Fighting the Flames

This fight that's inside of me,
It won't leave me alone.
It's tearing me apart,
Puling flesh from the bone.

It claws and pulls
And scratches and maims.
Its ripping at my heart,
Devouring it with flames.

I can't escape.
Oh god I can't get away.
I'm fighting this fire;
Fighting to keep it at bay.

It's all consuming,
And it's leaving burns and scars.
And my eyes are wide open,
Staring blankly at stars

And I am no longer alive,
I cannot keep living this life.
My grip on reality,
Is on the tip of a knife.

But I am fighting.
Despite the world I am fighting.
And my insides are burning;
My fingers igniting.

I feel like I'm on fire,
And it's consuming my soul.
It's spreading all around me,
Rearing out of control.

But I will fight it until I give in,
Until I'm shouting from the rooftops,
Screaming for help,
Until finally it all stops.

And there is quiet,
The smell of ash in the air,
The fight isn't over,
But I know you don't care.