we will play the game of how long it takes me to find out

Eat. Don't eat,

And maybe you'll finally be able to look at yourself with a sad smile

Break. Just break,

And maybe your tears will help drive away the pain

Feel. Just Feel,

And the hunger eating away at you is the same pain of betrayal I feel

I'll Wait, wait

Until my own bones show through my pale skin

I won't Speak, speak

Until my words are shown with my neglectful actions

I won't eat, eat

Until you see that I will starve myself as long as you are

I won't break, so break

Until I see that your tears fill your bony palms

I won't Feel, please feel,

Until your skin crawls with the chills and your heart splits

Act, and when the act is over and the audience is silent (don't) worry. I'll be on stage next to you holding your hand.

And maybe we'll have the courage to bow.

Just know that these are all the Things I Should(n't) Say