My back hits the cold, stone wall, causing me to yalp. It echos a bit before dying off and I quickly open my eyes and glare at him more with my hazel eyes. He chuckles a bit and places his right hand next to my head, against the wall, while the other moves under my chin, making sure my eyes are looking at his cold, heartless dark blue ones.

"What do you want with me?" I keep the tremble out of my voice best I can, keeping up a brave front.

"There is only one use for the Prince's personal maid. I want you to kill him." I gasp, my eyes widen and I press my sore back further against the wall, trying to keep away from this mad man.

"Why would I do such a thing?" Fear evident, knowing my wall has crumbled and he can see everything.

"Because if you don't there will be a series of murders. And there will be explicit evidence that points to you. And there will be no way for you to deny it without the evidence saying otherwise and proving you wrong, since you are nothing but a maid, no one will think twice about what your words say. No one really trusts you enough, at least, no one with power." He sounds vaguely amused at first, then it turns more into a power hungry tone.

"Wh... what would this help you achieve? You won't become king just from killing the prince..." I just have to know what he's up to. If I don't find out, it could be for different reasons entirely.

"The king will become remorseful, and when they find the killer, you, and either toss you away for eternity or just send you to the executioner, he will have no reason to have such high defenses and will be completely defenseless. And if the royal family dies, the next in line until a cousin or something shows themselves the throne will be mine for the taking, as I am the royal adviser." Ki'ren chuckles again with that same 'All-Hope-Will-Die' tone.

"I... I am going to die either way..." I start trembling, I know I am, and as much as I want to look away his eyes keep their hold on me.

"Yes. But one will be for a good cause while the other is for not taking the opportunity to do this country some good for once. The King is old anyway, and he is barely keeping up with the economic standing-"

"That's what Prince Srent is for!" I blurt out.

"... But he will be no more than a puppet in my hands as well. Besides, are you sure you want him to marry someone else?" His eyes glint with knowing.

"Wh- What are you getting at?" I feel my heart strings pluck with pain.

"I know how you feel about him. I've see how you look at him." He leans close and to my ear, "I know you love him." My body tenses and my eyes widen again, fear covering my body completely. He pulls away again and watches my reaction for a moment then speaks again. "That is why you are perfect for the job."

He takes his hands away while I stare rather blankly at the walls for a moment. He takes my hand in his and places something small and cold in it, causing me to shiver. He smiles, 'Do me proudly, Rimi.' and he continues down the hall. I fall to my knees after a moment, to the stone floor. I barely feel the pain, trying to figure out how he knew what I didn't even realize until he told me. I numbly lift my hand to the candle light a bit and I look at the vial, hoping to be able to tell what it is. Just a clear liquid, could be water for all anyone knew. I feel something wet slide down my cheek.

I lift my hand up and I feel it and pull it away a bit, a tear. More quickly follow and before I know it I'm crying. Then sobbing. It's so uncontrollable that I don't know how I'm ever going to stop.

I set the tray down on the table just outside the Princes room. I take a deep, shuddering breath and look around for anyone. The halls are as empty as ever. I pull the vial out of my pocket and I look at the clear liquid, wondering what it is. I slip the top off and I sniff it, absolutely no scent. I pull it away from my nose, the Prince will have no idea as to what's happening. I pour in half of the liquid and leave the rest, putting it in my pocket again.

"I don't "love" him." I mutter to myself then knock on the door, "Your Highness, your tea is here."

"Come in." A muffled reply comes.

I open the door, pick up the tray again, and I enter the room. As lavishly decorated as last time I was here, but different some how. I think it's the hutch in the corner. I set the tea down on the sitting room table and make the tea how he likes, two cubes of sugar and some milk, then I set it up for him and wait patiently. He comes out of his room, shirtless, and smiles at me.

"Hello, Rimi, how are you today?" Just because he is extremely handsome and I cannot deny that without lying does not mean I "love" him. I am just stating a fact.

"I am fine." I curtsy to him like all females should, "And you, Sir?"

"I'm doing much better now that you are here." His smile is as gentle and caring as ever, he would make an amazing king.

"Better? Were you feeling bad before?" My eyebrows knit together in confusion and my head tips itself to the side a bit.

"I was actually, I was just feeling sick-ish and was just laying in bed all day. Now that you are here I am feeling like myself again." He sits down and stretches a bit.

"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well, and I'm sorry I didn't know." I watch as he smells the cup of tea, and smiles.

"It's alright, I didn't tell anyone." He brings the cup to his lips and I crack.

"Wait-" I hurry forward and take it from him. I can't let him die. I can't. I bring the cup to my lips and I drink the entire thing, leaving not one drop left. He sort of stare, blatantly, at me.

"Rimi, why did you do that- Why are you crying?" Prince Srent stands up, panicing a bit.

"I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry." I let out a sob and drop the cup, bringing my hands to my face, trying to cover my tears, "I love you."

It's true. I actually do. The thought of him dying breaks my heart in half and then my soul dies. I can't do it. So I'll just die instead. I'm nothing more than a maid, a peasant anyway.

"- Wha- you... What?" He looks shocked, as I see through my fingers as I spread them apart a bit to see his reaction, not disgusted like I thought.

"I love you." I repeat, more muffled this time due to my hands.

"But... Th... that doesn't explain why you drank my tea..." He frown, as confused as ever.

"I... I tried to kill you. I poisoned the tea." His eyes widen as I pull my hands away from my face and look at him dead on, "I... I was thinking 'if I can't have you no one will'," A complete lie on my part, "But the thought of you being dead puts a hole in my heart and kills my soul... I can't... So I drank it instead." When does the dying commence?

"You..." He sits down, baffled by the information I have given him. He starts shaking his head, "No. That's a lie. You would never have done something like that." He turns his dark green eyes to me, looking into my eyes, searching for a lie, but I make it the truth. His eyes fade from determination to not believe such an obvious lie to sorrow and betrayal. "But... Your eyes are saying it's true... Go. Just- Go." He puts his head into his hands after waving me away.

"- I-..." I start to speak again but I stop myself. I look at the floor, curtsy and I hurry out of the room, not realizing the vial slipped out of my pocket. I quickly go to the guards, and instead of telling them who is actually responsible for all of this I use the same lie, to get myself tossed into the dungeon. At first they think it's pure non-sense and a prank, but after a while I feel more hysteric and just wanting my punishment to be justified, they finally believe me and lock me up. I curl up into a ball on the stone floor and wait for death.

I'm happy I did what I did. The kingdom will have a wonderful, perfect king to rule after the current one and all will be right and peaceful. And he gets to live his life to the fullest, marry, have children, maybe even live long enough to have grandchildren. Yes, I'm sad my life is coming to an end, but his will continue, and that is the important part. I wonder just how much longer my life will be lived, not long I hope. It doesn't exactly smell good in this place.