"Do you have that story due last class? You and Will were absent."

"Oh! Right, here you go Mr. O'Callaghan."

As the prospect of a new school year arrived so do the fresh flush of fall colors. Trees were a marbled red, green, orange and yellow while pollen gnawed away at people's allergies.

Mr. Graham Callahan climbed out of his shiny black BMW with his leather laptop case in tow. He fixed his tousled brown hair and black rimmed glasses.

He was ready for another year of teaching the Creative Writing classes, but it wasn't like he did that much teaching anyway.

Mr. O'Callaghan chuckled.

The tall man made his way through the parking lot weaving his way past students and the occasional fellow teacher.

It took him a second to realize that he had bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm sorry," He apologizes. His voice was a gruff tossup between baritone and bass. It was slightly worn from the cigarettes he smoked. Luckily for him though the cigarettes didn't do a toll on his 25 year old appearance, but merely his voice, "I didn't watch where I was going."

He nonchalantly bends down to pick up the sunglasses that had fallen. Everything Graham Callahan did was nonchalant.

He finally looks into the eyes of the person he had bumped into.

"O-oh I'm um-hi." He stammers breaking his usual nonchalance.

"Hi," she replies not too interested, "Thanks."

"I'm Graham Callahan,"

"Aubrey Geller."

And even though he wouldn't admit it anyone out loud he had imagined what it would be like if she was Aubrey Callahan instead.

Aubrey though was wondering when this man would give her, her sunglasses back. She shifted slightly in her black Louboutins.

"So you're a new teacher, which class are you teaching?"

After the previous year a handful of teachers had retired thus opening positions for quite a few new teachers. Graham had ranted nonchalantly to his students last year that he hated interacting with new teachers and having to deal with all the false pleasantries. Even if he himself was new to the school, and teaching itself, only three years ago.

"Human Anatomy."

He let out an involuntary 'oh'.

Aubrey Geller undoubtedly had the best body he'd ever seen. And she teaches human anatomy. Oh the irony.

But he had to question if she was in the right state of mind because she was beautiful and so gorgeous, so becoming a high school teacher? Absurd.

Sure Graham was attractive and more than a few of his students had crushes on him, but he didn't have anything on Aubrey.

She would definitely be the thing of pubescent boy's wet dreams.

Aubrey though was fully aware of how attractive she was. In high school she was that girl. The girl that boys drooled over, but could only dream of having. She was amused at how she'd return to high school the exact same way.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing I just think it's ironic that's all."

Even with a frown on her face she was still outlandishly pretty, "How so?"

Her bright blue eyes darkened a bit.

"The last human anatomy teacher was a balding old man who definitely did not look quite like you do."

Well that was the half-truth.

"I'll take that as a compliment. Care to give me my sunglasses back?"

"Oh right of course."

His usually lightly tanned skin and rosy complexion become rosier.

Aubrey had to admit that she thought it was cute. He was cute, adorable and possibly even sexy. But she wasn't going to get herself involved with him.

Aubrey had been previously engaged to a man and although she'd never admit it the quality he liked most about him was his money. And dating another teacher would result in small cash flow which she did not favor. She also currently didn't favor the idea of having a relationship as well.

She locked her pristine white Cadillac and made her way into the school. Graham watched as her figure made its way into the building with a toss of her dirty blond debatably brown hair over her shoulder.

He knew right away that she'd be the death of him.

Graham blew on his steaming hot coffee as he walked down the empty hallway. After his first class of the day he had a free period. Although he would've preferred to have first free instead of third he was happy regardless.

He sighs rather content as he sits at his desk.


Graham looks up nonchalantly and his breath catches ever so slightly.

"Aubrey-er ."

"I had no idea that this was your class…but um I need some help." She admits. She tucks a strand of her ever so lightly waved hair behind her ear.

"Yeah sure."

He gets up and follows her to her classroom.

He couldn't help but glance down at her. She was a good three or four inches shorter than him, but she would definitely be noticeably shorter without her heels.

"What do you need help with?" He clears his throat.

