"Date part 2"

"You know there's a bunch of screens in the lobby, I bet they're much more fun than a... wall."

Hunter blinked those viola eyes of his and she swore on the inside. How could someone not like those eyes!? No. How could someone not like him!? Okay so he was—is Conner's son but that was easy to overlook, at least for Tori. Tori had a long story with hot guys, when it came to forgiving them for something all she had to do was see how fantastic they looked, which was not always a good thing, considering many of them were jerks. But for what she'd seen of Hunter he wasn't a bad person. Not at all.

"Tori?" She heard "Hey, you with me?"

"Oh?" He'd gotten closer and towered over her, she blushed behind a curtain of blond hair "Yeah, I was just thinking... thinking about Ruby's date!" She made up quickly for her faulty attention, Hunter's raised eyebrow made her laugh with a slight nervous ring.

"Date? With that guy from before... Jason?"

"Jake." She corrected "Did you really forget his name?"

"Of course I did, it'd be stupid to pretend I didn't remember." Hunter tilted his head "I thought they weren't going out."

Tori shook her, taking his arm in both hands and led him along the hallway.

"Oh, my dear Hunter, don't tell me you don't know how girls like Ruby are?"

"Like Ruby?"

"The ones who act all cool and tough, you know, that type. She'd never admit she was actually in to a guy, not that easily. In all the time we've been friends she's only told me once that she sorta liked this boy." A boy who looked suspiciously like the one from earlier in the cafeteria sneered at Hunter when he passed them. Hunter's muscles were tense, this didn't seem to make Tori stop talking, though. "I never got a full confession out of her."

Hunter followed Tori's example and sat by her side in one of the common rooms. So far, it was the only zone in all the building with a more cozy ambiance, even more than their rooms.

The walls were lined with imitations of tapestries that had been found in excavations, all seemed to be made of cotton or linen. They had warm colors and abstract designs. Although the walls were "fluffy" to the naked eye, everyone knew that underneath were cold, made of metal.
The floor was covered in carpets, long couches were arranged neatly in the back of the room, and near them were huge shelves with digital manuscripts, which were replacing what were once books.

"How couldn't i see that sooner?" He smacked his palm jokingly to his face, she giggled briefly, once Hunter saw her sobering up, he to, chose to let the smile flatter from his lips "So," Tori looked to him "how are you doin' ?"

"Trying to forget..." She threw herself further into the comfortable couch "I talked with Luke about the ongoing search for Angela's whereabouts, but like he told us it wasn't only her who's missing. I'd asked him to look into things personally and he said he couldn't allow it."

"Why not? It's not like you're a Rookie now."

"Yeah, I told him that, he said I shouldn't be involved since it was my partner who want missing, too personal." Tori huffed staring off into distance, Hunter realized this was the most serious he'd seen her since they met "I keep thinking that if i wasn't being so stupid and looked for her sooner... that she'd still be here. I'm so immature!" Tori threw her arms up, then held them against her chest.

Hunter was hit with a pang of sympathy. He used to blame all sort of things on himself, and was sure glad to have grown out of the habit.

"You can't control everything that goes around in the world, Tori. No one can, though some try..." His voice hushed down thinking of his father "What I'm saying is, even if you accepted Angela as your partner I bed she would've gone to visit her mom all the same, she would've been taken."


Hunter straightened at the admiration in her green-bottle eyes.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"No, you... You said exactly what Ruby did!" Tori leant forward in awe "Only with different words and without the yelling."

Hunter grinned imagining Ruby trying to comfort someone, hilarious.

"That's why we're partners."

"Yeah, right." Tori gazed to the doors when a 'whoosh' came from them "I swear this guy's following us." She whispered with a cock of her head.

Hunter glanced at the boy, the one who'd passed them a while back. So Tori had seen him.

"You, come with me." He motioned with his hand.

"Hello to you to Colin, it's so nice to see you, oh wait... It's not." Tori twisted her lips into unwelcoming greeting.

Colin rolled his eyes.

"I got a call from Jake, looks like he decided to take your friend to our house but they got into trouble before arriving." Colin's brown eyes stared at Hunter with a freezing touch "Some of Conner's men caught two girls escaping the slums, let's just say Ruby and my brother didn't walk away."

