A long line of perspiration
Descended from my cell to this sheet of ivory skin
As I walk closer to the blue-gray ocean
Where the lowliest of fishes fornicate
Where the deadliest of sharks replicate
Whilst I, an owner of a feminine cave
Was never entered, forgotten, abandoned.
I am a sad genetic mutation
An unfortunate product of evolution
A lesser idiotic ape with no retribution
A godless traveler with no map to follow,
Without any baggage nor societal contribution

I will linger in the coldness forever
Of the liquid that could nourish the lives of the many
And take cruelly the lives of the anonymous few
I will sink and crumble into nothingness
Like the nothingness inside my dizzy head
I will raise my arms in a cross-like position
Like the pseudo-savior of the stupid humanity
I shall not die for anyone, unlike the bearded man
But for myself, and myself alone
I will stop breathing because I have to
I breathed for my small soul
Back when I had the slightest consciousness
Streaming in the dam inside my cranium
But I could not find the small soul anywhere now
It dissipated into minute particles, somehow,
And danced the waltz with the amorous classical element

The existence whose soul was lost
Looked down from the instrument that would put an end to everything
That ever was and ever will be
Inside the soulless head
Which was nothing
An end to nothing
An absolute product of a nothing plus nothing
On the sword-like skin of the trecherous cliff
I shall take comfort before I took the last breath
Of a woman who will be sentenced to death
By herself and the mental hospital called society
Who was promised heaven or hell
But who knew there is so much worse than dancing with the angels
And drinking vodka with the demons
That is, to vanish
To cease to exist
To become an extinct animal with no unique properties
To disappear on the face of the blue-green planet
And never be remembered