"The projector. I can't figure out how to work it."

"Or maybe it's because you can't reach it." He teases her.

Two weeks since their first meeting had passed. She was cold, but he discovered that she was cold to everyone. She could be rather snarky and blunt. He liked it.

She had noticed that the tall man seemed just like one of those guys in high school. He looked like he played soccer or swam, maybe both, and he had this charm to him that people loved. He had a smile that could win anyone over.

They rarely spoke but if they did Graham was the one to initiate it. He'd see her in the morning or maybe at the end of the day. They had a meeting and he spoke to her after it as well.

"Can you just help me?" She snapped.

She hated to admit it but she really couldn't reach the projector. It was above her lab table and she hadn't had to use it once in the two weeks she's been here.

The room was large and had a high ceiling which was perfect for the previous teacher who occupied the room. Off to the side was the teacher's desk and at the front of the room was a large white board and projection screen. Then at the front in the middle of everything was a lab desk for Aubrey to do demonstrations. Then in neat rows were black topped lab desks where the students sat in pairs.

With ease Graham had turned the projector on and pressed all the right buttons to make sure it was on the correct settings.

"There you go." He smiles.

Aubrey hated to admit it but he was sexy enough to make glasses look hot. Which was a quality she always loved about a man.

"Thanks," She mutters.

"Hi Mr. Callahan!" one or two female students call. He curtly smiled and waved in their general direction.

"Hey, you should stay and help us." One of Graham's favorite students, Will, suggest.

"Nah Will I'm not too sure if I'm fit for uh-" Graham looks behind his shoulder at the board and sees a diagram of an eyeball, "this." He finishes lamely.

"Come on! You should totally be my partner since Frankie isn't here."

He cringes a bit, "If Ms. Geller will let me stay then I guess I will."

"Sweet." The boy smiles, "So?"

Reluctantly she agrees, "Fine. Grab a pair of gloves."

Will pulls up his pants and squirms around in his seat as Graham puts on a pair of gloves and sits in the stool next to his student.

Will had taken Creative Writing 1 back in his freshman year and has stick with it up till now, his senior year.

Graham had secretly liked how outgoing and bold his student was and would appreciate it in the long run.

Mr. O'Callaghan laughs again. He bites the hangnail on his thumb and flips to the next page of the story.

Like every other male in the class room Graham listened intently as Aubrey spoke. She did a demo of how to cut into the eyeball and how to identify the parts. She went on to tell the students a few more tidbits of information and told them that they'd need to answer the questions after and do a lab write-up.

Graham kept his eyes on Aubrey as Will started the lab. The boy nudged the older man and he broke his gaze.

"Ms. Geller's pretty isn't she." Will smiled slyly.

Graham frowned, "Yeah sure."

"Sure?" Will half shouts, "God she could be a Victoria's Secret model. I would kill to see her in a-"

"Okay okay I get it Will. You think she's really good looking."

"Well don't you Mr. C?" He gave him a 'come on' look.

Graham wanted nothing more than to jump up and scream 'hell fucking yeah I think she's the best looking woman in the universe' but he didn't. He was too nonchalant for that.

"Fine Will I do think she's ridiculously good looking." He said without any vigor.

"See now what that so hard to admit?"

Mr. Callahan continues on helping the boy dissect and identify the parts of the eyeball. He was getting flashbacks from when he was a teenager in high school.

Once it was over and time for Will to answer the questions Mr. Callahan got up and threw his gloves away.

"Not gonna help me answer the questions?" Will asked hopeful that he'd get his teacher's help. Will had to say that Mr. Callahan was his favorite teacher by far. He was chill, young and easy to talk to. He wasn't uptight about things and was honest. Although Ms. Geller was honest in a mean way he liked her too despite her good looks. Will hoped that the two would get together and have beautiful babies.

Mr. O'Callaghan smiled to himself.

"Sorry Will. There's only so much I can help you with." He stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked toward Aubrey Geller. She sat idly at her desk typing away on her laptop. She looked up at the approaching man, shut her laptop and got up as she noticed the raised hand.