Tori was on her feet, in front of Colin in a heartbeat.

"Oh my... What does that mean? Are they okay? Where are they?" She shot as many questions as her lungs permitted, before having to breathe to be able to keep from turning dizzy.

"Keep it down!" Colin hissed, looking to the door "Luke has no idea about this."

"Where are they?" Tori repeated.

"At the boat bay."

"They got far... Why haven't they come back?"

"One of the girl's was dead by the time they got involved in the fight, but the other one's hurt, they took her with them."

"What about these guys? Did Jake say if they followed or did they lose them?"

"Lost them. Jake wants a hand to bring the girl in."

"So? Go. You're the muscle not me." Tori crossed her arms with a much more calmer expression.

"Exactly, I'm muscle but I need you to steal a Hybrid."

"What makes you think I can get the codes to drive that thing?"

"Maybe because you're the one who changes the cafeteria menu without getting caught?"

"Fair enough." She conceded with a short sigh "Go, I'll be right behind you." Without waiting to her wave at him Colin was gone.

"What's the boat bay?" Hunter was keener than she thought "I'm great listener."

"A place where all the boats used to berth, not anymore though. Conner pretty much got rid of them all." Hunter nodded "So they must be hiding in the warehouse."

"You need help?"

Tori hesitated; she didn't want to leave him behind feeling left out, even more when Ruby was one of the people who needed help. She could see Hunter liked his partner, but then there was Colin and the last thing any of them needed was for him to pick an argument with Hunter calling out everyone's attention to them.

"It's better if you stay, Colin might go off the rails." She shook her head "Besides, if we're not back in..." She glanced at the digital panel on the wall "Half an hour you can tell Luke."

"Alright, watch your back, Tori."

She could tell he wasn't too happy with the idea of sitting there doing nothing, but he was accepting her decision anyway.

"I will."


Hybrids were slim cars fulled by energy. Each Hybrid had a code, that code worked as key. Without the right code you wouldn't go anywhere.

Colin wasn't a smooth driver, if anything he was an average danger to peons. Tori was hiding her face, burying it deeply to stifle a scream when Colin almost made them go off the road.

"I swear if you crash this—I'll kill you!"

She broke the silence in such a rush Colin jumped causing the steer wheel to make a tight left.

"Don't yell when I'm driving!" He shouted in an equal high tone.

Tori did her best to swallow and keep quiet, swearing to herself that if they made it to the boat bay alive Colin wouldn't be the one behind the wheel.

She had flung the door open as soon as he hit the brakes. Gasping for fresh air, Tori ran into the warehouse.

"Tori?" Ruby's voice hit her ears from behind a couple of boxes "Please tell me you didn't come running, we need to get this girl to our clinic. Fast."

"We brought a Hybrid, where is she?" Colin hurried from behind Tori.

"Though here." Ruby made for them to follow "I thought she was dead ten minutes ago, Jake gave made a cut in her chest to relieve some pressure that was keeping her from breathing right."

"Colin, gave me a hand with her, but careful her left shoulder's out-of-place." Jake explained when his younger sibling knelt along the girl "One, two... three."

Sounds of hurt came from the girl. Tori kept her nose wrinkled seeing the blood soaking the tattered top. Not to mention the purple bruises over her face.

"My God..." The blond breathed once both boys were out of ear shot "They were going to kill her."

"They killed the other one." Ruby commented as if it was natural "I almost killed one of them. To bad Jake stopped me." Ruby hit a box in a flare of rage "Conner is disgusting." She spat, silently Tori could only agree while thinking what that animal could be doing to Angela and the others he'd taken.

"We should hurry." Tori pulled at Ruby's arm "Colin can't drive us back, if he does we might not make it."

"You let him drive?" Jake's disbelieve was tremendous "You're lucky to be alive."

"You could've told me before..."

"Guys!" Colin shot "Discuss my sucking driver skills after we get back, 'kay?"

Jake snorted sitting at the wheel. For once in his life Colin seemed to be right. He only hoped the girl held on until they reached headquarters.

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