Near the end of the pile of tests Ms. Weller had found Will and Frankie's paper. She knew that Will usually did the writing for things that got graded since he had nicer handwriting, but Frankie usually knew the answers.

Why is it necessary for the trachea to have rings of cartilage in its walls?

Well Ms. Weller we know that the trachea is also referred to as the windpipe and we also know that Mr. O' Callaghan really misses you and wants to utilize his windpipe to declare his undying love for you.

Okay no but really they trachea has rings so it can prevent the trachea from crushing and thus choking the animal.

You know so the animal, and in this case the fetal pig, doesn't die. Just like how without you Mr. O'Callaghan will die. You're kind of like the oxygen he breaths so he'd choke without you.

Aubrey Weller couldn't help but laugh at their answer.

Why do the lungs have a large number of blood vessels?

The lungs have a large number of blood vessels because the lungs give oxygen to the blood and removes CO2.

You know like how you removed cigarettes from Mr. O' Callaghan's life!

Explain what must happen for the lungs to expand, allowing you to inhale.

The diaphragm needs to relax so the lungs can expand. Just like how you need to relax so you can let Mr. O'Callaghan back into your life allowing you both to breathe again!

You look sad without him. Or at least more sad than you were before.

She smiles and realizes how much she adores the two boys.

Why is it necessary to close the opening of a puncture wound in the chest?

You need to close the puncture wound in the chest so the blood and oxygen can escape the body.

So go right ahead and close that puncture wound in your chest Ms. Weller so all the bad vibes can escape!

And close that puncture wound in Mr. O's chest while you're at it because he's heartbroken without him and quite frankly it's kind of pitiful. Like a wounded puppy-aha! Like a puppy with a puncture wound in its chest. Now that's rough.

What is the purpose of the pericardial sac that surrounds the heart in mammals?

It reduces friction right? In the tissues? Which would otherwise cause inflammation. The outer coat is tough and loosely cloaks the heart but the inner coat is double with one layer closely adherent to the heart.

Like how You try to pretend all tough and dandy without Mr. O'Cal but we both know that he's too close to your heart for you to let go of. Otherwise you'll get an inflamed heart and die!

Aubrey shakes her head.

Why is pulmonary circulation bypassed in the unborn fetal pig, and how is it bypassed?

The pulmonary circulation bypassed in the unborn fetal pig because there is no need for the blood to go to the lungs and "pick up" blood as the fetus is not breathing in the womb. The fetus' mother is providing all of its oxygenation needs via umbilical artery.

Okay, so Mr. O is like a fetal pig. He didn't need oxygen and whatever because he was just a fetus in a womb before you. He had everything he needed, but then he met you and he was born! He then needed to breath but can't survive now without you. You're the air he needs to survive.

What are the main functions of the liver in mammals?

The main functions of the liver in mammals are that it filters blood that comes from the digestive tract before moving it on to other areas of the body. It makes proteins that help maintain the volume of blood. It stores and processes carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and turn them into glucose. It eliminate harmful by products of our bodily functions.

You're Mr. O' Callaghan's liver Ms. Weller! Go to him. Love him. Be his wife and have beautiful babies.

If a mammal drinks large amounts of saltwater, what will this do to its urinary output?

If a mammal drinks large amounts of saltwater, it will try to get rid of the excess salt by excreting excess water slowly dehydrates itself to death.

He's slowly dehydrating himself to death without you! You're not only his air, rings of cartilage and liver you're his everything.

Now please go and love him!


Aubrey let out a laugh.

Somehow they had managed to answer all the questions correctly while playing cupid. No wonder it took them so long to finish.

She glanced at the date at the top, which was a week ago. They day that Graham O' Callaghan had proposed to her for the second time and the day she agreed.

She had read the story they wrote and couldn't help but love the two boys. They were hooligans, but were sweethearts.

Aubrey looked up at the faint rasp of knuckles on her door.

Graham stood there with a huge sloppy charming smile on his face.

"Come on love, we better go off and get me a ring." He winks.

Her huge diamond engagement ring sparkled in the light and she gave the boys a 24/24 before grabbing her purse.

"It's not like I have to worry about some other woman snatching you up." She jokes.

"Yes, but I think you'd much prefer to see me with a matching ring to yours. I know how much it bothers you when things don't match."

She rolled her eyes and gives her fiancé a kiss. He intertwined their fingers.

"It's a good thing we match so well then." She said before giving him a second kiss.

Graham cupped her face and gave her a deep kiss, "It really is."

"Oh by the way I need to show you Will and Frankie's test later."

Graham lets out a loud deep laugh, "Can't wait."

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