With the man's help Will had finished his lap a bit earlier than the rest of the students. Noticeably a few were struggling to piece the membrane thoroughly.

As he trailed behind her Aubrey noticed Graham Callahan was wearing Oxford's and a nice Ralph Lauren sweater. She liked his fashion sense. She liked his light scruff.

"Ms. Geller we can't cut it." Arielle had informed her. Arielle was this dull girl played field hockey and wore pearls.

Will had noticed her staring at him during football and soccer practices last year as well as in class this year. Ms. Geller had noticed her staring at him as well.

Will was a popular boy Aubrey had noticed, but he was a genuine sweetheart who loved to learn-at least in regards to certain subjects. He was a very bold boy but wasn't obnoxiously loud anything and she liked that about him.

She had realized that his best friend Frankie was probably a boy he had known since forever which was why they were such good friends. At least she assumed that they'd have such a cliché friendship.

Frankie was also a very genuine boy who seemed rather innocent and she liked that too, but felt like the real world would eat him alive.

"You have to make sure you pierce it with the scalpel Arielle. Straight to the hollow middle then saw through. But be careful of the formaldehyde and other fluids as you do it."

Arielle made a disgusted face as her partner, her twin brother, took over.

They were both platinum blonds with fair skin and freckles. Her brother Andrew was a lot more timid and nerdier than she was with his lankly physique and not as clear complexion.

"So Ms. Geller," Graham said grabbing the woman's attention. She looked at him and he couldn't help but smile. She slightly scowled.

One girl, Madison Albright, had a huge crush on Mr. Callahan and so she focused her attention on him as her partner did the work.

"Yes Mr. Callahan?"

Graham had to suppress a shiver as her heard her voice. He just really really liked it when she spoke. He also couldn't help but find it a bit dirty when she called him Mr. Callahan.

Mr. O'Callaghan almost choked on his coffee while reading this. He shook his head with an amused look.

He wasn't sure what he was going to say but he had to say something.

"If you need help, you know where to find me."

"Well if you ever want to dissect things, you know where to find me."

Graham Callahan sent her a smile before leaving Aubrey Geller's classroom.

Aubrey felt an inkling of a butterfly in her stomach. She didn't like it one bit.

He had persuaded her to join him for lunch at the Panera a few blocks over. The two had just finished up discussing their current state. This was Aubrey's first year teaching and broke off her engagement to a boy she's known forever but didn't love. Graham couldn't help but feel jealous, but also relieved that she didn't marry him. Graham had revealed with no embarrassment whatsoever that he hasn't ever been in a serious relationship.

He had decided that he wanted to know much much more about the woman across from him.

"So you never told me why you started teacher human anatomy." Graham looks at the woman across from him with such interest that she has to look away from his gaze. She averts her eyes to the less attractive table.

"What can I say, I like the human body." She had tried to make it sound as un-suggestive as she could.

Of course that wasn't how it came out.

"So do I, but I don't teach about it."

"Alright I love the body. I find it fascinating and beautiful. Science was always my favorite subject in high school anyway." She shrugs.

Graham had wanted to tell her that he found her fascinating and beautiful as well as how much he loved her body.

She had been here for nearly two months. Graham had sat in her third period class as often as he could. It was like he was becoming one of her students and she found it cute.

When boredom overcame her she'd go to Graham's classes seeing as how she taught only four classes as he taught six.

She wouldn't speak to him, but she'd sit there and use one of the many computers in his room.

Graham found it cute.

He had noticed that she only really spoke to the teachers in her department and one other outside her department besides him. He had noticed that the thirty-five year old physics teacher who was recently divorced had taken an interest in her as well.

"And that's why you teach?"

"I was an artist actually. But I never wanted to pursue it as a career. I took some classes my freshman year and fell in love with anatomy and biology. I picked anatomy since it involved more dissecting and ended up teaching somehow."

She frowned at how much he wanted to know about her.

