06-04-2012 - EDIT: Changed the ending and fixed a few unclear bits here and there.

A/N: I'm using my dad's horrible desktop, cause my laptop broke and can't start. :c This was inspired by the Vocaloid song by SeeU called 'Hide and Seek'. I like it a lot and couldn't resist writing a story about it, but I creeped myself out writing it. Go listen to the song, it's one of the best SeeU songs I've heard. Oh yeah, Li Shuen is the character I created to use as SeeU when using her songs to write stories.


It was 12 midnight, and my parents were out. Frantic knocking on my door repeated itself, and I stood several feet back from the door, not wanting to open it. A girl from my class, Li Shuen, had been asking me to open the door for the past five minutes, but I couldn't. I just had a bad feeling about opening it, like I was going to be killed the instant I opened the door. I could sense that something bad was outside the door, and I didn't want to open the door for Li Shuen in case whatever it was came in.

"Please, just open the door! It's going to catch me! Please, open u-"

A loud, piercing shriek rang out in my ears, and I wondered just what had happened. What had Li Shuen meant by 'it's going to catch me'? What was going to catch her and why? And what had happened to her?

Curious, I peered out of the peephole, and nearly froze in horror. My green eyes met with hers, but her eyes were no longer their usual shade, and the white part of her eyes had turned black. She looked at me and smiled. My blood ran cold immediately. That was not a normal smile; it looked like it was going to split her face and her teeth had sharpened into points.

Fear gripped me and I felt my heart slamming against my chest as I heard a horrible noise: the sound of the doorknob turning. I looked down immediately, hoping that it was just my imagination, but instead, my fears were confirmed; the doorknob was turning itself! Or perhaps it was Li Shuen picking the lock, but I didn't have the courage to try and stop her from coming in, instead all I could think of was finding somewhere safe to hide, somewhere where she wouldn't be able to find me. The door swung open on its hinges, and I fled.

I ran as fast as I could, pelting down the corridor in my house, heading for my bedroom. All the while, I heard Li Shuen's voice – albeit a distorted, disembodied version of it – saying, "Ding dong, I'm here! Hurry up and hide, let's play hide-and-seek!" Her footsteps, normal and calm, resounded throughout the house, reminding me that she was right behind me. Cold sweat beaded on my forehead and I resisted the urge to scream, knowing that she would figure out where I was.

"I can hear you, I can hear your footsteps and your breathing~!"

I could hear her as well, and I realized, with a sinking of my heart, that she had started to run. Li Shuen had always been the fastest runner in my class and I would definitely be unable to outrun her. Fortunately for me, I sprinted down the corridor and was soon at my bedroom door. Throwing it open, I looked around, trying to decide the best place to hide. As if it would help, I shut the door, locking it behind me. I heard her stop, and my heart skipped a beat, knowing that she was right outside my door.

Under the bed? No, that's too obvious... My green eyes shifted to the closet, right next to my bed, and I had just hidden in it when I heard two knocks on my door. I nearly sighed in relief, knowing that I was hidden safely.

"I'm outside your room! I'm coming in, I won't ask for permission~!"

I heard the knob turning with a clack, and then I heard Li Shuen step into my room. "Where could you be hiding~? The game is almost over~!" I closed my eyes, praying that she wouldn't think of looking in my closet. Her footsteps came closer and closer and anxiety built up in me, almost ready to burst. The footsteps stopped, and I smiled in relief, knowing that she was going to check under the bed.

"You're not there! Could you perhaps be in the closet?" Moonlight spilled into my closet as Li Shuen opened the door, the grin fixed firmly on her face. "I've found you, you're it! Serve your penalty for losing, you're it!"

My heart sank, and I felt Li Shuen pulling me up with a strength that I didn't know she had, sinking her razor-sharp teeth into my neck. Pain surged through me, along with something else – I couldn't tell what it was, and I screamed in excruciating pain. The last thing I felt before I fainted was some strange thing coming into my body, almost as if it was possessing me...

Eyes that I didn't feel were mine opened, a body that I couldn't control stood up. I vaguely noticed that Li Shuen was lying motionless on the ground next to me, but all I could hear was a dark voice in my head, "It's time to play hide-and-seek! Come on, let's find a friend to play with!" Just at that moment, my sister – who had probably just come back from band practice – appeared in the doorway. I could see the horror written all over her face as she looked at me.

I screamed, "NO!" in my head, but I couldn't control myself. My lips opened, and a voice that wasn't mine at all spoke instead.

"Hurry up and hide, let's play hide-and-seek!"


A/N: I was writing this with my back facing the door, and then my mom knocked on the door and said, "I'm coming in," before entering. I screamed like mad and then in the end I had to explain everything to her. But oh my God, this was freaking creepy to write. QAQ