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Chapter 4: The Sky, Strangers, and Words

Akira gives a moan, entering the small sky blue house he now lived in. Samuel cheers happily as their sister, Claudia, looked up. The blond was Samuel's sister and Akira's step-sister; being twenty years of age also made her the oldest and the leader of the house. Her bright blue eyes look over to her siblings and a smile touches her tired face. She turns off the water faucet of the sink and walks into the room, flipping her golden blond ponytail over her shoulder. Samuel happily hugs his sister as she warmly smiles at Akira.

"How was school today?"

"Awesome!" laughs Samuel.

"Stupid," Akira grunts.

Akira stomps past Claudia and sits down in the black armchair since he hasn't been in this house before. The living room is small with a few chairs, a couch, and a TV. An archway leads from the purple living room into the ruby red kitchen of red linoleum and tulip wallpaper. Even the stove and cabinets are red, the fridge is black, and the laundry machines stand in a corner, both colored black as well. A single chandelier hangs in every room of the small house, lighting each room by it's lonesome. At the back of the kitchen is a backdoor to the backyard in which a treehouse stands. Perpendicular to the archway into the kitchen is a door into the hallway of three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom extension.

Claudia's eyes sadly follow Akira as he sits down and plops his hand on top of his red and black hair. He didn't look like them and he didn't want to. But their father was his father, who had been divorced by their mother. After that was when he had started the family that included Akira, making Samuel a bit older but not by much since the reality was that Akira was the result of his father cheating on their mother with his mentally unstable one. It was painful for Claudia and Samuel to know this...but it was the truth. Akira was the child of a cheating father, something he currently didn't know and wouldn't for awhile. He only knew that their mother had divorced his father, not the cruel details in between. Claudia sighs mournfully, her hair rugged and tangled as she looks at him.

"Well...I have placed your luggage in your new room. Samuel will show you, dinner will be ready at five."

Samuel leads the way as Akira rises and follows him down that hallway into the last room. Opening the oak door, Akira found his boxes neatly laid out and undisturbed on the aqua carpet. The white walls are currently bare as a cherry wood desk sits against the south wall under one of the black framed windows. The other lies in the west wall next to his bed, both had blue curtains over them. His bed is a twin bed and a closet stood next to the bathroom extension, also in the west wall. Against the east is an dresser and a TV sitting on an aqua entertainment center. Akira sighs grumpily, not fully ready to accept this new reality he's being presented with.


"Let me be."

Samuel sighs heavily and bites his lip, thinking of what Claudia had told him.

'Samuel, we have a step-brother...'

'What? How?'

'When Mom kicked Dad out...he had another son.'


'But he's about your age...meaning our father really had been unfaithful at some point.'

'I see...'

He couldn't find anything else to say at that point. What does anyone say upon hearing this kind of news?

'Samuel...he's coming to live with us, since his mom has gone crazy it sounds like. I don't think he'll accept us at first but...we'll just have to keep trying.'

She hadn't been kidding on that, he could see that for sure. Still, something in Samuel had hoped meeting his brother, step or not, would have been funner than this. Although he did understand his brother...it is still hard for him. Samuel leaves the room, shutting the door behind him as Akira continues standing there blankly.

Somehow...he swore...somehow he would befriend his brother.

"Ai ra sol mei toh bi ka sa ra ma oh ki ta. Ka sol rei mei kai do da kira kira ki."

He sits by her calmly, reading her notebook as she dances around and chirps her song merrily. The sun shines upon a shimmering sky, warm on Angelina's skin as she dances near the bench where Erik sits. Yet, something in her voice sounds odd, like she is about to cry. Her father wasn't well when she got home, so she had come to the park with Erik in order to allow her father rest.

'Don't cry,' Erik prayed mentally, 'I hate it when you cry.'

He had first really spoken to her when he had found her crying. Erik had arrived in Spanish last year to find she had gotten there first. She was crying, the room empty and lonely. As he approached his seat, she quickly wiped this away as he looked at her and she glanced up at him, her eyes watery and slightly sparkly.

"Have a good day?"


They hadn't been friends yet, not technically. But she would talk to him just to ask questions like that one. He stares at her, meeting his eyes to hers and not sitting in his seat next to her just yet.

"Why are you crying?"

"I'm...I'm not..."

He gives her a 'Yeah, right...' face, the first of their now numerous wordless talks. She sighs sadly, wiping her eyes again.

"I'm...I'm not violent...not much...am I?"

Looking at her sad bluish green eyes, Erik stood on the seat of his desk and then sat down on the desk, a common habit of his that left his feet where his seat would go. With this, he shook his head.

"I wouldn't say so."

She smiles but then frowns a little.

"But then again...you don't know me well."

Erik sighs and tries to think. She does manage to make him smile though; those questions she asks are important but rarely asked to him lately.

"Well no, but...you do ask questions no one else bothers with."

"What? Like 'how are you doing?' No one asks you that?"

"Not often."

People started coming in, but Erik and Angelina weren't really paying attention. He just wanted her to stop crying, something about it bugged him.

"I see..."Angelina sighs.

"But you aren't very violent. More hyper I think."