"An artist…never would've guessed." Graham leaned back in his chair and watched as Aubrey continued to eat. She was much slower than he was, but then again he still ate like he did in high school.

Aubrey shrugs, "Looks can be deceiving."

"What impression did you get from me then? What kind of guy do you think I was in high school?"

"Honestly I thought you were the athletic type. You have the body for it. You seemed like one of the popular charismatic boys who got whatever he wanted."

Aubrey looked into his deep brown eyes.

"I played soccer and was the best swimmer in the state," he confirmed, "You could say I was a bit popular and charismatic," He smiles, "But I most certainly didn't get whatever I wanted."

"Oh? How so?"

"I always had to work for things. Really hard actually. I never dated though, not until college. It never appealed to me at the time."

"But you slept around." Aubrey accused.

"No. I did sleep with two girls in the four years of my high school career but only once each."

Aubrey didn't say anything.

"But you clearly slept around." Graham said causing Aubrey to look at him again.

"And what makes you say that?"

"Because you're too attractive to have not. You know you're gorgeous and you use that to your advantage. You of course only slept with older men who preferably had money."

Aubrey glares at the man.

"I'm right, am I not?" Graham grins with satisfaction.

"No you're right," She confirms, "Please, Mr. Graham Callahan, do tell me other things about myself."

Graham's grin widened, "You probably didn't play a sport since fucking older men wasn't considered a sport yet, and you got straight A's and was voted 'most attractive' if not 'best dressed' or 'best eyes'. I would say 'best smile', but I'm going to guess that you didn't smile all too much since I have yet to see you really smile."

Although she wanted to be mad at him she couldn't because he was completely and utterly right.

She had to hold back the smile she had lingering on her lips.

"And yet despite your carefree nonchalant demeanor you are always smiling." She said.

"Because you make me smile." He admitted.

And no matter how hard she tried to fight it she couldn't. She smiled.

Graham Callahan knew at that very moment that he was in love with Aubrey Geller.

"So you won't go out with me?"

"No and I probably never will." Aubrey tied her long tresses into a high pony tail. She had on a white square necked dress that hugged her torso perfectly and the skirt gradually glared out ever so slightly. It went a few inches above her knees. She had on a bold blue statement necklace with Louboutins the same color.

She made her way out of the copy room and ran into the hard chest of Graham Callahan.

"Hi," He smiled and greeted her almost breathlessly. His large hands held onto her tiny waist.

She opened her mouth to return his greeting but frowned. He smelled like sweet tobacco and his cologne, "Smoking's really bad for you Graham."

Graham always liked it when she scolded him for smoking. He liked that she cared for him.

He also liked that they were on a first name basis.

"There's a reason why it's called a bad habit Aubrey."

"Well you should quit."

"Do you want me to quit?"

"Well obviously since I told you that you should." She glares.



"Okay I'll quit." He confirms.

"Why? I mean it's good that you want to but-"

"Because you asked me to."

"I never asked you to." She said confused.

"Ask me to."

"Umm…will you quit smoking?"

"Okay I'll quit." He says again with a big grin.

"But why?" Aubrey asks again.

"Because I'll do anything you ask."

Aubrey felt her heartbeat pick up.


She wormed her way out of his grasp and got as far away from Graham Callahan as she could.

Because she could've sworn that in that instant she fell in love with him.

"So your test should be pretty easy today. You just have to dissect the fetal pig, label its parts and answer three lab questions. It's the same thing that you did with the cat last week so I don't think any of you will do poorly on this."

Will and Frankie high fived each other and the crisp sound lingered in the air for a bit. Anatomy had tied with Creative Writing for their favorite class. Although they had to work much more in anatomy it was fun and interesting. While the creative writing class itself was easy, they didn't do much and mostly did homework for other classes or talked, but then at home they loved the homework and assignments.

Mr. Callahan and Ms. Geller had become their favorite teachers.

Of course everyone expected to see Mr. Callahan during third period anatomy and loved his presence.

Everyone couldn't help but notice how Mr. Graham Callahan looked at Ms. Aubrey Geller like she was the only one in the room and how she lit up his life.

