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Characters are James, David and Luke. Made up characters, not based on true life. RATED M! B/B yaoi! Don't like don't read.

"Fuck" James thought as he saw his best friends younger brother walk out of the shower, with just a small towel wrapped around his waste, it revealed almost everything, he milky white flesh and his bright pink nipples that stood straight from the sudden coolness to the room. "So cute and irresistible" James thought once again about his best friends little brother. James looked away trying to avoid the dirty thoughts within him, "what's up" he asked, Luke just stood there, "have you seen my brother? I wanna pinch one of his tops" Luke smiled at him. "Nah I think he's gone to the shops down the road to get some ice cream and a romantic film" both of them looked at each and lost it laughing, David was Luke's older brother, he was around 6ft and with jet-black shortish middle length hair that was always naturally straight, and always had a flat-hat on with daggy clothes, James wasn't much different apart from the fact he was a little bit taller and much stronger than David, but still skinny. Luke on the other hand was short and stood up to David and James's chest, he has blonde with the same type of hairstyle to David and Luke but he didn't wear a hat, he clothes mainly consist of minny-short or skinny jeans, he tops were mostly tight and normally bright colours.

James rummaged through David's draws of messy unsorted clothes, finally he found a clean T-shirt and gave it to Luke, "that should do" he smiled at Luke who was still dripping wet and covered in goose bumps, his hair dripped over his face like a flower just after in rained, James loved Luke, he's loved him for years, even though James is in year 12 and Luke is in year 9. He couldn't help it; he's known Luke since he was born. He didn't want these unnecessary feelings but he had no choice but to accept, since he already accepted that he was gay.

Luke left the room with a thankyou and a smile; James could feel the pain within his heart and he lower half. "Shit I gotta take care of this before David comes back" so James quickly jumped into the shower.

The 3 of them were just sitting on the couch, considering that both David and James's parents went on holiday together to Bali for a month. It was the first night, and James was told to stay with David for the time being, which they were both more than happily to agree with. James looked over to the single chair were about Luke was sitting, Luke caught his glance and smiled, James made a funny face in the direction of David and with his mouth made silent words that Luke could understand, Luke lost it laughing as James called his brother and dickhead, David noticed his brother laughing and turned towards James who quickly went to a poker face "what?" Luke couldn't stop giggling, "I dunno you tell me, why is Luke pissing himself laughing" James shrugged his shoulders then without David looking winked at Luke and smiled cheekily.

Later on that night when David went to bed and left James and Luke alone watching TV. James's heart skipped a beat when Luke got up suddenly and sat next to him on the 4 seater couch. Luke put his knees to his chest as a slight blush crept on his face. "What's wrong?" James said in a concerned voice to the younger male, "James… how do you tell someone something but your worried how they might react?" Luke finally lifted something of his chest, "uhhmmm like what do you mean, what and who is the person you wanna tell" James smiled trying to comfort the younger male "can you keep a secret?" James nodded "well, I'm… gay" James eyes widened to the secret he just got told " and I want to tell my brother, but I don't know how he will react" at this point Luke was looking down into his lap blushing a bright red, "guess what?" James chuckled to the thought of what he's about to do "what?" Luke looked up and met eyes with James, and suddenly felt a warm tingling feeling on his lips but as soon as it was there, it was gone "James!" Luke gave James a surprised look "so am I" James smirked at the younger boy as he lent it and gave him a more passionate and erotic kiss, Luke practical begged for more as James's tongue made its way into the other boys mouth.
James moved into a position were he could lift up Luke easily and quickly moved him onto his lap, so Luke was straddling James's waste as they sat on the couch, James put his hands up the others boys top and he caressed his back and hips, their lower parts started to swiftly move in a sexual motion, James moved Luke's top straight over his head, Luke let out a girly erotic moan of pleaser as James licked and tickled his neck.

Luke quickly lifted James's top, revealing his 6-pac that turned Luke on even more.
Their lower parts clashed with each movement causing a very pleasurable friction between them. Finally all clothes were tossed onto the lounge room floor as Luke was know lying down with the older male balanced on the couch, Luke's legs were on top of James's shoulders making a very erotic scene.
"James please know" Luke begged as he could see James's cock dripping with the white stuff he wanted so much, but James knew that he must prepare the boy for the whole experience for it will be extremely painful, James slowly and gradually adding more fingers and scissoring them into Luke's light pink hole, using his own spit to make the lubricant for it, finally James thought he was ready seeing how Luke had a bright red face and was butt naked begging for his cock he couldn't really hold back any longer, James took his fingers out causing Luke to moan to the sudden emptiness, James put his cock at the entrance to Luke little pink hole "patience little one" James said jokingly "please James, put it in already!" and at that he slowly pushed in. Luke trying to hold back the pain bit into James's shoulder cause James to flinch.

They got into a good pace when "AHHH!" Luke moan in pleasure as James hit is pleasure spot, when he found it he didn't loose it, again and again causing Luke to almost scream out in pleasure.

James could feel Luke tightening, so he grabbed Luke's cock and started pumping with their motion of the fast and erotic sex.

The walls of Luke started to tighten causing it to grip around James's cock, and at the same time they released, sperm covered Luke and James on Luke's release while Luke got filled up with the white-hot liquid.

James picked up Luke and carried him to his bed and quickly put some shorts on his beloved while Luke just blush and smiled at him, "James… theirs something I need to tell you" Luke had a worried look on his face "what is it?" "I love you" Luke whispered into James's ear
"I love you to" James smiled back they kissed for the last time that day and James went down stairs to clean up, then quickly popped into his bed on David's floor, "I'm sorry" whispered James as he saw the naive and pitiful brother still happily sleeping.

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