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The Experimental Class: School Families of Freshman Year

by Angela Fyre

Chapter 1: One Reader and One Silly Authoress

The writing heart of this girl is too many colors, always so confusing. He knows however that she's a very close friend to him. They don't even have to speak some days as they can communicate just that easily; even when they do she talks the most. She has this habit of singing in syllables that make almost no words and have meaning to few. Even she doesn't know the meaning, she just likes the sound. And even though her voice isn't the best, he still finds it quaint to him somehow; nice on his ears. He's quiet and shy, although he also loves joking around with either a few kids or even his school teachers. She doesn't make friends well either, a curious thing he notices since she's a bit more hyper and out there. But that may be the problem, seeing as she's a little bit insane in a good way he decides. Erik Morgano often found the simplest things to be the most interesting unless it was in the books he read, it was there where complex caught him more. Being from Peru, a Spanish American living now in Colletta Village of Faith Cove, life was curious to him. He is indeed Peruvian, but he is mostly rooted in the American cultures now. However, another complex thing that interests him is his friend, Angelina Lynn Kaye. She is a writing heart and if she didn't interest him much, she wouldn't really be his friend much. She is loud, but all at once she's closed and not very able when it comes around to making friends and all. Heck, becoming friends for the two was done by their Spanish teacher in eighth grade when he tossed the two next to each other. Given Angelina had been trying before that to befriend Erik it hadn't taken too much, just a small note and a few talks. Honey tan skin covers his skinny, flexible body. He enjoys heights, has no issues with school work, or reading. He loves joking around but is often found being solo such as games of solitaire or reading that he enjoys. His hair was a short, well arranged, soft pile of deep black atop his head, with only a few thin strands ever out of place. Erik had the luck of waking up pretty much perfected in this section, his brown eyes often mischievous and alight, even if he were sitting silent.

The country he now lives in, somewhat close to his originating country, is a large continent floating close to the Equator, forever in a permanent summer. Faith Cove is its name, floating all flowery and floral even in the midst of what some countries call winter. Does Faith Cove ever see winter? Nope, never. Formed by an underwater volcanic eruption in 2100, the year is now 2200 and it blossoms as the world's greatest melting pot in terms of the large diversity it offers. It leads the world greatly in many subjects, even being the country to have never battled in a war and having the lowest crime rate without not having no crime at all. It leads in technology, exclusive plants and animals, medical advances, and economically as well. If it wanted, it could take the world. But Faith Cove sits quietly, no desire to disturb the peace in which it lives. Besides, not all life is perfect; bullies still taint the schools and crime still glides the streets. Poor still exist, but the world isn't murderous and deathly in Faith Cove.

He sighs, letting Angelina's bored song rattle in the background as he reads;

"Airi airi mira mira ki. Kira kira ki, anata yo. Kira ki! Kira ki!"

It could mean something in a few languages, but it probably would make no sense. Angelina never means anything by it unless she starts thinking aloud between the useless lines of untranslated syllables. His hyper friend could be a true mystery, but it was better than aimlessly searching for a partner for those group activities or being alone period. He had other 'friends' but Angelina was closer than any of the guys were. Erik wasn't sure why, they didn't really have...those feelings for each other...or anything like that. But still, she is similar to him in some ways and she's always bouncing around unless she's in a sad or angry mood, which isn't rare in this school system.

"Hey Erik, what do you think this weird new class is that we ended up in?"

"I don't know."

"Me neither but it has this huge bold note that specifically states we can't switch out of it."

"That's a bit scary."

"But it's true!"

"I know. Didn't say otherwise."

She laughs momentarily as Erik glances at their schedules, which were almost completely the same again only switched around. They had about four of the eight classes, not including lunch, together. One of them was this mysterious class, known as 'RealSit101' and indeed, a large note declared they could not switch out no matter what they wanted. He could only figure it was this one question on the scheduling questionnaire; 'Are you afraid of an experiment towards something new?' At first, Erik had said yes until Angelina inspired him while bouncing around babbling about something new she had done with her hair or food or something he couldn't remember anymore. He figured it wouldn't be too bad, whatever the heck it was. So now he had this class and something said in his mind that it just had to be that one question.

Angelina twirls around as he reads, both waiting together for the train to school. Colletta Village is rather small, sort of compact. It was just big enough for a train but absolutely not big enough for people to own cars. No one, except bus drives and train conductors, drove cars in Colletta; they didn't exist in this small city for the simple reason that if even only half of Colletta's medium population had cars, no one would get anywhere. Only a train and two public buses ran through the circular city to get people around unless they decided to walk. Whatever they did, people here always got where they had to go. For those going on the buses or the train, there were all in one passes for an entire year available for only ten dollars; an essential and cheap purchase in this city of beauty. The school resides on the far west side of the city, a far cry from the east side that Erik and Angelina called home.

"Kira mira ri. So rei mei ki ma ki!"

He did sometimes briefly wonder if it meant anything, but it wasn't that important of a question in his eyes. It wasn't bothersome, no matter how off her voice could be. She still never failed to amaze him, she probably never would fail.

"What do you think? Do I sound okay today?"

He looks up, smiling just slightly and faintly, "Me gusta."

She grins at his Spanish, which translates straight to 'I like.' It's one of the highest compliments you can earn from the quiet Peruvian so Angelina can't complain and never would anyway. It's not a language she's fluent in despite being in the class to take it, but its one she knows a few words in. It's the same with Japanese; she simply knows bits of other languages but she's only truly fluent in English. Her friend however was fluent in Spanish and English.

"Hai! Gracias!" she exclaims, cheering 'yes' in Japanese and 'thank you' in Spanish.

Oh right. His authoress friend is also an otaku for romance, anime, and many other things. Her hair is a dirty blond, curly and fluffy as it falls soft and silky below her shoulders. Black wire frame glasses sit on her freckled nose as rosy yet pale white skin covers her. She has odd marks from bug bites or old injuries from her clumsiness. A pink t-shirt and a long black skirt cover her while white socks and athletic shoes colored in pink and silver complete her outfit. He simply wears comfortable denim capris and a gray short sleeved hoodie.

"I hope today is a good day," sighs Angelina.

"Yeah, sure," Erik replies.

He sighs as his eyes dash the end of the book. He closes it and looks up at his writing friend.

"Anything I can read?"

"You finished that? Erik, you just started that two days ago."

He looks at her, not bothering with words for his quiet personality, as if to say 'Yes and...?' She giggles before rummaging in her bag and pulling out her writing notebook.

"Here. Feel free to comment as you feel inclined."

He nods, opening the book and starting into the writing mind of his friend. Still, he had to wonder about that class; what could it possibly be?