He seemed wildly happier.

And although her affect for the man wasn't as obvious everyone could tell that she was very much infatuated with him.

"Ms. Geller," Graham appeared at the doorway, "Mind stepping out here for a moment?"

She looked a bit flustered and walked out closing the door behind her leaving the students to their tests.

Almost no one could focus though as all their attention was on the two teachers behind the door.

"Hey," Graham smiled.

"Hi," Aubrey said a bit unsure.

The two had their first date two days ago. He had taken her out to a dinner on the harbor. They had strolled down the docks and watched the stars together. Although he really really really wanted to kiss her…among other things he didn't.

Naturally this confused Aubrey but it kept her on her toes. She really really really wanted to kiss him.

"Hi," Graham repeated like an idiot. He cupped her face with his large calloused hand gave her the most earth shattering kiss in the universe.

Behind the door Frankie did a little dance before sprinting back to his seat.

"Hi," Aubrey repeated as her lips grazed Graham's.

He gave her a light kiss and she gave him a few more.

"Would you care to go on another date with me?"

"Yes," She replied without hesitation. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again. She noticed how he tasted nothing like tobacco.

"Graham Callahan." She snarls.

"Aubrey Geller," He frowns.

"I can't stand you. You're insufferable and I don't even know why I agreed to go out with you!" She stomps her foot like a child.

"Aubrey do you honestly think that it's such a bad idea?"

"It's been five months Graham. You think I'm going to marry you after five damn months?"

And she would've oh she really would've. But she hates how he can be so cocky and how he just thinks he knows every damn thing.

"Yes I do. I wouldn't have asked if I didn't think that. I love you Aubrey and you love me, so why not? I don't want to be with anyone else but you."

She felt her heart melt a bit.

"You just think you know everything."

"Because when it comes to you I do know everything. I notice everything and you're really the only thing that matters Aubrey."

"Graham," Aubrey sighs.

"Please baby? Why wait if we're both sure about this?"

Graham could feel his heart falling out of his chest. He was madly in love with this woman and she was denying him everything he could ever want. A life with her forever, or for as long as she'd have him.

"Graham," She sighs again. She wants to give in and accept the gorgeous diamond ring he bought for her. But she's absolutely terrified and he's not doing a damn thing to help her.

He isn't giving her any sort of security. He isn't reassuring her that everything will be okay as long as they're together.

Because she never did believe that love was really all you needed.

"Aubrey tell me what you want then, tell me what to do."

"I just-I need to feel secure. I feel like I'm six feet off the ground."

"You've always relied of science Aubrey, but not everything has a concrete answer. Sometimes you just need to have faith."

"Well there's a reason why I never did believe in God." She said as she left Graham standing there.

With that simple departure they felt both of their hearts breaking into a million pieces.

Hey Mr. O'Cal! We ended it there because you have to finish it yourself. Go find Ms. Weller and tell her that everything will be okay as long as she marries you! And we totally call dibs on being godfather of your next two kids! – Will Gleason and Frankie Luti.

P.S. we found both of your blogs-that's how we know everything! We're totally team O'Callaghan-Weller.

Mr. O'Callaghan couldn't help but smile as he read the kids' note. He was amused how they brilliantly changed his named from O'Callaghan to Callahan and hers from Weller to Geller to keep a false sense of discreetness and 'anonymity'.

He liked how the two boys noticed how he would visit Aubrey during their third period and decided to write a story about them. He liked how they put thought and effort into the story and di their research.

He also liked how their telling of the story was nearly perfect to how things went in real life.

He gave the boys a big red 'A' before getting up to kiss the love of his life senseless. He made sure to pour all the love he could into the one kiss and to make sure that she'd know that he'd take care of her.

He asked her to marry him again in front of her third period anatomy class.

She said yes.

A/n: Sorry about switching tenses throughout the story. Hahahah I hope it isn't too confusing because of that. Just a fluffy oneshot/technically twoshot.

Thoughts? XX