Save Me, Oh Dear Knight


My whole body feels it, from my stone-cold hands to my stone-cold feet. Even my heart, my mind, my soul feels cold when the shivers run down my spine.

But I'm used to it. Slowly, but surely, I'm embracing the coldness inside of me, welcoming, acceptin it, because there is no other way. And so I push the remaining warmth away.

Because I am a monster.

But. . .I do not want to hurt. To take the warmth offered to me by some kind creature would only melt away the granite, into nothingness.

But maybe, just maybe, someone will come along, one day, with enough warmth to completely melt away the many layers of ice surrounding my heart, to create something new out of what once was, or, perhaps, set somehting free, something that was once trapped and hidden, buried deep within, waiting for that day and person. And on that day, a side of me will be revealed, new before seen by anybody else.

But until then, I will have to remain inside the walls of the prison I have unwittingly created for myself. Waiting, yearning for that knight on his horse to come by on that day.

They may berate me for my foolish fantasies. But. . .then, is it wrong to yearn for the near-impossible?

But I, unlike others, truly hope with all my heart that the fateful day will come true.

Tell me, oh dear knight. Is it wrong—and stupid—to wait for you, and for true love?

Save me, oh dear knight.