She smiles, "Thank you."

He gets off the seat and sits correctly, "No problem."

The bell rings just as he says this and their first real talk ends just like that.

Their friendship however has just begun with this.

"Kira kira ki ah ra sol mei kei rei do. It's so nice out, isn't it Erik? Ki ka su rei do mei da."

Of course its a nice day, this is Faith Cove. There's only one storm a month. But Erik goes with it anyway.


His eyes alternate between reading her notebook and watching her dance in the sun. During those seconds watching her, it takes a single blink before Angelina is crying during her twirl. Tears glitter and Erik squeezes his eyes shut briefly. Slowly, she melts down to her knees in tears and he feels his heart snap. What could he do about this? He didn't know, he didn't know what to do but he knew something had to be done. Erik sits her notebook aside and runs to her, placing his hand on her back. His mind searches for words and this is where it fails; leaving him with only one option to go to.

"Angelina...I'm no good with tears..." he sighs.

She laughs at this, still finding joy that he tried, and turns her head up to him, where he's looking away in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry..."

He chuckles lowly, "Está bien, no sea."

Angelina sighs, "Translate that. I swear, my Spanish is failing me."

"It's okay, don't be," Erik replies.

"Ah, thanks."

Angelina wobbles onto her feel and he stands, balancing her by holding her arm as she stands and pulls herself together.

"Want some dinner? I'll cook."

He nods, picking up her notebook and walking by her as they hiked back to her home.

"Sometimes Erik...I really find myself...disliking the person looking back to me in the mirror..."

His face contorts in confusion, "Why?"

"I never can say the words I want to say. Nothing I say really matters to anyone. My world falls apart and I can do nothing to help it. I can't...I can't even help my father and sometimes when he needs things that he can't get himself...I get frustrated with him over it; over the simplest things. I feel horrible afterwards but it always happens again...again and again. I'm just...such a terrible daughter..."

"Angelina...that's not true. We're all human, very few people have the best patience to deal with so much as once. Renaia happens to be blessed with such patience...most aren't. That includes both of us."

"You don't have patience?"

"Not much more than you."

"I had no idea."

"I haven't had to show it in a long time," he laughs.

She smiles at him, "Arigatou Erik...for being here."

Knowing this is 'thank you' in Japanese followed by his name and reasoning, he says not a word, knowing Angelina didn't require his words; only a simple smile in return.

The next day, seventh class arrives pretty quickly. Miss Silverstone watches her class fill the chairs to which their family belongs. After silently taking attendance, she looks up with a serious face.

"Okay class, today we will be sorting out the roles each person within the family is taking. There are many formats of families, whether its blended families, siblings only, spouses only, or a full generation. Each one has subsets of it too and there are even more than that. Remember that this class is about imagination and the curriculum I worked with others to create over summer. Now, in this jar I have some different family formats and one member of each family will pick one. After that, I will assign the roles myself by what I decide. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am."

Erik is unanimously chosen for the draw when the time comes. Sighing and looking away, his skinny fingers of honey tan reach into the jar, pluck a paper, and hands this to Angelina.

"We are an modified-blended family. Oh dear...that ought to be fun," sighs Angelina worriedly.

"Alright," a small twinkle comes to Miss Silver's eye, "-Erik and Angelina are the new couple. Akira and Samuel are the sons of Erik, Angelina is mother to our twins; Natasha and Natalie. Renaia is Angelina's sister and Gerald is not her husband but her boyfriend that lives 'house' with them," she does air quotes on 'house.'

A blush was immediately evident on four faces; those of the 'couples' in the 'household' of course.

"F...fantastic," stammers Angelina.

Erik and Gerald find absolutely nothing to say for this situation and even Renaia can't find her voice for a few minutes.

"L...lovely indeed," Renaia finally smiles as she says this.

"Great," grunts Akira.

"Awesome!" cheers Samuel with enthusiasm.

"Welcome to the family world you guys," Natasha and Natalie speak.

Akira looks at them with an annoyed face, "Great. Where's the off switch? Better yet, the self-destruct switch."

"Akira!" cries Samuel.

Erik and Angelina sigh in unison as the family continues babbling, outside of Renaia and Gerald, whom sit silent.

"How'd we get into this mess?" she asks.

He shakes his head, a non-verbal way to say that he does not have a single clue. Miss Silverstone laughs, sensing great things for this special type of blended family. She sees the potential for them to be the best family in this first year.

Unlike how they perceive themselves, as with any person, she can see the possibilities. Miss Silver sees the little things, the things most never think of. The way Akira is acting frustrated when all he wants to know is how they can do that so easily. The concern Samuel has for his half-brother. A possible friendship for a lonely boy and a lonely girl. Lastly, she sees something for an authoress and a young Peruvian boy...but even Blanca Silverstone isn't sure what that might be yet.

"The first sleepover will be this weekend so I'm sending home permission slips and notices for parents to read as well as sign."

She begins passing these forms out, one by one. Some toss the page away. Some read the whole thing. Some only read the section on what to bring and what not to bring. Some just scan over it. Whatever they do, the weekends are looking to be a thing of familial times and the augmentative whims that go with it.