Max opened his eyes. He sat up, finding himself on a beach. Waves crashed against the shoreline and seagulls squawked overhead.

How did I get here? The hunter thought to himself.

He stood up, sore all over. There was a sudden hiss behind him and Max turned. Standing there was the Whisperer in Darkness.

"I brought you back," The creature hissed, black slime oozing from his mouth. "Yes. Me! You did it. Killed Tiamat. Saved the earth and allowed the Old Ones to continued their long sleep until the day they return."

"Yes," Max said. "Would you like this back?" He held up the Amulet of Skulls, which was still around his neck.

"No," The Whisperer in Darkness replied. "Keep it. It no longer has a purpose though, so its power is gone. For the best, when in mortal hands."

"Am I back on Onaria?" Max asked, standing up off the beach.

"Yes," The Whisperer in Darkness said. "Go now. Go back to the Ten Rings. Hunt. Kill. And await the day when the Old Ones emerge again!"

With a gurgling noise, the Whisperer in Darkness spread its wing and flew up into the sky, disappearing from sight.

Max looked out to sea. He raised his hand, and whispered, "Thank you, Calene and Thayra. For being there for me. For saving the world."

The hunter turned and began to walk home. Above, storm clouds began to gather.