Religion - the starter of every burning wood, leaf, log
Inside the jungle of the mad apes dirtier than hogs
Fighting for an imaginary haven, a home to them when they vanish
Promoting the blood of their fellow kins in the process
Creating the slaughter house they passionately preached
That will imprison any disobedient ape when their ends are reached

They turn their ugliest thoughts into reality
About the slaughter house below and its obscenity
As they forcefeed each other the writings of a schizophrenic shepherd
'It is all for the best,' the apes will murmur

Do not turn to the enemy of the army
The truth is disrespect
And disrespect leads to punishment
And punishment leads to intellectual death

'Morality is wrong when used for progress
Do not allow the male and male to feel bliss and have butt sex
But fuck all the children, those small skinny humanoids.'
Their commanders will say to the monkey-see monkey-do androids
Do not leave your husbands or wives
Even though it is killing you to be by their side
You swore after all, to the imaginary fucker
That narcissistic creator and destroyer
Who made you imperfect but blames you for every wrong decision
And shows himself as a 'miracle' on breakfast toasts with surprising precision.

Look at the naivete of those small monsters
Crawling from the wombs of their asshole mothers
Look at how they were fed with irrational fear and lies
Who will grow up as a tremendous egoist being the genuine price

Lucky are the less knowledgeable madmen
Who follows obediently every single worded specimen
They will never realize how gullible the circle of blue and green:
They believe that they will enter the clouds to fuck the seraphims.